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Articles from SciTech Book News (June 1, 2005)

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[H.sub.2]GEO: Geotechnical Engineering for Water Resources, Proceedings. Book Review 122
2-D and 3-D Image Registration for Medical, Remote Sensing, and Industrial Applications. Book Review 104
2004 water and wastewater rate survey. Brief Article 116
50 years of Yang-Mills theory. Book Review 89
722 Miles: The Building of the Subways and How They Transformed New York, centennial ed. Brief Article 139
802.11 Wirelss LAN fundamentals. Book Review 89
802.11 WLANs and IP networking; security, QoS, and mobility. Book Review 136
A Bibliography of Medical and Bio-Medical Biography, 3d ed. Brief Article 119
A Career in Theoretical Physics, 2d ed. Book Review 161
A casebook in time-limited psychotherapy. (reprint, 1982). Book Review 114
A Clinical Guide to Pediatric Infectious Disease. Brief Article 104
A Clinician's Dictionary of Pathogenic Microorganisms. Book Review 93
A Concise History of Paediatric Gastroenterology. Book Review 100
A first course in abstract algebra; rings, groups, and fields, 2d ed. Book Review 130
A Guide to Docutek Inc.'s ERes Software: A Way to Manage Electronic Reserves. Brief Article 142
A Laboratory Textbook of Anatomy and Physiology: Cat Version, 8th ed. Brief Article 142
A life in public health; an insider's retrospective. Book Review 132
A manufactured plague?; the history of foot-and-mouth disease in Britain. Book Review 95
A modern introduction to quantum field theory. Book Review 102
A Multiple Family Group Therapy Program for at Risk Adolescents and Their Families. Brief Article 112
A Naturalist's Guide to Field Plants: An Ecology for Eastern North America. Book Review 111
A Photographic Atlas of the Human Body: With Selected Cat, Sheep, and Cow Dissections, 2d ed. Brief Article 121
A physician's guide to return to work. Book Review 111
A Practical Guide to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Brief Article 162
A Practical Guide to Joint and Soft Tissue Injection and Aspiration. Book Review 101
A Practical Handbook for Building the Play Therapy Relationship. Brief Article 117
A Primer of Genome Science, 2d ed. Book Review 89
A Review of the Dose Reconstruction Program of the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. Book Review 128
A second voice; a century of osteopathic medicine in Ohio. Brief Article 116
A short course in discrete mathematics. Brief Article 95
A short introduction to psychoanalysis. Book Review 113
A Special Kind of Brain: Living with Nonverbal Learning Disability. Brief Article 93
A to Z of mathematicians. Brief Review 160
A to Z of scientists in space and astronomy. Book Review 125
A Toss of the Dice: Stories from a Pediatrician's Practice, rev. ed. Book Review 85
A tour through mathematical logic. Brief Article 154
A Vietnam Trilogy: Veterans and Post Traumatic Stress, 1968, 1989, 2000. Book Review 121
A voice for the dead; a forensic investigation's pursuit of the truth in the grave. Brief Article 145
A world environment organization; solution or threat for effective international environmental governance? Book Review 186
A world without time; the forgotten legacy of Godel and Einstein. Book Review 158
Abiotic Stresses: Plant Resistance Through Breeding and Molecular Approaches. Brief Article 177
Abnormalities in Puberty: Scientific and Clinical Advances. Brief Article 122
Access 2003; personal trainer. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 81
Achieving XXcellence in science; role of professional societies in advancing women in science; proceedings. Book Review 131
Active filters for integrated-circuit applications. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 136
Activity analysis; application to occupation, 5th ed. Brief Article 86
Adams and Victor's principles of neurology, 8th ed. Book Review 121
Adaptable and adaptive hypermedia systems. Book Review 87
Addressing HIV/AIDS in East Asia and the Pacific. Brief Article 93
ADO.NET and System.XML v. 2.0-the Beta version. Brief Article 93
Adobe Acrobat 6 complete course. (CD-ROM included). Brief Article 94
Adolescents and sex; the handbook for professionals working with young people. Brief Article 110
Advanced metallization conference 2004; proceedings. Brief Article 126
Advances in chemical physics; v.129. Book Review 154
Advances in Fuzzy Object-Oriented Databases: Modeling and Applications. Brief Article 122
Advances in photochemistry; v.28. Book Review 167
Advances in security and payment methods for mobile commerce. Brief Article 149
Aerosols handbook; measurement, dosimetry, and health effects. Brief Article 131
Affine algebraic geometry; proceedings. Book Review 140
After Effects in Production: A Tutorial Companion for After Effects 6.5., 2d ed. Book Review 110
Agile development with ICONIX process; people, process, and pragmatism. Book Review 105
AIDS-Meeting the Challenge: Data, Facts, Background. Brief Article 104
Alcohol information for teens; health tips about alcohol and alcoholism, including fact about underage drinking.... Brief Article 137
Alfred Tarski; life and logic. Book Review 186
Algebra and trigonometry with analytic geometry, classic 11th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 87
Algebraic theory of automata networks; an introduction. Brief Article 145
All IP in 3G CDMA Networks: The UMTS Infrastructure and Service Platforms for Future Mobile Systems. Book Review 113
Alternative medicine and miracles; a grand unified theory. Book Review 138
Amyloid Proteins: Methods and Protocols. Brief Article 118
An Asperger Dictionary of Everyday Expressions. Book Review 169
An Ethnographic Study of the Role of Humor in Health Care Transactions. Brief Article 107
An introduction to medical dance/movement therapy; health care in motion. Book Review 105
An Invitation to Health, Brief, 4th ed. (CD-ROM and workbook included). Brief Article 89
An osteopathic approach to diagnosis and treatment, 3d ed. Brief Article 126
Analysis of clinical trials using SAS; a practical guide. Book Review 106
Analyzable functions and applications; proceedings. Book Review 135
Anatomy and Physiology for Speech, Language, and Hearing, 3d ed. (CD-ROM included). Brief Article 110
Anatomy and Physiology: Understanding the Human Body. Brief Article 96
Annual Review of Entomology: v.50, 2005. Brief Article 125
Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics: 2005, vol. 37. Brief Article 108
Annual Review of Medicine: vol.56, 2005. Book Review 95
Annual Review of Nursing Education: Strategies for Teaching, Assessment, and Program Planning, vol. 3. Brief Article 115
Annual review of pharmacology and toxicology; v.45, 2005. Brief Article 125
Annual Review of Physiology: vol.67, 2005. Brief Article 127
Annual review of psychology; v.56, 2005. Book Review 106
Antenna theory; analysis and design, 3d ed. (CD-ROM included). Brief Article 109
Antibiotics in Laboratory Medicine, 5th ed. Brief Article 139
AO principles of teaching and learning; with personal anecdotes. Book Review 101
Apple I Replica Creation: Back to the Garage. (CD-ROM included). Brief Article 159
Applications of scanned probe microscopy to polymers. Book Review 158
Applications of x-rays in mechanical engineering; proceedings. Book Review 102
Applied Bayesian modeling and causal inference from incomplete-data perspectives; an essential journey with Donald Rubin's statistical family. Brief Article 135
Applied calculus for scientists and engineers; a journey in dialogues. Book Review 93
Applied colloid and surface chemistry. Book Review 80
Applied developmental psychology; theory, practice, and research from Japan. Book Review 105
Applied exterior calculus, rev. ed. (reprint, 1985). Book Review 164
Applied Imagery Pattern Recognition: Proceedings. Book Review 120
Applied linear regression, 3d ed. Book Review 114
Applied Statistics for the Six Sigma Green Belt. Brief Article 100
Applying genomic and proteomic microarray technology in drug discovery. Book Review 153
Arsenic Metallurgy: Proceedings. Brief Article 133
Arthritis and allied conditions; a textbook of rheumatology, 15th ed., 2v. Book Review 176
Asbestos: Medical and Legal Aspects, 5th ed. Book Review 136
Asian and Pacific Coasts 2003; proceedings. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 137
Assessing and treating culturally diverse clients; a practical guide, 3d ed. Book Review 140
Assessment and Refurbishment of Steel Structures. Book Review 131
Astonishing Animals: Extraordinary Creatures and the Fantastic Worlds They Inhabit. Brief Article 97
Asynchronous circuits and systems; proceedings. Brief Article 108
Atherothrombosis and Coronary Artery Disease, 2d ed. Brief Article 184
Atlantic and Indian Oceans environmental outlook. Book Review 80
Atlas of Clinical Ophthalmology, 3d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 129
Atlas of EEG Patterns. Book Review 98
Atlas of foot and ankle sonography. Book Review 104
Atlas of Infectious Diseases of the Female Genital Tract. Book Review 121
Atlas of Liposuction. Book Review 98
Atlas of Liver Pathology, 2d ed. Book Review 120
Atlas of neurologic diagnosis and treatment. Book Review 139
Atlas of the Sensory Organs: Functional and Clinical Anatomy. (CD-ROM included). Brief Article 145
Atomic physics. Book Review 92
Atypical Parkinsonian disorders; clinical and research aspects. (DVD included). Brief Article 162
Audio bandwidth extension; application of psychoacoustics, signal processing and loudspeaker design. Brief Article 129
Australian software engineering; proceedings. Book Review 123
Authority Control in Organizing and Accessing Information: Definition and International Experience. Book Review 141
Autism and Early Years Practice: A Guide for Early Years Professionals, Teachers and Parents. Brief Article 125
Autism: The Eighth Colour of the Rainbow, Learn to Speak Autistic. Brief Article 166
Aviation and the role of government. Brief Article 103
Axiomatic Quality: Integrating Axiomatic Design with Six-Sigma, Reliability and Quality Engineering. Book Review 110
Back and Bed: Ergonomic Aspects of Sleeping. Book Review 118
Bacteria in Biology, Biotechnology, and Medicine, 6th ed. Book Review 102
Bacteriophages: Biology and Applications. Book Review 137
Baltimore Civil Engineering History: Proceedings. Book Review 131
Band-Tailed Pigeon: Wilderness Bird at Risk. Book Review 91
Barr's the Human Nervous System: An Anatomical Viewpoint, 8th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 134
Basic Histology: Text and Atlas, 11th ed. Book Review 126
Basic mathematics for college students, 3d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 80
Basic Orthopaedic Biomechanics and Mechano-Biology, 3d ed. Book Review 129
Basic pneumatics; an introduction to industrial compressed air systems and components. Book Review 119
Basin analysis and modeling of the burial, thermal and maturation histories in sedimentary basins. Book Review 116
Basin analysis; principles and applications, 2d ed. Book Review 121
Bayesian statistics; an introduction, 3d ed. Brief Article 130
Beam; the race to make the laser. Brief Article 165
Beast of Never, Cat of God: The Search for the Eastern Puma. Brief Article 91
Beasts of the Earth: Animals, Humans, and Disease. Brief Article 152
Beginning MySQL. Book Review 88
Beginning Web programming with HTML, XHTML, and CSS. Book Review 89
Being a cancer patient's carer; a guide. Brief Article 86
Bethesda Handbook of Clinical Hematology. Brief Article 94
Beyond the science fair; creating a Kids' Inquiry Conference. Brief Article 112
Biobehavioral Stress Response: Protective and Damaging Effects, Procedings. Brief Article 137
Biocatalysts and Enzyme Technology. Book Review 138
Biodiesel: Growing a New Energy Economy. Brief Article 129
Biodiversity; Przewalski's horse, Edna's trillium, the giant squid, and over 1.5 million other species. Brief Article 111
Bioelectronics: From Theory to Applications. Brief Article 146
Bioethics And Public Health Law. Brief Article 127
Bioethics and Social Reality. Book Review 103
Bioethics: A Culture War. Brief Article 137
Biogeography; an ecological and evolutionary approach, 7th ed. Book Review 82
Bioinformatics Software Engineering: Delivering Effective Applications. Book Review 97
Biological control of invasive plants in the United States. Book Review 114
Biology of Depression: From Novel Insights to Therapeutic Strategies, 2 vols. Book Review 164
Biology of IGF-1: Its Interaction with Insulin in Health and Malignant States. Brief Article 136
Biomaterials for Delivery and Targeting of Proteins and Nucleic Acids. Brief Article 145
Biomechanics and Motor Control of Human Movement, 3d ed. Book Review 112
Biomedical image analysis. Book Review 119
Bioterrorism; a guide for hospital preparedness. Book Review 174
Birthing fathers; the transformation of men in American rites of birth. Book Review 101
Black Hat Physical Device Security: Exploiting Hardware and Software. Book Review 91
Bleed, Blister, and Purge: A History of Medicine on the American Frontier. Book Review 140
Boiling point; how politicians, big oil and coal, journalists and activists are fueling the climate crisis--and what we can do to avert disaster. Brief Article 133
Bonding Elastomers: A Review of Adhesives and Processes. Brief Article 124
Bone Disease in Rheumatology. Book Review 165
Bone metastasis; experimental and clinical therapeutics. Book Review 159
Bone Regeneration and Repair: Biology and Clinical Applications. Brief Article 151
Book of abstracts. Brief Article 124
Botanical companions; a memoir of plants and place. Brief Article 147
Botulinum toxin. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 105
Boundary Methods: Elements, Contours, and Nodes. Brief Article 116
Brain imaging handbook. Book Review 99
Brain injury and returning to employment; a guide for practitioners. Book Review 86
Brauer type embedding problems. Book Review 134
Breast Cancer: The Art and Science of Early Detection with Mammography, Peception, Interpretation, Histopatholigic Correlation. Book Review 109
Brief strategic therapy; philosophy, techniques, and research. Book Review 92
Broadband Circuits for Optical Fiber Communication. Brief Article 130
Broadband services; business models and technologies for community networks. Book Review 128
Brody's human pharmacology; molecular to clinical. Book Review 104
Buffer overflow attacks; detect, exploit, prevent. Book Review 91
Building intelligent .NET applications; agents, data mining, rule-based systems, and speech processing. Book Review 143
Building object categories in developmental time. Book Review 151
Bulbs for garden habitats. Book Review 125
C# and game programming; a beginner's guide, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 82
C++ Common Knowledge: Essential Intermediate Programming. Brief Article 167
C++ template metaprogramming; concepts, tools, and techniques from boost and beyond. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 93
Caddisflies: The Underwater Architects. Book Review 97
Camptothecins in cancer therapy. Book Review 126
Campylobacter: Molecular and Cellular Biology. Book Review 135
Cancer and elders of color; opportunities for reducing health disparities, evidence review and recommendations for research and policy. Brief Article 181
Cancer chemoprevention; v.2: Strategies for cancer chemoprevention. (CD-ROM included). Brief Article 140
Cancer nursing; principles and practice, 6th ed. Brief Article 139
Cancer-gate: How to Win the Losing Cancer War. Brief Article 177
Cardiology Explained. Book Review 139
Cardiovascular Disease Prevention. Book Review 106
Cardiovascular Diseases and Disorders Sourcebook: Basic Consumer Health Information About Heart and Vascular Diseases and Disorders, Such as Angina..., 3d ed. Book Review 133
Cardiovascular Genomics. Book Review 120
Caribbean; environment outlook. Book Review 89
Carotid Artery Stenting: Current Practice and Techniques. Book Review 157
Carpenter's complete guide to the SAS macro language, 2d ed. Book Review 90
Catalog of Teratogenic Agents, 11th ed. Book Review 133
Causal mapping for research in information technology. Brief Article 134
CCNA command quick reference. Book Review 102
CCSP self-study; Cisco secure virtual private networks (CSVPN), 2d ed. Book Review 120
Cell and Molecular Biology. Book Review 86
Cell Migration in Development and Disease. Book Review 106
Challenging Cases in Echocardiography. (CD-ROM included). Brief Article 129
Chemical Micro Process Engineering: Processing and Plants. Brief Article 140
Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity, 6th ed. (CD-ROM included). Brief Article 86
Chemistry: Principles and Reactions, a Core Text, rev. 5th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 83
Chemoinformatics in drug discovery. Book Review 157
Chemosensitivity; v.1: In vitro assays. Brief Article 120
Chemosensitivity; v.2: In vitro models, imaging, and molecular regulators. Book Review 136
Childbirth and the display of authority in early modern France. Book Review 134
Childhood Obesity: Prevention and Treatment, 2d ed. Brief Article 111
Chromium (VI) handbook. Book Review 122
Chronic disease management in primary care; quality and outcomes. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 106
Chronology of public health in the United States. Book Review 105
Cinemeducation; a comprehensive guide to using film in medical education. Book Review 114
Cisco LAN Switching Fundamentals. Book Review 92
Cisco Unity fundamentals. Book Review 95
Civilization and its discontents. Book Review 115
Clearing the air; 25 years of the convention on long-range transboundary air pollution. Brief Article 140
Climate change and carbon markets; a handbook of emission reduction mechanisms. Book Review 104
Climate change in contrasting river basins; adaptation strategies for water, food, and environment. Book Review 183
Clinical Dialysis, 4th ed. Book Review 100
Clinical Epidemiology: The Essentials, 4th ed. Brief Article 97
Clinical geriatric psychopharmacology, 4th ed. Book Review 143
Clinical guide to psychotropic medications. Book Review 100
Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility, 7th ed. Book Review 118
Clinical manual of psychosomatic medicine; a guide to consultation-liaison psychiatry. Book Review 107
Clinical neurology, 6th ed. Book Review 117
Clinical neuroscience; the neurobiological foundations of mental health. Brief Article 106
Clinical Nuclear Cardiology: State of the Art and Future Directions, 3d ed. Book Review 181
Clinical psychology in Ireland; v.5: Empirical studies of child sexual abuse. Book Review 123
Clinical Scenarios in Vascular Surgery. Book Review 129
Clinical Sleep Disorders. Book Review 117
Clinical Work with Substance-Abusing Clients, 2d ed. Brief Article 115
Clones, cats, and chemicals; thinking scientifically about controversial issues. Brief Article 102
Closed-cycle gas turbines; operating experience and future potential. Book Review 121
CMOS-MEMS. Brief Article 117
Coastal lagoons; ecosystem processes and modeling for sustainable use and development. Book Review 116
Code generation and optimization CGO 2005; proceedings. Book Review 138
Cognitive behavior therapy in nursing practice. Brief Article 114
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Children and Families, 2d ed. Brief Article 135
Cognitive Neuroscience of Attention. Brief Article 124
Cognitive psychology and its implications, 6th ed. Book Review 110
Cognitive therapy for chronic pain; a step-by-step guide. Brief Article 155
Cognitive Therapy of Schizophrenia. Book Review 125
Cold and Hot Forging: Fundamentals and Applications. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 116
Colonization of Mucosal Surfaces. Brief Article 112
Color Appearance Models, 2d ed. Brief Article 144
Color Atlas of Biochemistry, 2d ed. Brief Article 83
Color Atlas of Cosmetic Oculofacial Surgery. Book Review 92
Color Doppler Sonography in Gynecology and Obstetrics. Book Review 112
Combinatorial methods in discrete distributions. Book Review 99
Common Patellofemoral Problems. Book Review 115
Communicable Disease Epidemiology and Control: A Global Perspective, 2d ed. Brief Article 144
Communicating Partners: 30 Years of Building Responsive Relationships with Late-Talking Children including Autism, Asperger's Syndrome (ASD), Down Syndrome, and Typical Development.... Book Review 110
Communicating process architectures 2004; WoTUG-27; proceedings. Book Review 135
Communication skills for pharmacists; building relationships, improving patient care, 2d ed. Book Review 99
Community-based health organizations; advocating for improved health. Book Review 98
Comparative quantification of health risks; global and regional burden of disease attributable to selected major risk factors; 2v. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 164
Competency in combining pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy; integrated and split treatment. Brief Article 115
Complex and Revision Problems in Shoulder Surgery, 2d ed. Book Review 109
Component-oriented programming. Book Review 102
Comprehensive Textbook of Intraoperative Transesophageal Echocardiography. Book Review 113
Computational accelerator physics; proceedings. Book Review 160
Computational statistics. Brief Article 113
Computer networking first-step. Book Review 107
Computer Systems, 3d ed. Brief Article 113
Concept data analysis; theory and applications. 134
Concept Research in Food Product Design and Development. Book Review 149
Concise handbook of psychoactive herbs; medicinal herbs for treating psychological and neurological problems. Book Review 154
Concise Medical Immunology. Book Review 172
Configuring NetScreen Firewalls. Book Review 85
Conflict in the cosmos; Fred Hoyle's life in science. Book Review 88
Conformally invariant processes in the plane. Book Review 84
Confronting environmental change in East & Southeast Asia; eco-politics, foreign policy and sustainable development. Brief Article 104
Connection games; variations on a theme. Book Review 120
Construction Contracting: A Practical Guide to Company Management, 7th ed. Brief Article 132
Contemporary cognitive therapy; theory, research, and practice. Brief Article 117
Contemporary mental health issues among African Americans. Book Review 104
Continental philosophy of science. Brief Article 160
Continuum, mechanics, and plasticity. Book Review 140
Control and boundary analysis. Book Review 147
Controlling Nitrgen Flows and Losses. Brief Article 180
Conventional and Unconventional Approaches to Water Service Provision. Brief Article 182
Converter and Fire Refining Practices: Proceedings. Book Review 141
Core Curriculum for Specializing in Intellectual and Developmental Disability: A Resource for Nurses and Other Health Care Professionals. Book Review 112
Corporate software project management. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 100
Correction lines; essays on land, Leopold, and conservation. Book Review 135
Corrosion Handbook: Corrosive Agents and Their Interaction With Materials, Hydrochloric Acid, Nitric Acid, 2d ed., vol. 2. Book Review 167
Cosmetic Surgery Today. Book Review 143

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