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Articles from SciTech Book News (December 1, 2005)

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"Extra-ordinary" Ergonomics: How to Accommodate Small and Big Persons, the Disabled and Elderly, Expectant Mothers and Children. Book Review 114
100 years of engine developments. Book Review 89
100 Years of Vehicle Safety Developments. Book Review 90
200 years of British hydrogeology. Book Review 114
21st century game design. Book Review 115
2d IWA leading-edge conference on water and wastewater technology. Book Review 137
A black physician's struggle for civil rights; Edward C. Mazique, M.D. Book Review 116
A Brief History of Cocaine: From Inca Monarchs to Cali Cartels, 500 Years of Cocaine Dealing, 2d ed. Book Review 108
A climate modelling primer, 3d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 133
A companion to calculus, 2d ed. Book Review 82
A Concise Encyclopedia of Pain Psychology. Book Review 106
A First Course in Monte Carlo. Book Review 127
A forest conscienceness; proceedings. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 158
A guide to the automation body of knowledge. Book Review 186
A history of nursing ideas. Book Review 116
A mathematical gift, III; the interplay between topology, functions, geometry, and algebra. Book Review 133
A Most Damnable Invention: Dynamite, Nitrates, and the Making of the Modern World. Book Review 145
A new world of animals; early modern Europeans on the creatures of Iberian America. Book Review 111
A Palliative Ethic of Care: Clinical Wisdom at Life's End. Book Review 136
A practical guide to content delivery networks. Book Review 138
A practical guide to Linux commands, editors, and shell programming. Book Review 111
A Safe Place for Caleb: An Interactive Book for Kids, Teens, and Adults with Issues of Attachment, Grief and Loss, or Early Trauma. (reprint, 2004). Book Review 117
A step-by-step approach to using SAS for univariate and multivariate statistics, 2d ed. Book Review 84
A to Z drug facts, 6th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 105
AAA and Network Security for Mobile Access: Radius, Diameter, EAP, PKI, and IP Mobility. Brief Article 145
AACN essentials of critical care nursing; pocket handbook. Book Review 108
AACN protocols for practice; noninvasive monitoring, 2d ed. Book Review 133
Abrams' angiography; interventional radiology, 2d ed. Book Review 159
Abstracts; World Allergy Congress; proceedings. Book Review 200
Accident and Emergency Radiology: A Survival Guide, 2d ed. Book Review 93
Accuracy and Reliability in Scientific Computing. Book Review 111
Achieving quantitative literacy; an urgent challenge for higher education. Book Review 86
ACLS (advanced cardiac life support) review, 3d ed. Book Review 94
Acoustic Emission Testing. Book Review 135
Acta numerica 2004; v.13. Book Review 110
Acta Numerica 2005; v.14. Book Review 97
Acute Coronary Syndromes, 3d ed. Book Review 121
Acute Reactions to Trauma and Psychotherapy: A Multidisciplinary and International Perspective. Book Review 112
Adam's curse; a future without men. Book Review 104
Addiction, assessment, and treatment with adolescents, adults, and families. Book Review 110
Adhesives technology for electronic applications; materials, processes, reliability. Book Review 147
Adlerian therapy; theory and practice. Book Review 90
Adobe Acrobat 6; the professional user's guide. Book Review 93
Adolescent Medicine: A Handbook for Primary Care. Book Review 103
Adsorbent Treatment Technologies for Arsenic Removal. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 167
Advanced assessment; intrepreting findings and formulating differential diagnoses. Book Review 118
Advanced Biomaterials ASBM6; proceedings. Book Review 213
Advanced calculus, 2d ed. Book Review 148
Advanced Computer Architectures. Book Review 118
Advanced devices and materials for laser remote sensing; proceeings. Book Review 130
Advanced game development with programmable graphics hardware. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 133
Advanced image processing in magnetic resonance imaging. Book Review 117
Advanced mechanics of materials and applied elasticity. Book Review 115
Advanced Pediatric Craniocervical Surgery. Book Review 106
Advanced PID Control. Book Review 126
Advanced practice nursing; core concepts for professional role development, 3d ed. Book Review 140
Advanced solid-state photonics; proceedings. Book Review 162
Advanced Therapy in Headache, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 127
Advanced Therapy in Thoracic Surgery, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 138
Advanced Topics in Database Research, vol .4. Brief Article 167
Advanced topics in end user computing; v.4. Book Review 109
Advanced topics in information resources management; v.4. Book Review 111
Advances in abrasive technology 8. Book Review 123
Advances in Chemical Physics, Vol. 131. Book Review 127
Advances in chromatography; v.44. Book Review 136
Advances in Designing and Testing Deep Foundations: In Honor of Michael W. O'Neill. Book Review 141
Advances in Fatigue, Fracture and Damage Assessment of Materials. Book Review 209
Advances in geographic information systems; proceedings. Book Review 124
Advances in High Voltage Engineering. Book Review 118
Advances in Materials Technology for Fossil Power Plants: Proceedings. Book Review 137
Advances in Side Airbag Systems. Book Review 109
Advances in UML and XML-Based Software Evolution. Book Review 122
Advances in Vagal Afferent Neurobiology. Book Review 134
Aesthetic experience in science education; learning and meaning-making as situated talk and action. Book Review 136
Agent-Oriented Methodologies. Book Review 120
Agile web development with Rails; a pragmatic guide. Book Review 99
Agriculture as a producer and consumer of energy. Book Review 155
Alan Simpson's Windows XP Bible, 2d ed. Book Review 80
Alarm bells in medicine; danger symptoms in medicine, surgery, and clinical specialties. Book Review 173
Albert Einstein: Chief Engineer of the Universe, One Hundred Authors for Einstein. Book Review 94
Algebra and geometry. Book Review 93
Algebraic and Topological Dynamics; proceedings. Book Review 165
Alzheimer's Disease: The Dignity Within: A Handbook for Caregivers, Family, and Friends. Book Review 100
Ambient findability. Book Review 158
Ambient Intelligence: The Evolution of Technology, Communication and Cognition Towards the Future of Human-computer Interaction. Book Review 139
American health; demographics and spending of health care consumers. Book Review 120
American Water Works Association 2005 water utility compensation survey, 10th annual ed. Book Review 112
Amorphous and nanocrystalline silicon science and technology; proceedings. Book Review 208
An essential medical miscellany. Book Review 86
An insider's guide to getting into medical school; tips they don't teach you in college. Book Review 113
An Intelligent Person's Guide to Genetics. Book Review 156
An introduction to auditory processing disorders in children. Book Review 90
An Introduction to Financial Option Valuation: Mathematics, Stochastics and Computation. Book Review 119
An Introduction to Harmonic Analysis, 3d ed. Book Review 90
An introduction to noncommutative noetherian rings, 2d ed. Book Review 120
An introduction to ordinary differential equations. Book Review 126
An introduction to the optical spectroscopy of inorganic solids. Book Review 151
An investigation of UV disinfection and repair in Cryptosporidium parvum. Book Review 133
An Unreasonable Woman: A True Story of Shrimpers, Politicos, Polluters, and the Fight for Seadrift, Texas. Book Review 101
Analysis and Approximation of Contact Problems with Adhesion or Damage. Book Review 123
Analytic Methods for Diophantine Equations and Diophantine Inequalities, 2d ed. Book Review 108
Analytical atomic spectrometry with flames and plasmas, 2d ed. Book Review 123
Analytical mechanics for relativity and quantum mechanics. Book Review 113
Analytical tools for DNA, genes and genomes; nuts & bolts. Book Review 94
Analyzing complex survey data, 2d ed. Book Review 168
Analyzing environmental data. Book Review 133
Anatomical Guide for the Electromyographer: The Limbs and Trunk, 4th ed. Book Review 148
Anesthesia for Fetal Intervention and Surgery. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 136
Animal bioethics; principles and teaching methods. Book Review 153
Animal production and natural resources utilisation in the Mediterranean mountain areas. Book Review 174
Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics; v.43, 2005. Book Review 112
Annual Review of Biochemistry, vol. 74, 2005. Book Review 106
Annual Review of Biomedical Engineering: V.7, 2005. Book Review 116
Annual Review of Genomics and Human Genetics, vol. 6, 2005. Book Review 141
Annual review of materials research; v.35, 2005. Book Review 122
Annual review of nutrition; v.25, 2005. Book Review 113
Annual Review of Physical Chemistry, vol. 56, 2005. Book Review 135
Annual review of phytopathology; v.43, 2005. Brief Article 115
Annual Review of Plant Biology, vol. 56, 2005. Book Review 112
Annual Review of Sociology, 2005, vol.31. Book Review 109
Antibiotic optimization; concepts and strategies in clinical practice. Book Review 190
Anticancer Agents From Natural Products. Book Review 140
Antimicrobial Agents: Antibacterials and Antifungals, 2d ed. Book Review 148
Antiviral drug discovery for emerging diseases and bioterrorism threats. Book Review 132
Anyone, anything, anytime; a history of emergency medicine. Book Review 156
Application-Specific Systems, Architecture and Processors: Proceedings. Book Review 125
Applications of Molecular Simulation in the Oil and Gas Industry: Monte Carlo Methods. Book Review 106
Applications of Stochastic Programming. Book Review 141
Applied dynamic programming for optimization of dynamical systems. Book Review 100
Applied Exercise Psychology: A Practitioner's Guide to Improving Client Health and Fitness. Book Review 119
Approximation by Algebraic Numbers. Book Review 123
Approximation of large-scale dynamical systems. Book Review 120
Aquaculture: Principles and Practices, 2d ed. Book Review 117
Arctic animals and their adaptations to life on the edge. Book Review 109
Arithmetic Differential Equations. Book Review 118
Arithmetic Noncommutative Geometry. Book Review 144
Artful therapy. (DVD included). Book Review 111
Artificial neural networks; an introduction. Book Review 97
Artistic techniques; with Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter. Book Review 119
Aspiration Cytology: A Pattern Recognition Approach. Book Review 122
Assembly automation and product design, 2d ed. Book Review 147
Assessing Adolescent and Adult Intelligence, 3d ed. Book Review 114
Assessing Substance Abusers with the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory (MCMI). Book Review 123
Assessment and renewal of water distribution systems. Book Review 122
Assessment of addictive behaviors, 2d ed. Book Review 88
Associate's survival guide. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 129
Asterisk: The Future of Telephony. Book Review 94
Astrometry in the age of the next generation of large telescopes; proceedings. Book Review 141
Atlas of Adult Physical Diagnosis. Book Review 104
Atomic Force Microscopy in Adhesion Studies. Book Review 145
Atrial fibrillation. Book Review 169
Attachment in middle childhood. Book Review 143
Audubon North American birdfeeder guide. Book Review 99
Augmentative and Alternative Communication: Supporting Children and Adults with Complex Communication Needs, 3d ed. Book Review 109
Autism spectrum disorders and visual impairment; meeting students' learning needs. Book Review 105
Autoimmunity: Concepts and Diagnosis at the Cutting Edge, Proceedings. Book Review 152
Automotive software engineering; principles, processes, methods, and tools. Book Review 151
Basic concepts of probability and statistics, 2d ed. Book Review 122
Basic ICD-9-CM coding; 2006 ed. (answer book included). Book Review 128
Basic psychopharmacology for counselors and psychotherapists. Book Review 100
Basic steps in planning nursing research; from question to proposal, 6th ed. Book Review 116
Basic structures for engineers and architects. Book Review 96
Basics of code division multiple access (CDMA). Book Review 110
Batch processes. Book Review 148
Bats of Puerto Rico; an island focus and a Caribbean perspective. Book Review 144
Bayesian models for categorical data. Book Review 134
Bear attacks of the century; true stories of courage and survival. Book Review 94
Beginning CSS: Ascading Style Sheets for Web Design. Book Review 176
Beginning JavaServer Pages. Book Review 89
Beginning PHP5, Apache, and MySQL Web Development. Book Review 158
Beginning regular expressions. Brief Article 84
Beginning SQL. Book Review 88
Beginning XML, 3rd ed. Book Review 90
Begonias; cultivation, identification, and natural history. Book Review 100
Behind the eight ball; sex for crack cocaine exchange and poor black women. Book Review 132
Belmont Revisited: Ethical Principles for Research with Human Subjects. Book Review 94
Benthic habitats and the effects of fishing. Book Review 158
Berne and Levy Principles of Physiology, 4th ed. Book Review 125
Beyond Equilibrium Thermodynamics. Book Review 139
Beyond the C++ standard library; an introduction to Boost. Book Review 87
Beyond VoIP protocols; understanding voice technology and networking techniques for IP telephony. Book Review 113
Biocides in plastics. Book Review 132
Biocontrol in protected culture. Book Review 170
Biodefense: Principles and Pathogens. Book Review 132
Biodegradable Organic Matter in Drinking Water Treatment and Distribution. Book Review 131
Biodiversity, ecosystems, and conservation in northern Mexico. Book Review 130
Bioethics and the law. Book Review 141
Bioethics and the New Embryology: Springboards for Debate. Book Review 126
Bioethics Beyond the Headlines: Who Lives? Who Dies? Who Decides? Book Review 117
Biofilms, Infection, and Antimicrobial Therapy. Book Review 119
Biogeography, 3d ed. Book Review 119
Bioinformatics and Bioengineering; Proceedings. Book Review 143
Biomarkers in breast cancer; molecular diagnostics for predicting and monitoring therapeutic effect. Book Review 153
Biomarkers of Arsenic Effects on Gene Expression in Human Skin. Book Review 143
Biophysical therapy of allergies. Book Review 87
Bioreactor systems for treating perchlorate-contaminated water; bench- and pilot-scale investigations. Book Review 163
Bioremediation of recalcitrant compounds. Book Review 95
Bipolar disorder. Book Review 178
Birds of Central Park. (pocket fieldguide included). Book Review 83
Birds of New York state. Book Review 94
Birds of Pennsylvania. Book Review 90
Birds of the Great Plains. Book Review 96
Birds of the Raincoast: Habits and Habitat. Book Review 162
Blade's guide to making knives. Book Review 100
Blueprints radiology, 2d ed. Book Review 106
Body Image and Body Schema: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Body. Book Review 138
Bombs and bombings; a handbook to protection, security, detection, disposal, and investigation for industry, police and fire departments, 3rd ed. Book Review 96
Bottom-line automation. Book Review 107
Boundaries of the mind; the individual in the fragile sciences; cognition. Book Review 124
Boundary element methods for electrical engineers. Book Review 133
Brain Control of Wakefulness and Sleep, 2d ed. Book Review 188
Brazil; Amazon and Pantanal. Book Review 90
Breakfast of Bbiodiversity: The Political Ecology of Rain Forest Destruction, 2d ed. Book Review 87
Breast cancer; daughters tell their stories. Book Review 129
Bringing Technology Education into K-8 Classrooms: A Guide to Curricular Resources About the Designed World. Book Review 162
Build your own .NET language and compiler. Book Review 103
Build your own standards compliant website using Dreamweaver 8. Book Review 97
Building an affordable house; trade secrets to high-value, low-cost construction. Book Review 94
Building Construction Cost Data, 2005, 63d ed. Book Review 96
Building design and construction hazards. Book Review 119
Building Safe Systems in Aviation: A CRM Developer's Handbook. Book Review 118
Building security; strategies & costs; risk assessment, security planning, cost data for construction & security systems. Book Review 137
Building surveys and reports, 3d ed. Brief Article 179
Building the Steam Navy: Dockyards, Technology, and the Creation of the Victorian Battle Fleet, 1830-1906. Book Review 123
Building tomorrow; innovation in construction and engineering. Book Review 115
Bulk crystal growth of electronic, optical & optoelectronic materials. Book Review 119
Bullying among prisoners; innovations in theory and research. Book Review 100
Business principles for legal nurse consultants. Book Review 103
Buying a computer for dummies, 2005 ed. Book Review 80
C++ Design Patterns and Derivatives Pricing. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 162
Calcium in Human Health. Book Review 143
Calcium signaling protocols, 2d ed. Book Review 122
Cancer and its management, 5th ed. Book Review 128
Cancer and the adolescent, 2d ed. Book Review 109
Cancer of the uterus. Book Review 140
Cancer Risks Associated with Elevated Levels of Drinking Water Arsenic Exposure. Book Review 149
Cancer therapy; molecular targets in tumor-host interactions. Book Review 116
Carbon Fibers and their Composites. Book Review 149
Carcinogenic and Anticarcinogenic Food Components. Book Review 112
Cardiology. Book Review 101
Cardiovascular imaging; a handbook for clinical practice. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 144
Care and repair of advanced composites, 2d ed. Book Review 130
Carotid artery stenosis; current and emerging treatments. Book Review 125
Carotid Interventions. Book Review 139
Cartographies of Disease: Maps, Mapping, and Medicine. Book Review 134
Case studies in nursing ethics, 3rd ed. Book Review 164
Case-based simulation and review for USMLE Step 2 CS. Book Review 107
Cases in operations management; building customer value through world-class operations. Book Review 116
Cell Culture Technology for Pharmaceutical and Cell-Based Therapies. Book Review 124
Cellular metals and polymers; proceedings. Book Review 167
Cellular Responses to Arsenic: DNA Damage and Defense Mechanisms. Book Review 140
Challenges in Web Information Retrieval and Integration: Proceedings. Book Review 178
Challenging cases in spine surgery. Book Review 93
Change is Possible: Stories of Women and Minorities in Mathematics. Book Review 156
Characterization and Metrology for ULSI Technology: Proceedings. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 201
Charge Transfer in DNA: From Mechanism to Application. Book Review 180
Chemical analysis of contaminated land. Book Review 127
Chemical engineering; trends and developments. Book Review 124
Chemical Oceanography, 3d ed. Book Review 100
Chemical process design and integration. Book Review 152
Chemical-Mechanical Planarization--Integration, Technology and Reliability; proceedings. Book Review 123
Cheminformatics Developments: History, Reviews and Current Research. Book Review 119
Chemistry of peptide synthesis. Book Review 110
Chemometrics and chemoinformatics. Book Review 127
Child and adolescent mental health; interdisciplinary systems of care. Book Review 104
Child and Adolescent Neurology, 2d ed. Book Review 153
Child and adolescent psychiatry, 2d ed. Book Review 139
Child and Adolescent Therapy: Science and Art. Book Review 105
Chronic Depression: Interpersonal Sources, Therapeutic Solutions. Book Review 162
Chronic politics; health care security from FDR to George W. Bush. Book Review 139
Cinnolines and phthalazines; supplement 2. Book Review 140
Circuit Analysis and Feedback Amplifier Theory. Book Review 110
Cisco Networking Academy Program; CCNA 1 and 2 companion guide, rev. 3d ed. Book Review 133
Cisco Networking Academy Program; fundamentals of UNIX companion guide; focusing on Solaris and Linux, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 117
Climate data records from environmental satellites. Book Review 122
Clinical and research uses of an adolescent mental health intake questionnaire; what kids need to talk about. Book Review 152
Clinical Anesthesia, 5th ed. Book Review 153
Clinical epidemiology; how to do clinical practice research, 3d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 158
Clinical Governance in a Changing NHS. Book Review 120
Clinical governance in mental health and learning disability services; a practical guide. Book Review 133
Clinical Hypnosis Textbook: A Guide for Practical Intervention. (audio CD included). Book Review 109
Clinical knowledge management; opportunities and challenges. Book Review 117
Clinical Manual of Addiction Psychopharmacology. Book Review 92
Clinical Manual of Impulse-control Disorders. Book Review 109
Clinical Neuroanatomy, 6th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 92
Clinical Nutrition: A Functional Approach, 2d ed. Book Review 112
Clinical Obesity in Adults and Children, 2d ed. Brief Article 189
Clinical Practice: American College of Physicians Guidelines and U.S. Preventive Services Task Forces Recommendations. Book Review 104
Clinical scenarios in surgical oncology. Book Review 119
Clinical Success in Management of Advanced Periodontitis. Book Review 95
Clinical textbook of addictive disorders, 3d ed. Book Review 125
Clinical Trials of Drugs and Biopharmaceuticals. Book Review 145
Clinical trials; a methodologic perspective, 2d ed. Book Review 122
Coding theory and quantum computing; proceedings. Book Review 119
Cognition and safety; an integrated approach to systems design and assessment. Book Review 146
Cognitive science; an introduction to the study of mind. Book Review 99
Cognitive vulnerability to emotional disorders. Book Review 108
Cognitive-behavioral therapy for bipolar disorder, 2d ed. Book Review 105
Cognitive-behavioural therapy with delusions and hallucinations; a practice manual. Book Review 109
Coincidences, Chaos, and All That Math Jazz: Making Light of Weighty Ideas. Book Review 115

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