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Research Triangle Park, NC 3/9/00 and Research Triangle Park, NC and Newtown Square, PA 3/14/ has acquired Intralogix, the creator of a search technology and database for chromatography products. SciQuest stated that the purchase will enable scientists to compare chromatography columns. SciQuest also announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire EMAX Solution Partners, a software and Internet supply chain solution supplier for life science research organizations. The acquisition creates an end-to-end e-business solution for scientific laboratory products.

SciQuest continues to expand its business. The acquisition of EMAX means new customers for the company and the integration of Intralogix onto the SciQuest site gives SciQuest an advantage with the new comparison option. These moves indicate SciQuest's commitment to growth and expansion within the scientific community.
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Publication:Instrument Business Outlook
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Date:Mar 15, 2000
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