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Sci-fi fans still out in force for figurines.

IT might be nearly 37 years since the first Star Wars film was released - yet the toys its original fans flocked to buy are still popular today.

At the Cardiff antiques centre the Pump House off Penarth Road, Peter White, 65, sells stormtroopers, ewoks, Hans Solo figurines, model spacecraft, original pop-out books and far more.

With the seventh movie in the epic saga set for release next year, Mr White said that the fascination with the world George Lucas created has never dimmed.

"People want what they played with 30 years ago," He said. "I am a collector myself. It gives me something to do now I am retired."

Mr White said his stall caters for the mainstream collectible market where the price for the average Star Wars figurine is PS100.

And he said it's not just original fans who collect.

"It is the younger people are the ones buying. That's where the future lies," he said.

With Star Wars fascination still alive on online forums, re-enactment societies, and just in the imaginations of legions of fans, the trade of collectible items is burgeoning.

Darth Vader's infamous black fighter helmet sold for $115,000 (PS70,000) in 2003. If the buyer had wanted Vader's cape and robe it would have cost a further $60,000 (PS35,000).

Mr White's figurines range from PS15 for a stormtrooper to several hundred pounds.

Figurines in their original boxes are the most valuable but even without packaging still fetch a tidy sum.

Mr White said: "I sold an uncarded figurine for PS250. The carded versions can go for thousands."


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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 2, 2014
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