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Schwegman, Lundberg, Woessner and Kluth Announce the Launch of its FoundationIP-Powered Client Center.

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New Client Center Will Enable SLWK Attorneys and Their

Clients to Collaborate on Intellectual Property Matters Online

Schwegman, Lundberg, Woessner and Kluth (SLWK), a leading patent preparation and prosecution services firm, today announced that the firm's new Client Center will enable SLWK attorneys and their clients to collaborate on intellectual property matters online using the FoundationIP platform. FoundationIP LLC has developed an innovative platform allowing parties dealing with intellectual property (IP) matters to function as tightly integrated units by reviewing and updating information relating to IP matters online, while collaborating with individuals, groups, clients and other law firms across geographical and organizational boundaries.

SLWKs new Client Center will provide tangible and immediate benefits to users by drastically reducing turnaround time in their IP workflow, cutting overhead, and eliminating or reducing many of the inefficiencies inherent in the paper-based IP management process.

"Much of the credit for our firm's interest in migrating to the FoundationIP platform belongs to Janal Kalis, a registered patent attorney with SLWK," says founding partner Steven Lundberg. Kalis began conceptualizing a web-enabled service for managing clients' IP matters several years ago. "For years, we had been using FoxPro database software to track prosecution of patent applications," says Kalis. "Unfortunately, this generic approach was limiting in many ways. For starters, we were unable to provide clients with real-time access to their case-related documents and files. And trying to facilitate the transfer of work among attorneys, especially those from other firms or satellite offices - forget it!"

"FoundationIP was developed with attorneys like Janal Kalis in mind," says Pradeep Sinha, president of FoundationIP LLC. "In fact, it would have been impossible for us to create the platform we have without Janal and Steve's insights into the complex process of IP prosecution. Our job was to capture that process into a simple, intuitive, web-enabled system."

It should come as little surprise to her co-workers and friends that this is not the first time Kalis has played the role of innovator or collaborator. "What amazes me about Janal are her diverse interests and talents," says Lundberg. "In Janal's previous life - before she began practicing patent law - she was one of a group of four that identified Cytomegalovirus as a leading cause of deafness in newborns. Prior to that, she played a crucial role in the construction of a 1,850 megawatt power plant in the Utah desert which today serves much of Los Angeles."

For Kalis, who has completed 25 marathons and ultra-marathons in the past eight years, often running 50-60 miles over a weekend before races, everything is about pushing the envelope of what's possible. "I once stayed up for three days to troubleshoot a catastrophic problem and get a power plant on-line," says Kalis. "How she has time for it all - running all these races, working full-time as a patent attorney, and spearheading our interest in FoundationIP - I'll never know," adds Lundberg.

In the meantime, SLWKs clients have Kalis to thank for her efforts to integrate the FoundationIP platform into the firm's Client Center, simplifying the entire IP prosecution process for attorneys and clients alike.

About Schwegman, Lundberg, Woessner and Kluth

With a staff of more than 60 intellectual property attorneys, Schwegman, Lundberg, Woessner and Kluth provides patent prosecution and opinion services for emerging and established businesses and research institutions. To date, the firm and its clients have received more than 2,000 patents. Its services include patent filings, intellectual property planning, opinion writing and asset management in the areas of electronics, telecommunications, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, mechanical and electromechanical systems and medical technologies. SLWK represents a spectrum of Fortune 500 corporations and major universities, including Micron, Intel, the Mayo Foundation and the University of Minnesota. For additional information, visit the firm's web site at

About FoundationIP

FoundationIP allows users to access all of their intellectual property matters in one place and to review and update that information online while collaborating with others across geographical and organizational boundaries. FoundationIP provides clients with real-time access to their case related documents and files, facilitates the coordination and transfer of work among attorneys, reduces the need for sending paper documents back and forth via the mail, and enables a unique process-based approach to managing workflow. For more information on FoundationIP, visit the company's web site at
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Date:Apr 16, 2002
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