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Schwalm resigns from Barton Beers.

Citing "differences in management styles," Barton Beers. Ltd., has announced the resignation of Thomas Schwalm as president of the company.

Schwalm joined Barton last August, having previously served as vice president of sales and marketing for Dribeck Importers, Inc.

Schwalm has also held upper management positions with The Stroh Brewery Co. as well as the Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co.

Chicago-based Barton Beers, Ltd., a subsidiary of Barton, Inc., is the U.S. importer of a number of international brands, including Corona and Negra Modelo from Mexico, Peroni Beer from Italy, San Miguel Beer from the Philippines, Tsingtao from China, and St. Pauli Girl from Germany.
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Title Annotation:Barton Beers Ltd. Pres Thomas Schwalm
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Mar 29, 1993
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