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Logisticians, carriers fret over U.S. economy's future. Aug 1, 2019 520
E-commerce is driving surge in "final-mile" deliveries, but who does it best? Jul 1, 2019 533
State of Logistics: WHAT'S NEXT? Jul 1, 2019 2033
LTL: Rates up as carrier costs "go through the roof". Jul 1, 2019 650
TL: Grappling with excess capacity, lagging rates. Jul 1, 2019 643
Looming AOBRD deadline could negatively affect trucking capacity. Jun 1, 2019 620
USMCA: More cross-border "curveballs": Trade experts say the new, trilateral trade agreement has much to offer, but isn't much of a departure from NAFTA. However, one thing is for certain: international shippers must master some new fine print if USMCA is ratified--and do it quickly. Jun 1, 2019 1975
DOT mulling HOS changes, split-sleep exemption alterations. May 1, 2019 655
YRC Freight and Teamsters come to terms on a tentative labor agreement. Apr 1, 2019 508
TOP 50 TRUCKING COMPANIES: Working to stay on top: The nation's top carriers are making every effort to extend the trucking rally, satisfy customer needs and differentiate themselves in a cutthroat market. Company rankings Apr 1, 2019 2542
NEMF and 10 related subsidiaries declare bankruptcy: 101-year old New England Motor Freight's Chapter 11 filing surprises trucking market, tightens already constricted capacity in the Northeast. Mar 1, 2019 670
Momentum for some infrastructure spending building on Capitol Hill. Mar 1, 2019 555
LTL: Can the market, revival continue? Drivers are scarce, costs are way up and rate increases will largely fall on those shippers that don't unclog their supply chains in this "good, not great" market. Mar 1, 2019 1195
Solid overall economic fundamentals rosy for trucking industry. Feb 1, 2019 557
Hopes rise for new infrastructure package: Congressional bipartisanship and long-term plans for real investment could pave the way for a new bill. Jan 1, 2019 612
YRC, Teamsters close in on NMFA contract talks. Jan 1, 2019 567
FREIGHT AUDIT AND PAYMENT UPDATE: TAKE WHAT YOU NEED: The booming freight market has created new opportunities for data analytics, but experts say beware of companies offering too much depth and not enough expertise. Jan 1, 2019 1858
Uncertainty surrounds fine print of new, trilateral free trade deal: Even though a new NAFTA has been introduced, many specifics remain missing. Nov 1, 2018 772
Trucking Regulation Update: Winds of change? Nov 1, 2018 1827
Full speed ahead for profitability: Carrier executives are putting the pedal to the metal to meet rising freight demands in an era of tightened capacity, driver scarcity and regulatory constraints. Nov 1, 2018 1590
Motor carriers turning down record amounts of freight in current peak season. Oct 1, 2018 506
U.S. transport interests warning Trump to back off on disruptive tariffs: There's plenty at stake for U.S. shippers with tariff actions taking center stage. Sep 1, 2018 740
Rails increasingly in sweet spot as trucking capacity crisis hits peak season. Sep 1, 2018 451
Frios: COOL SOLUTION for a hot seller: Gourmet ice pop maker adopts collaborative cold chain solution to keep profits from melting away due to costly logistics challenges--and takes home a 2018 Alliance Award in the process. Cover story Sep 1, 2018 1655
Shippers brace for rate increases in wake of UPS-Teamsters "handshake agreement". Aug 1, 2018 464
Supply chain efficiency threatened by lack of infrastructure investment. Jul 1, 2018 500
Carriers take the wheel. Cover story Jul 1, 2018 2149
LTL: Strong market leads to disciplined pricing. Jul 1, 2018 609
TL: The best market in a decade. Jul 1, 2018 656
Multi-employer pension a "ticking time bomb" for Teamster retirees. Jun 1, 2018 489
Cross-border trade: Preparation and experience pay off: Political bluster aside, logistics professionals on all sides of the border agree that careful planning, attention to detail and good partnerships are all key to continued, efficient cross-border transit--no matter who's in the White House. Jun 1, 2018 2323
Trump's highly-touted infrastructure dream nixed for this year. May 1, 2018 585
Driver pay jumps 15% in five years, but persistent shortages dog carriers. May 1, 2018 585
ODFL: Congdon retiring, Gantt to take over as CEO. Apr 1, 2018 357
Top U.S. logistics companies lead in brand recognition and value, new report say. Apr 1, 2018 542
Carriers rev up for a hot freight market: The best of the best are planning big investments and more strategic operations geared to serve shippers in a roaring freight environment--one that's being driven by a booming economy and a tight labor market. Apr 1, 2018 2472
Shippers brace for LTL increase in excess of 5% this year: Veteran trucking executives contend that multiple drivers continue to factor in to push rates significantly higher. Feb 1, 2018 594
Infrastructure deficit threatens booming U.S. economy, U.S. Chamber CEO warns. Feb 1, 2018 510
LTL marker in high gear. Feb 1, 2018 1868
Truckers ecstatic over tax reform: Long-awaited infrastructure push may be in play as tax reform becomes official. Jan 1, 2018 655
Big or small, speed and service rules: Smaller, niche freight payment companies with emphasis on shipper service and nimble technology are holding fast with industry giants. Jan 1, 2018 1371
Brokers, 3PLs scrambling to offer shippers capacity deals in tight TL market. Nov 1, 2017 477
TRUCKING REGULATIONS: WASHINGTON U-TURNS; STATES PUT HAMMER DOWN: While the Trump administration works to water down some trucking regulations, states are more aggressive than ever in their pursuit of more revenue. Nov 1, 2017 1512
Quarterly Transportation MARKET UPDATE: ADVANTAGE TRUCKLOAD: Various events are creating the tightest TL market in at least four years--and our experts say that it's going to get tighter and rates are going to go higher over the next year. Nov 1, 2017 2052
ATA fighting California's move to control greenhouse gases; trailer regs on hold at EPA. Oct 1, 2017 596
SalonCentric: ONE Beautiful NETWORK. Oct 1, 2017 2040
New report says owner-operators ill-prepared for December eld mandate. Sep 1, 2017 663
Glanbia adds muscle to logistics: in an award-winning collaboration effort with a 3PL and TL partner, this global performance nutrition company has drastically reduced costs--all while improving service through and innovative "embedded" arrangement. Sep 1, 2017 1822
ABF parent ArcBest joins crowd in LTL "space-based" pricing. Aug 1, 2017 530
BMW takes the inland road to efficiency: BMW's collaboration with South Carolina ports and Norfolk Southern creates a unique intermodal solution that eliminates truck moves, improves its sustainability efforts and subsequently spurs manufacturing efficiently in a growing region. Aug 1, 2017 1758
U.S. exporters, truckers exhale as Trump eases NAFTA threats: despite early tough talk from White House, the administration now speaks of tinkering around the edges of NAFTA--instead of trashing it. Jul 1, 2017 526
Once optimistic truckers struggle with "somewhat choppy" freight demand. Jul 1, 2017 616
28th Annual State of Logistics: into the great unknown. Jul 1, 2017 2236
LTL: Revived sector benefits from proprietary networks, e-commerce boom. Jul 1, 2017 626
Truckload: turbulent market roils with consolidations and "muted" freight demand. Jul 1, 2017 711
It's "beyond time" to modernize U.S. infrastructure, U.S. Chamber of Commerce urges. Jun 1, 2017 769
Cross-border logistics: NAFTA tune-up time: we take a deep dive into the 23-year-old NAFTA agreement, look at the impact it has made on logistics operations in the United States, Mexico and Canada, and then hear what the experts suggest Washington should--and should not--do. Jun 1, 2017 1957
LTL innovator poised for more growth, profits, CEO says. May 1, 2017 530
Battle for the last mile. May 1, 2017 1821
FedEx's smith again leads push for twin 33s, truckload carriers push back. Mar 1, 2017 480
LTL: "Upbeat" outlook for 2017: while LTL executives are bullish on the new administration's "America First" emphasis, shippers should expect rate increases in the 3% range amid a "rational" pricing landscape. Mar 1, 2017 1917
Truckers call on Trump for more efficient infrastructure: carriers said infrastructure improvements have been neglected for too long. Feb 1, 2017 723
Chamber again calls for "modest increase" in fuel tax to spur infrastructure spending. Feb 1, 2017 474
Chao's DOT mission: "make infrastructure great again". Jan 1, 2017 398
Have we entered the age of freight settlement? Jan 1, 2017 1723
Truckers in a "funk" after softer than expected volumes: return to sustained growth remains elusive, yet industry experts forecast better times ahead for carriers in 2017. Nov 1, 2016 780
N.J. takes bold move to hike diesel tax by 27 cents to repair sagging infrastructure. Nov 1, 2016 573
Slow down! Feds want to put limiters on newly manufactured heavy trucks. Oct 1, 2016 576
Werner CEO: Truckload rates getting back to "equilibrium" after slump. Oct 1, 2016 402
VWR: Cuts time, increases savings: 2016 NASSTRAC Shipper of the Year. Oct 1, 2016 1333
Regulations update: caught in a trap. Oct 1, 2016 1858
Year-over-year intermodal shipment streak hits wall in Q2. Sep 1, 2016 549
Moving beyond the expectation of information. Sep 1, 2016 1528
Trucking industry fights back in suit over electronic logging mandate. Aug 1, 2016 580
Is the party over? Aug 1, 2016 2150
Infrastructure could be big winner in 2016 presidential sweepstakes. Jul 1, 2016 502
2016 State of logistics report: pursue mutual benefit. Cover story Jul 1, 2016 2118
Truckload group splits with ATA policy on truck size and weight issue. May 1, 2016 448
Advantage private fleets. May 1, 2016 1913
Retiring UPS lifer Holmes reflects on legendary 37-year career. Apr 1, 2016 531
ATA, DOT working to fix "technical glitch" in HOS restart law. Apr 1, 2016 624
Trucking top 50: investing in the present. Apr 1, 2016 5074
Fleets fight back with dollars to combat rising truck driver turnover rates. Mar 1, 2016 645
LTL: managing the way to profitability. Mar 1, 2016 2637
Large trucking companies applaud move away from paper logbooks. Feb 1, 2016 649
Freight interests giving Congress high marks for $305 billion FAST Act: while funding challenges remain, new bill provides some long-term certainty for supply chain stakeholders. Jan 1, 2016 663
Manufacturing dip, anemic Q3 GDP has truckers concerned about outlook: potential overcapacity issues and lagging demand are now top of mind for carriers. Dec 1, 2015 729
Another Band-Aid likely as Congress dithers on highway funding amid GOP turmoil. Nov 1, 2015 400
States taking action on fuel tax hikes to address infrastructure needs. Oct 1, 2015 662
Morton Salt balances the network: the iconic company revamped its truckload bid processes and opened up its entire transportation network to bring transparency into all lanes--and is becoming a "shipper of choice" in the process. Cover story Oct 1, 2015 2133
Trucking regulations: caught in a web: our top trucking correspondent examines the daunting regulatory hurdles facing trucking--and gives shippers a clearer picture of what they can expect in terms of rates and capacity based on the cumulative effects. Oct 1, 2015 1905
Diesel at 6-year low, falls below gasoline prices in about half the U.S. Sep 1, 2015 763
Freight payment enters a dynamic, global era: using analytics and Big Data, the next generation of freight bill payment and auditing companies comb all aspects of freight transportation operations to highlight supply chain efficiency improvement opportunities. Sep 1, 2015 1908
FedEx agrees to pay $228 million to settle Calif. independent contractor case. Aug 1, 2015 551
While no panacea, specter of driverless trucks offers hope for truck driver crisis. Aug 1, 2015 441
2015 State of trucking: carriers gain the upper hand. Aug 1, 2015 3208
LTL carriers welcome pending introduction of 33-foot trailers: if passed by the Senate, standards would significantly improve industry productivity, say industry stakeholders. Jul 1, 2015 772
26th Annual State of Logistics: freight moves the economy. Cover story Jul 1, 2015 5378
Shippers protest move by carrier classification group. Jul 1, 2015 442
Erasing cross-border complexities. Jun 1, 2015 2380

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