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Journey into the mysteries of Paul Robeson. Sep 7, 2018 987
Secretary strengthened FDR's presidency. Book review Jul 14, 2017 830
American Jesuits brought two worlds together. Book review Jan 27, 2017 1077
'Queen' columnist was a woman of faith. Book review Jan 15, 2016 1128
The curse of cowardice: book illustrates influence of science and religion on cowardice-courage relationship. Book review Aug 28, 2015 1172
Wills turns sword on array of beliefs: latest book asserts that Catholicism 'can live because it can learn, correct, and change under God's direction'. Book review Apr 24, 2015 1016
When dogma and scholarship clash: two co-authors, Jewish and Christian, recount bloodthirsty battles. Book review Feb 27, 2015 955
The passion of Woodrow Wilson: biographer recounts president's life as a religious epic. Book review Jan 30, 2015 1206
33 miners who stared death in the face. Book review Dec 19, 2014 909
In 200 years, Jesuit fear gives way to hope. Dec 5, 2014 1033
Racism, martyrdom and mythology: author delivers an indictment of the cult of the 'first American saints'. Book review May 23, 2014 1101
Jesus and human imagination. Book review Sep 27, 2013 1091
The Weigel Consulting Firm has a plan for the church. Book review May 24, 2013 1215
Are priests really necessary? Book review Apr 26, 2013 1039
The medieval church's ideological warfare. Book review Dec 7, 2012 1064
Former Dominican takes on the 'inquisitor'. Book review Jan 6, 2012 1122
Rediscovering a forgotten black writer: Journalists diary and reporting document America's original sin. Nov 11, 2011 1021
The 'first couple' in story and film. Book review Apr 29, 2011 1021
Seeing Islam's children as God sees them. Movie review Mar 4, 2011 927
Book recounts toll of sanctions on Iraq. Book review Nov 26, 2010 1066
On the margins with 'America's best theologian'. Book review Aug 6, 2010 1163
American decay: Hedges portrays a diseased nation, corrupted by false narratives. Book review Apr 30, 2010 973
An 800-year-old hatred. Book review Mar 5, 2010 1785
Forging the unknown paths of the 21st century. Nov 13, 2009 1572
A Catholic novelist's look at Jesus: Mary Gordon on the Gospels as narrative. Oct 30, 2009 1109
The decline of a fundamental institution. Book review Sep 18, 2009 1105
Is this the best we can do? John McCain's presidential campaign falters. Oct 31, 2008 1066
The life of a one-man peace machine. Book review Oct 17, 2008 773
Batter the bod till it bleeds: mixed martial arts is a new form of the old sport of boxing. Sep 5, 2008 915
A journalist on the frontlines: for those wanting to understand the modern Mideast, Robert Fisk is a must-read. Jul 11, 2008 1359
The need to beat somebody up: PBS offers an in-depth look at 'Bush's War'. Television program review Mar 21, 2008 881
'The Wire' depicts a community on the brink. Television program review Mar 7, 2008 1078
A world without books: the obsolescence of reading is a looming peril. Jan 25, 2008 974
Jesuits plan for life post-Kolvenbach. Dec 28, 2007 1262
The future face of television news. Dec 21, 2007 1036
Leaders who've 'left the ground': the media monitor a run-up to possible war with Iran. Dec 7, 2007 1152
I dreamed Iran tortured Bush. Oct 5, 2007 1094
YouTube debate: more glitz than substance: the presidential candidates need a harder grilling. Aug 17, 2007 1171
Sopranos' end. Jun 22, 2007 1015
The odd, resilient Mormons: media views of a homegrown religion. May 25, 2007 1060
Who's afraid of Al Jazeera? Mar 23, 2007 1130
We're not dead yet: reports of the coming demise of newspapers are overly pessimistic. Mar 2, 2007 1051
Friday night frights: TV series about high school football critiques our society. Jan 19, 2007 1034
Talking sense about a new 'lost' generation: young black males need society's attention. Dec 15, 2006 972
A new book on Benedict XVI paints a disquieting portrait. Book review Nov 24, 2006 1116
May we criticize Israel? Oct 20, 2006 1023
Wishing 'so long' to Katie Couric. Sep 22, 2006 990
The three faces of Dick Cheney. Jun 30, 2006 1101
'Sopranos' mobster wrestles with his mortality. Television program review May 19, 2006 949
Jack Deedy, writer and editor. Obituary May 5, 2006 582
The media's role in Iraq is at issue. Apr 21, 2006 751
Deanna Durbin, where are you now? TVs treatment of musical entertainment isn't what it used to be. Mar 24, 2006 1011
'The Book of Daniel' has been burned. Feb 24, 2006 991
Bonhoeffer was wrong. Jan 27, 2006 1313
ABC's 'Commander in Chief' tries to have it both ways: tough yet compassionate woman president gets out of tight spots far too easily. Dec 9, 2005 959
Sinking under the weight of lies: Judith Miller affair reveals lack of integrity in the Bush administration and media. Nov 11, 2005 933
Arthur Jones wrote fast, often and well. Nov 4, 2005 1390
The three joys of 'Rome': Caesar, Cicero and crew come to life on HBO. Movie Review Oct 14, 2005 920
Goodbye to "The Capital Gang". Sep 23, 2005 810
Talking with Mark Shields: do we provide enough for those who have too little? Interview Sep 23, 2005 468
Unsensational TV show keeps blood pressure low: 'Religion & Ethics News Weekly' defies market expectations. Aug 26, 2005 1021
A tale of two cities: an extraordinary documentary looks at the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Jul 29, 2005 835
Scandals great and small. Jun 17, 2005 1188
The sins of the fathers: the sex abuse scandal comes to Showtime. May 20, 2005 1135
Watching a pope die: in final week, media eyes turn to Rome round-the-clock. Cover Story Apr 22, 2005 1403
Is this how the world will end? Apr 22, 2005 1147
Putting Osama back in the bottle: a BBC documentary argues al-Qaeda is an all-too-convenient threat. Apr 1, 2005 1338
'The exonerated takes a hard look at justice. Feb 25, 2005 762
Men for others: two books tell the history, trials and successes of the Jesuits. Book Review Feb 11, 2005 1253
The fall of Dan Rather and Jon Stewart's rising star. Feb 4, 2005 1345
'American Dreams' revisits '60s turmoil. Dec 24, 2004 1195
Taking my head out of the oven: the ugly facts of war demand our attention. Nov 26, 2004 804
Presidential race is clear as mud: campaign battles compromise journalistic ethics. Oct 22, 2004 1400
Bill Clinton's struggle to be good. Aug 27, 2004 1846
Bill Moyers is stepping down: with serious journalism in decline, 32-year veteran is not going quietly. Jul 16, 2004 2189
Torturegate originates in U.S. culture: the media moves from lap dog to watchdog status. Jun 4, 2004 1401
The Jesus of journalism. May 7, 2004 1332
The case of the beautiful corpse: a comparison of today's TV crime dramas with crime novels of the past shows how our culture has changed. Column Mar 12, 2004 1274
Squashing 'lice': in a news week of 'All Saddam All the Time,' the story of Iraqi victims of cluster bombs fades from sight. Jan 16, 2004 1309
The Gospel according to Mel: anti-Semitic or 'one of the best Jesus films'? Controversy swirls around 'The Passion'. Nov 28, 2003 3073
Liberals fight back; pack journalism characterizes the media today, which is anything but liberal. Book Review Oct 31, 2003 1734
Four myths drive spin about U.S. military action: how the media and administration frighten us into 'patriotic silence'. Aug 15, 2003 1353
Redemption amid brutality: for six seasons, grace was at work in HBO's 'Oz,' the most Catholic show on television. (Television). Television Program Review Jul 4, 2003 1375
Lost in cacaphony: 'Jane Addams' college' has failed as commencement audience shouts down reporter's words on reality of war. (Media). Jun 6, 2003 2139
As the time goes: ... so goes the nation: newspaper's failure echoes our own devaluation of truth. (Media). May 30, 2003 1549
Top Gun president: Commander Bush ignores the facts in his grab for military glory. May 16, 2003 1354
Five scenes in a week. (Eye on the media: commentary). Apr 18, 2003 1459
Pause and reflect: false reports from Iraq undermine confidence in government and media. (Eye on the Media Commentary). Apr 11, 2003 1344
Shrines mark Nazi victims in the Czech Republic: deaths at Terezin and Lidice speak to us of betrayed humanity. (Destinations). Apr 11, 2003 1711
Calamities of war: TV coverage is all boom-boom-boom, light and smoke--but no human faces. (Commentary). Apr 4, 2003 1626
Bush leads `peaceful people' to war; media tracks president's steps as administration follows its obsession. (Commentary). Mar 28, 2003 1489
On to Iraq: each day we edge closer to war, as Bush administration continues its march to remake the world to suit us. (Media). Feb 14, 2003 1706
TV history: with almost excessive even-handedness, channel works the theologians to unravel `secrets' of the Bible. (Television). Jan 24, 2003 1577
Two sagas. (Television). Television Program Review Dec 13, 2002 1603
19th-century lessons in lay governance. (Analysis). Nov 1, 2002 1553
God and evil: PBS documentary gives voice to those who cursed or called on God when the towers fell. (Television). Sep 27, 2002 1675
Saving TV news: BBC, PBS provide model for journalism standards missing on networks. (Television). Aug 16, 2002 1444
Equal hearing: pro-Israeli hawks are louder in U.S. government, media, but some Jews decry suffering on both sides. (Television). May 3, 2002 1697
Failed lives, lost faith and aching hearts: anger rises like smoke from court documents. (Analysis). Mar 15, 2002 2435
The one and only: maybe he died 20 years ago, but Durante and his `Ink a dinkadoo' still charm TV watchers. (Television). Feb 8, 2002 1440

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