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Schools must have discipline.

This is an open letter to all of the morons who supported STOPP in the 60s, 70s and 80s, you can now see the fruits of your stupid labours with the unruly behaviour of pupils in our schools.

The tawse and the cane were far better deterrents than any amount of detention, as was proved many years ago when we did not have so much disruption, and as for the bleeding heart do-gooders and their human rights counterparts, what a load of tripe they expound. Good and hard-working pupils also have rights, the right to study in peace, the right to go about their business without being harassed by insolent and abusive yobs. And, yes, I do believe some of this starts at home but the culture of greed was fostered by Thatcher and the Tories and now the country is reaping the benefits.

The hands of teachers are being tied and they have no way of fighting back. I would advocate that the strap, the cane, corporal and capital punishment should all be brought back and we may see less disruption in the classroom, less violence on the streets, less killing as life seems to have no sanctity now. Respect is dead. The morons are gradually winning and we have no means to fight back. Many parents just don't care any more just as long as their offspring are out of sight and they can get on with their lives. And as for our judges, lily-livered men and women afraid to pass just sentences in case they upset the many groups now trying to run the country and this includes the Government of today. One is no better than the other as long as they are alright the devil take the hindmost.

I love life but it grieves me to see so much goodness being swamped and destroyed by the attitude of many that they must not get involved, I'm alright Jack hard lines for you. Sorry I don't know what the exact solution is at the moment but I feel we have to find one and soon, or this country is doomed.

BOB WILSON, Satley Gardens, Wrekenton.
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 29, 2005
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