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Schools don't cause bigotry; Yourview Comment OF THE DAY.

JOAN Burnie's article on Roman Catholic and non-denominational schools in Scotland caught my attention.

Down south there are Roman Catholic, Protestant and non-denominational schools.

In the past, Roman Catholic pupils were taught their religious beliefs and the Church of England theirs.

Coming from Cardiff, we in Wales had our own church schools. I went to Grange National Church in Wales school where we learned the catechism and creeds and the Roman Catholics learnt theirs.

I have attended church for most of my life and it did me no harm. Down south there is no bigotry and children from all the schools played together.

It was every child's ambition to play baseball for St. Patrick's as they always fielded the best players, regardless of belief.

I pray that Scotland one day adopts the same attitude to religion where nobody cares and everybody is friends.

Michael Griffith, Stirling


ONE GOAL: Children play together, regardless of school or faith
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Title Annotation:Letters
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Date:Mar 19, 2011
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