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Schoolboy: I cried as I found my daddy dead.


A SCHOOLBOY told police he "started to cry" when he found his daddy lying on his back and his hand covered in blood seconds after he was shot in their home.

The nine-year-old's video recorded interview with PSNI detectives was played yesterday to the jury at Belfast Crown Court.

Three men are accused of the murder of his dad Stephen Carson.

David James Francis Smith, 35, and Michael Lawrence Smith, 39, both of Monagh Drive, and 42-yearold Francis Gerard Patrick Smith, of Glenmurray Court, all in West Belfast, deny murdering Mr Carson.

Francis Smith further denies possession of a firearm and ammunition in suspicious circumstances while Michael Smith pleaded not guilty to carrying a firearm with intent to commit murder.

The 28-year-old was blasted to death with a shotgun as he hid in the bathroom of his home in Walmer Street, off the Ormeau Road in South Belfast, on February 25, 2016.

His son told police on the day of the murder, he and his dad's fiancee had been out shopping and she had bought him a game.

The boy said he was in the living room with her when his dad came home.

He added: "I was playing with my game when my daddy came home. He bought me two Easter eggs, two Square bars, a bottle of water and two Kinder eggs.

"My daddy went into the bathroom. I heard people banging on the door. Then they came in and the man with the gun pointed it at us and told us to sit down."

The child said three men came into the house while a fourth was outside.

He told detectives one of the men "sprayed us with pepper spray" his dad's fiancee "couldn't see and I got some in my throat".

The boy described the gunman as a "bit taller" than the other two.

He said he had his mouth and nose covered and was wearing a dark green coat and boots and a third man was armed on the box. I lot of with a hammer which had a "red handle".

The jury heard the boy, now 11, tell detectives the gunman was shouting about "the wee tout".

He said the gunman then went to the bathroom and "shot my daddy".

During his 50-minute interview, the witness said after the shooting he went to the bathroom.

He added: "The door was open a wee bit. I was trying to push the door but I couldn't get in. I saw my daddy and started to cry.

"We had a dog box in the bathroom and he was lying on the dog box my daddy was lying on his back on the dog box.

"I saw a lot of blood and his eyes were open. He was lying there with his hand on his chest."

The trial continues

My daddy was lying on his back on the dog box. I saw a lot of blood VICTIM'S SON YESTERDAY


ACCUSED Francis Smith

VICTIM Stephen Carson

SCENE Police at Walmer Street after the shooting

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Oct 13, 2018
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