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School-to-Work and Service Learning. A "Links" Piece, Connecting Theory and Practice.

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This document is a brief review of resources and readings on Service-Learning and School-to-Work. Service-Learning (SL) and School-to-Work (STW) both extend learning beyond the classroom into real world contexts where broader problem-solving and decision-making skills are addressed. While SL provides opportunities within the community for students to participate in learning activities that use their academic and vocational competencies, STW helps students make tentative career choices and develop educational goals aimed at achieving vocational and personal satisfaction. The document lists 13 commonalities and 3 differences between SL and STW. The document is organized as follows: section 1 contains citations from the National Service Learning Cooperative database involving school-to-work; section 2 lists resources from governmental agencies dealing with SL and STW; and section 3 lists Web sites that have comprehensive discussions of issues, topics, and definitions of SL and STW. (BT)

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Author:Hengel, Madeleine S.; Shumer, Robert
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Nov 1, 1997
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