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School year begins across the country.




Every year when the school year begins across the country, we publish a traditional photo showing a public figure ringing the school bell for the ceremonial opening or the traditional parade of students walking under a Qoran held by a teacher.

Not this year.

The photographer dispatched by the Tasnim news agency to get the traditional photos balked Tuesday and didn't take a single traditional shot.

Instead, we present some real pictures of opening day. You may recognize your children (or even yourself) in some of these poses.

At the lower left, you will notice a child running away from an older man who had reached out to him. That older man is Education Minister Ali-Asghar Fani, who had come to this school for the traditional bell-ringing--of which we have no photo.

Because of gender segregation, there are no photos of frollicking girls.


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Date:Sep 25, 2015
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