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School snack ban is 'legal'.

EDUCATION chiefs today rejected claims that a rule forbidding children to take their own mid-morning snack to a Nuneaton school is illegal.

Six children are being kept at home by their parents in protest at the move introduced at All Saints CE School, in Knebley Crescent, Caldwell.

They are outraged that pupils can take their own packed lunch but no break-time snacks.

Instead, the school provides a mid-morning drink and biscuit or piece of fruit at a cost of pounds 1 a week to parents.

Area education officer David Craddick said: "I've spoken to our solicitors' department and, legally, the head teacher is on sound ground."This all went through the governing body and was discussed with the parents before being implemented and was supported by the majority of parents.

"If the head was acting irrationally, the governors would have intervened but they believe the approach is relevant, has many advantages, and is in the interests of both the school and the youngsters."

The same system was used successfully at other schools, said Mr Craddick.

He added that it was in the youngsters' own interests to return to school.

"I expected the new rule to go smoothly but we want to see the boys and girls back in school and the start for that is for parents to meet the head and governing body to explore things together."
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Sep 22, 1999
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