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School should have acted differently; FEEDBACK.

Robert, were naturally upset and more than justified in feeling their son had been discriminated against owing to his disability.

But with that wonderful word called hindsight, the member of staff who made the decision to remove the OVER recent years, Pallister Park Primary School, its staff and pupils, has had outstanding Ofsted reports for which they received highly deserved praise.

Thus, it was all the more shocking to read of the school's treatment of six-year-old Alfie Durant when he was told to take off his hearing aid for a school photograph which, in the tender mind of Alfie, would reinforce the negative and hurtful view that he is different from his friends.

No wonder Alfie's parents are upset.

Disability discrimination is all too frequent in life and schools are only too aware of that fact, or should be. Most do their best to look after their pupils who have disabilities and endeavour to be positive and supportive. On this occasion a serious error of judgement was made and the member(s) of staff involved have some hard thinking to do.

Bad experiences like the one Alfie has had cause a great deal of pain, in this case for Alfie, but also his family.

I'm sure Pallister Park headteacher, Mrs Chris Wain, will ensure that all staff are now aware of the issues surrounding insensitivity and disability discrimination and will ensure that this is a one off incident. I certainly hope so.

JOHN MCPARTLAND, Acklam ONE can entirely understand the initial anger of the parents of six-year-old pupil Alfie Durant after he was told to remove his hearing aid for the official school photograph at Pallister Park Primary (10.06.15).

Alfie's parents, Kerri and hearing aid will know it was the wrong decision. And the headmaster of the school, Chris Wain, has since earnestly apologised to Alfie's parents so hopefully all is now forgiven.



Alfie Durant with mum Kerri who was furious that Pallister Park Primary School told Alfie to |remove his hearing aid for his school picture PETER REIMANN

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jun 12, 2015
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