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School of fashion.

School is back and the search for the most appropriate, comfortable and even fashionable clothes to wear on campus is on. To help college students (who don't have a uniform) find the right clothes minus the hassles in dressing up for school, the Students and Campuses interns seek advice from stylist Noreen Legaspi who imparts basic fashion lessons, from the simple how-to's to the do's and dont's of styling for school.

Classics never go out of style. A combination of blue jeans, camp shirt, and pink Chuck Taylors is always a safe choice.

Lesson 1: Experiment with the trends

First things first: It is good if you are in with the trends or the latest fashion but always make sure to consider the appropriate look and comfort before following any of it. It is a necessity to go after comfort when choosing clothes especially for school. It may help you move easily if you feel comfortable with the clothes you wear.

"Play around with the trends like the returning 90's look with plaid or bold colored skirts, platforms and or knee-high socks like from the movie, 'Clueless,'" says Legaspi.

According to her, throwback styles are the trending fashion these days. The 90's trends are in again, including sporty chic which is ideal for hectic college life. These include sweatshirts, pullovers, varsity jackets and sneakers.

Aside from plaid and hot colors, Legaspi also recommends distressed jeans which are a big thing now.


ON HER: Yellow top, printed skirt, blue cardigan, and black flats.

ON HIM: Button down pattern shirt, brown shorts, and blue loafers.

Lesson 2: Do's and don'ts in college fashion


College life, for many, has the busiest days because of the loads of paper work that students need to accomplish. It can even get really active for most students who are athletic and involved in physical extra-curricular activities. Legaspi says it is always best to wear clothes that can support their active lifestyles. It would be good to incorporate certain trends in your attire but it doesn't mean that they should have to be used all at the same time. Above all, confidence and wit are always stylish.


Choosing a particular style or following a trend in exchange for comfort or over doing them is a no-no.

"Wearing sky-high heels for girls is one perfect example of 'tiis ganda.' Wearing too sexy clothes, and age-inappropriate ones like super miniskirts, plunging necklines, sloppy sleeveless tops should be avoided. Too much make up is off," she points out.

When college life gets too hectic, you may not have the time to iron your clothes. While there are clothes that don't need ironing, there are also those that will definitely destroy your get-up if you leave house without having it pressed first.

"Clothes should not always be well polished and sleek" but just remember that even the most stylish clothes can look awful when they are extremely wrinkled. Ironing the most dominant wrinkle can save one from disaster. It is okay to go with the trends in fashion and styles but always consider the appropriate and best style for you," advises Legaspi.


ON HER: A black tube top, amber maxi skirt and a pair of wedges.

ON HIM: A brown t-shirt paired with a gray sleeveless hoodie with accessories like a bracelet and a dog tag.

Lesson 3: Basics in matching

There are colors that bring the best out of your skin complexion. Legaspi says choosing the right colors for your skin color is important because it can also be part of your beauty regimen. White and blacks are classics for any skin tone. For fair skin, any style color palette go well. For dark skin, bright and neon colors bring the extra wow factor. Choosing the right outfit is also important in bringing the best out of your body shape. For petite figures, skinny jeans and skater skirts project longer-looking legs. This tip also works well for skinny guys with a small build.


ON HIM: Classic white shirt, a blue button down, grey jeans, and sneakers.

ON HER : Black top, printed skirt, varsity jacket, and sneakers.

Lesson 4: Teen closet must-haves

Buying clothes is often a time-consuming activity, so it is best to have these styling essentials that you can mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe.

* plain white shirt

* denim jeans

* tank top

* sturdy and comfortable school shoes

* highly comfortable rubber shoes

* varsity jacket

* skirt/skort

* leggings

* little black dress

* black blazer for those times when you need to look sleek and professional, especially for seniors


Lesson 5: Look good, feel good

To complete whatever look you have chosen, wear a pair of comfortable shoes, a functional watch and some spectacles. Legaspi also reminds students not to forget the most important rule, that is "to present yourself well and feel great about your look."

"Being stylish doesn't always mean accessorizing, layering and wearing big designer brands all the time," says Legaspi. "Keeping up with the trend and trying hard to copy the latest fashion does not always mean being stylish. At the end of the day, what matters most is being comfortable and confident which seals any look all the time."

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