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School bus safety; LETTERS.

SIR - I believe your article "Concerns over school bus safety law when Assembly takes over" (Feb 1) is misleading to your readers because the implication is that the National Assembly for Wales is watering down its commitment to safety on school transport by focusing on what you have called the "worry that rules may not cover public transport". The article implies that a member of the National Assembly for Wales or the Welsh Assembly Government could include "public transport", as well as those bus operators contracted directly by local authorities, in any future Assembly Measure to improve safety on school buses. The fact is that the current devolution settlement doesn't allow for the Assembly to legislate in this area. Furthermore a Legislative Competency Order cannot draw powers down over this area as they are not currently in a devolved field within the Government of Wales Act (2006). Moreover, it would still not be possible even if there was a Yes vote in a referendum and transition to Part 4 of the Act. This issue of fact is only dealt with sparingly in the last paragraph of your report and therefore we believe an impression is given to your readers that the Assembly is dragging its feet over the issue. DR DAI LLOYD AM Chair for Legislation Committee No 3, Welsh Assembly

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Title Annotation:Editorial
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 4, 2010
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