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School Report:Prof Tim Brighouse.

Name: Professor Tim Brighouse, chief education officer, Birmingham.

Schools: Woodhouse Eaver Village Primary, Leicestershire, 1946-1950, started late at the age of six and left early at 10. Lowerstoft Grammar School 1950-1958 - co-educational but spent a nightmare six weeks at Loughborough Grammar School for Boys in Sept ember/October 1950.

Favourite teacher and why? "Spoof" Spalding, a history teacher in Lowerstoft. He told good stories and could argue any points of view.

Best subject? History.

Worst subject? Woodwork.

Proudest moment? Being in the school play.

Most embarrassing moment? The teacher pointing out he "thought" he could see the beginnings of a muscle in my back - in front of the whole class.

Were you a school swot or class rebel? Rebel.

Do you remember your first day at school? Yes.

What did you like most about school? Cheerful teachers with a good sense of humour.

What did you like least about school? Sarcastic teachers.

What did you want to do after you left school? Become a teacher.

Were you a member of any sports teams? Yes - the cricket team.

Greatest influence at school (can be teacher or pupil)? Either the history teacher or the Latin teacher - they taught me to think or believe that everything was possible.

Were schooldays the best days of your life? No - today is the best day of my life.

Any missed opportunities at school? Being in the soccer team and scoring goals.

Would you send your children to a single-sex school? No.

What do you think would improve school? Depending on the school - but more resources support and the valuing of good teachers.

Advice for anyone just starting school? Believe you can always achieve more than you thought. Your ambitions can be achieved by hard work and 99 per cent of life is down to effort and interpersonal relations.
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Oct 4, 1998
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