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Articles from School Librarian (June 22, 2019)

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#Goldilocks. Guyon, Agnes Book review 215
A Tudor Turk (The Chronicles of Will Ryde and Awa Maryam Al-Jameel). Axford, Martin Book review 246
A Wolf Called Wander. Bradnock, Marianne Book review 251
A Year of Nature Poems. Clarke, Rachel Children's review 270
Aalfred and Aalbert. Rutherford, Eleanor Book review 190
All Better! Loewenstein, Rudolf Book review 132
All the Invisible Things. Swinyard, Helen Book review 243
All the Ways to Be Smart. Chambers, Lucy Book review 186
Amazing. McKay, Amy Book review 196
Animalphabet. Rutherford, Eleanor Book review 165
Anita the Alligator Feels Angry (Healthy Minds). Keaveny, Kate Book review 171
Arty! The First Artist in Space. Roe, Sue Book review 226
Aurora Rising (The Aurora Cycle). Woodman, Rosemary Brief article 237
Bear Moves. Goodwin, Prue Book review 200
Becoming Jo. Burchell, Elain Book review 294
Black Enough: Stories of Being Young and Black in America. Newman, John Book review 237
Black Music Greats (40 Inspiring Icons). Kindregan, Emily Book review 226
Bloom. Spencer, Ingrid Book review 248
Breaking News! Look What Happens when Teachers Work with the School Librarian. Hutchinson, Elizabeth 2442
Breaking the Rules (High Low). Kindregan, Emily Book review 188
Carel Library Learner Quiz Pack for Secondary Schools. 455
Chalk Boy. Boyd, Carolyn Brief article 238
Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species. Chambers, Lucy Book review 210
Chester Parsons is NOT a Gorilla. Rayner, Andrea Book review 220
Circulation (Under Your Skin). Kelleher, Chantal Book review 170
Cloud Boy. Everall, Annie Book review 373
Community Helpers (Build-a-Story Cards). Medlicott, Mary Brief article 151
Conspiracy of Ravens. Humphrey, Bev Book review 145
Creating a Primary School Reading Culture: At Dogmersfield School. Band, Barbara 1350
Dance, Dolphin, Dance. Chambers, Lucy Book review 197
Dear Daddy (RAF) Dear Mummy (Army) Dear Daddy (Navy). Breslin, Hannah Children's review 161
Digger. Boyd, Carolyn Book review 219
Distortion. Lathey, Gillian Young adult review 243
Editorial. Band, Barbara Editorial 683
Editorial. Editorial 722
Ellie and the Cat. Swinyard, Helen Brief article 237
Enabling Students to Learn by Finding Out for Themselves: Our Journey from FOSIL to the FOSIL Group. Toerien, Darryl 1404
Enchantee. Copland, Carolyn Book review 352
Everyone Walks Away. Gould, Jayne Book review 159
Exploring The Woodland (Geokids). Hall, Godfrey Children's review 205
Extraordinary Skyscrapers (Fact Finders: Exceptional Engineering). Axford, Martin Book review 161
Fantastically Great Women Who Worked Wonders. Hughes, June Book review 266
Ferdinand Magellan. Clarke, Rachel Book review 275
Fossils (Fact Finders: Rocks). Warren, Claire Children's review 218
Frockodile. Thompson, Helen Book review 291
Gender, Sex and Gossip in Ambridge: Women in the Archers. Thompson, Helen Book review 266
Ghost (Run). McKay, Amy Book review 261
Go Green! Hall, Godfrey Book review 270
Grandma Dangerous and the Egg of Glory. Hughes, June Book review 216
Grobblechops (Tales by Rumi). Guyon, Agnes Book review 274
Have Sword Will Travel. Rayner, Andrea Book review 289
Heartstream. McKay, Amy Book review 206
Hello Lighthouse. Woodman, Rosemary Book review 228
Heroes of Light and Sound (Superpower Science). Perry, Sally Brief article 257
Home Girl. Ransome, Lorraine Young adult review 317
Hotel Flamingo. Roe, Sue Book review 247
How Did Robots Land on Mars? (Bright Idea Books). Kelleher, Chantal Book review 175
How Not to Lose It (Mental Health Sorted). Nelson, Rachel Ayers Young adult review 153
I Am a Jigsaw (High Low). Roe, Sue Book review 167
I Am NOT Adorable. Keaveny, Kate Children's review 171
I Am So Clever. Lathey, Gillian Book review 208
I Bet I Can Make You Laugh. Brumwell, Alison Book review 244
Impressionism (Inside Art Movements). Axford, Martin Book review 205
Internment. Heathcote, Brenda Book review 231
It's My Body. Harding, Anne Book review 396
Kahlo's Koalas: The Great Artists Counting Book. Axford, Martin Book review 161
Kidscape: Preventing Bullying. Website overview 428
Kiss the Crocodile. Pepler, Jane Book review 173
Lampie and the Children of the Sea. Lathey, Gillian Book review 233
Lenny's Book of Everything. Finlayson, Elizabeth Book review 258
Lightning Mary. Nelson, Rachel Ayers Book review 217
Little Badman and the Invasion of the Killer Aunties. Gould, Jayne Book review 225
Makey Makey. Website overview 323
Malala Yousafzai (Extraordinary Lives). Harding, Anne Book review 366
Malamander (The Legends of Eerie-on-Sea). Hollindale, Peter Brief article 269
Meat Market. McKay, Amy Book review 227
Mermaid Project. Jennings, Tanja Book review 310
Midnight at Moonstone. Rayner, Andrea Book review 243
Mira's Curly Hair. Ellis-Barrett, Louise Brief article 285
Mole's Star. Brett, Laura Book review 137
Muhammad Ali (Little People Big Dreams). Newman, John Children's review 224
Mummy's Suitcase. Sims, Janet Book review 219
My Brother's Name is Jessica. Harding, Anne Book review 332
My Grandma and Me. Newman, John Book review 222
Not Yet a Yeti. Smiley, Sophie Book review 226
Now or Never (Voices). Hinton, Nigel Book review 324
Octopants. Loewenstein, Rudolf Book review 135
Oh My Gods. Swinyard, Helen Book review 264
On Planet Earth (Cause, Effect and Chaos). Hall, Godfrey Book review 224
On the Come Up. Roe, Sue Book review 390
Once & Future. Humphrey, Bev Young adult review 141
Opposite of Always. Newman, John Book review 225
Otherworld (Last Reality). Kindregan, Emily Book review 232
Padlet. Website overview 448
Pearson Resources: Free English resources for the classroom. Website overview 381
Pencil Dog. Toffoli, Oceane Book review 175
Perfectly Polite Penguins. Boyd, Carolyn Book review 193
Phases of the Moon (Cycles of Nature). Keaveny, Kate Book review 108
Photosynthesis (What Living Things Eat). Toffoli, Oceane Book review 111
Plastic Panic! (Polluted Planet). Hall, Godfrey Book review 236
Potkin and Stubbs. Copland, Carolyn Book review 348
Pretend You Don't Know Me. Startup, Frank Book review 478
Proud. Guyon, Agnes Book review 311
Puffin Primary Resource Packs: (Free). Website overview 368
Rainbow Boots (High Low). Hinton, Nigel Brief article 224
Rayne & Delilah's Midnite Matinee. Perry, Sally Book review 305
Reading Rocks! Using Illustration to Encourage a Love of Reading. Sands, Leia 1374
Roald Dahl's Matilda's How to be a Genius. Ellis-Barrett, Louise Book review 208
Rocky Road to Galileo (The Curious Science Quest). Loewenstein, Rudolf Book review 165
Scavengers. Warren, Claire Book review 280
Seaglass. Loder, Jane Book review 217
Sensational Butterflies. Woodman, Rosemary Book review 250
Sharing Ideas and Inspiration: A visit from a School Librarian from Stockholm, Sweden. Suffield, Emma 1413
Siege (Special Forces Cadets). Hurst, Alison Book review 135
Standing Up Against Hate. Axford, Martin Book review 293
Stay, Benson! Ellis-Barrett, Louise Children's review 283
Swimming Against the Storm. Hinton, Nigel Book review 239
Ten Minutes With... Agnes Guyon: Q&A with one of the SLA Board's new members. Band, Barbara Interview 1534
The Big Angry Roar. Marcuccilli, Emily Book review 209
The Big Race. Carpendale, Emma Book review 133
The Boy and the Bear. Thompson, Helen Book review 369
The Boy Who Flew. Perry, Sally Brief article 310
The Colour of Happy. Harding, Anne Book review 299
The Colour of Shadows. Hart, Tracey Brief article 108
The Cosmic Atlas of Alfie Fleet. Humphrey, Bev Book review 177
The Cruel Prince. Polchow, Sue Young adult review 519
The Curious Crime. Ellis-Barrett, Louise Book review 302
The Dam. Bradnock, Marianne Book review 242
The Darkest Bloom (Shadowscent). Jennings, Tanja Book review 312
The Dinosaur Department Store. Everall, Annie Book review 175
The Dog Who Saved the World. Thompson, Helen Book review 349
The Everyday Journeys of Ordinary Things. Chambers, Lucy Book review 228
The Food We Eat (Eco Steam). Hurst, Alison Book review 184
The Fork, The Witch, and the Worm (Tales from Alagaesia). Humphrey, Bev Book review 166
The Girl Who Came Out of the Woods. Finlayson, Elizabeth Young adult review 313
The Girl with the Shark's Teeth. Marcucilli, Emily Brief article 277
The Go-Away Bird. Rutherford, Eleanor Book review 275
The Golden Horsemen of Baghdad (Flashbacks). Hughes, June Book review 322
The Good Guys: 50 Heroes Who Changed the World with Kindness. Hurst, Alison Book review 245
The Ink House. Woodman, Rosemary Book review 218
The Jelly Book Club. Website overview 410
The Legend of Sally Jones. Goodwin, Prue Brief article 226
The Lost Book. Goodwin, Prue Children's review 208
The Microwave Shakespeare: Julius Caesar 978 1 78591 637 3 The Tempest 978 1 78591 639 7 Twelfth Night 978 1 78591 340 2. Burchell, Elain Book review 220
The Middler. Clarke, Rachel Children's review 387
The New Boy. Carlton-Walker, Lucy Brief article 206
The Ocean Book. Hall, Godfrey Book review 205
The Picky Eater (Little Boost). Hughes, June Book review 240
The Princess Who Hid in a Tree. Everall, Annie Brief article 214
The Quiet at the End of the World. Carpendale, Emma Book review 302
The Rabbit, The Dark and the Biscuit Tin. Roe, Sue Book review 236
The Sea Saw. Bradnock, Marianne Book review 268
The Secret Starling. Hollindale, Peter Book review 320
The Star-Spun Web. Hollindale, Peter Book review 260
The Stolen Ones. Pepler, Jane Book review 200
The Treasure at the Top of the World (A Freddie Malone Adventure). Loewenstein, Rudolf Book review 192
The Truth About Old People. Rutherford, Eleanor Book review 188
The Wall in the Middle of the Book. Bradnock, Marianne Brief article 236
The Whale, the Sea and the Stars. Copland, Carolyn Book review 244
The Whispers. Nelson, Rachel Ayers Book review 218
The World of the Whale. Spencer, Ingrid Book review 189
The Year I Didn't Eat. Guyon, Agnes Book review 286
Think Big. Sims, Janet Book review 229
This Book is Not Rubbish. Chambers, Lucy Book review 223
This Drop of Water. Gould, Jayne Book review 153
Tiger Walk. Copland, Carolyn Book review 244
Time Traveler: Exploring the lexicon. Product/service evaluation 381
To Kill A Mockingbird Graphic Novel. Jennings, Tanja Book review 404
Towards Rural School Libraries Development: School Librarians' Workshop and Book Presentation Ceremony at Katsande Primary School in Mudzi District, Zimbabwe. Tokwe, Hosea 1285
Trans Global. Swinyard, Helen Book review 196
Tulip Taylor. Smiley, Sophie Book review 273
Twitter Authors to Follow. 102
Two Can Keep a Secret. Woodman, Rosemary Book review 258
Two Sides (Colour Fiction). Goodwin, Prue Brief article 253
Viper (Isles of Storm and Sorrow). Polchow, Sue Book review 301
War is Over. Hollindale, Peter Book review 258
Watch Us Rise. Carlton-Walker, Lucy Book review 231
We are Blood and Thunder. Thompson, Helen Book review 292
We are Displaced. Perry, Sally Brief article 320
We Won an Island. Gould, Jayne Children's review 186
What is Race? Who are Racists? Why Does Skin Colour Matter? And Other Big Questions. Nelson, Rachel Ayers Book review 228
What is Terrorism? A Book to Help Parents, Teachers and other Grownups Talk with Kids about Terror. Smith, Lin Book review 236
When I'm Older. Bradnock, Marianne Book review 197
When Sadness Comes to Call. Boyd, Carolyn Book review 139
When We Were Warriors. Pepler, Jane Brief article 229
Whiteout (Red Eye). Hurst, Alison Book review 183

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