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Articles from School Librarian (December 22, 2019)

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A Million Dots. Perry, Sally Book review 225
A Planet Full of Plastic: And How You Can Help. Hughes, June Children's review 277
A Pocketful of Stars. Roe, Sue Book review 278
A Stone Sat Still. Woodman, Rosemary Book review 271
Aife and Stray. Ellis-Barrett, Louise Book review 273
Alba the Hundred Year Old Fish. Gould, Jayne Book review 249
All of Us: A Young People's History of The World. Nelson, Rachel Ayers Book review 265
All We Could Have Been. Smith, Lin Young adult review 320
An ABC of Equality. Spencer, Ingrid Book review 364
Ancient Egypt (Find Tom in Time). Monteath, Maggie Book review 227
Ancient Wonders. Axford, Wendy Book review 205
Aphra's Child (Chimera One). Finlayson, Elizabeth Book review 335
Arlo, Miss Pythia and the Forbidden Box (Class X). Boyd, Carolyn Book review 190
Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2020: The SLA Nomination. King, Stephen 1476
At the Heart of the School: Kensington Prep School's Library Transformation. Hulme-McKibbin, Caroline 1869
Attending the Berkshire Unconference. Fella, Jane Conference notes 1621
Audiobook Corner: Skulduggery Pleasant. Humphrey, Bev Audiobook review 178
Bearmouth. Roe, Sue Book review 298
Being Jewish? (Can I Tell You About). Loewenstein, Rudolf Children's review 164
Beverly, Right Here. Woodman, Rosemary Book review 238
Birthday. Copland, Carolyn Book review 305
Blast Off to the Moon. Perry, Sally Children's review 286
Blueprint for a Bladder (How to Build a Human Body). Hall, Godfrey Book review 237
Body Brilliant: A Teenage Guide to a Positive Body Image. Guyon, Agnes Book review 263
Book Folding Art on YouTube. Woods, Dawn 479
Bookzilla: Reading promotion app. Humphrey, Carrie Product/service evaluation 246
BoomWriter. Corbally, Sharon Website overview 238
Brenda is a Sheep. Rutherford, Eleanor Book review 225
Building Virtual Worlds (Level Up). Humphrey, Bev Book review 130
Canada (Welcome to My World). Burchell, Elain Book review 144
Charcoal Boys. Lathey, Gillian Children's review 290
Chasing the Rapture (Raven Books). Kindregan, Emily Book review 145
Crossfire. Adams, Tricia Book review 186
Dark Blade (Whispers of the Gods). Adams, Tricia Book review 179
Dead Popular. Kindregan, Emily Book review 148
Don't Mess with a Princess! Rowland, Lucy Book review 148
Editorial. Court, Joy Editorial 695
Editorial. Band, Barbara Editorial 533
Education: A Manifesto for Change. Tarrant, Alison Book review 167
Eid al-Adha (Celebrate with Me). Harding, Anne Book review 201
Encyclopedia of Grannies. Goodwin, Prue Book review 211
England: Poems from a School. Styles, Morag Book review 187
Everyone Can Draw. Boyd, Carolyn Children's review 197
Feeling Good about Yourself (Ali & Annie's Guide). Hall, Godfrey Book review 249
Fire Girl, Forest Boy. Clarke, Rachel Young adult review 330
Fly Flies. Guyon, Agnes Book review 176
Font Meme. Dewhurst, Val Website overview 232
Forced to Flee: Refugee Children Drawing on their Experiences. Axford, Martin Book review 302
Frankly in Love. Swinyard, Helen Book review 156
Full Disclosure. Newman, John Book review 216
Ghastly Gases (Strange Science and Explosive Experiments). Hall, Godfrey Book review 248
Greta's Story: The Schoolgirl Who Went on Strike to Save the Planet. Williams, Mandy Children's review 269
Guardians of Magic (The Cloud Horse Chronicles). Woodman, Rosemary Book review 227
Hello, Friend! Rutherford, Eleanor Book review 287
Here Comes Lolo. Goodwin, Prue Book review 267
Holocaust Education Provision: Resources for the School Library. King, Stephen Recommended readings 1180
Holocaust Reading List: Fiction. Table 319
Holocaust Reading List: Non-Fiction. Table 296
How to Put a Whale in a Suitcase. Perry, Sally Book review 276
I Can Reduce Waste (Helping the Environment). Keaveny, Kate Book review 138
I Hold your Heart. Thompson, Helen Book review 333
I Will not be Erased. Everall, Annie Book review 257
I'm a Vegan (Diverse Diets). Rayner, Andrea Book review 137
I, Cosmo. Marcuccilli, Emily Book review 347
Illinois (The Route 66 List). Jennings, Tanja Book review 295
In Every House, on Every Street. Keaveny, Kate Book review 142
In the Key of Code. Humphrey, Bev Book review 151
Inchtinn: Island of Shadows. Hollindale, Peter Book review 255
Incredible Journeys: Discovery, Adventure, Danger, Endurance. Hurst, Alison Book review 219
Incredible You. Bradnock, Marianne Book review 178
Izzy + Tristan. Hart, Tracy Book review 196
Jackpot. Boon, Sammie Book review 142
Kids Fight Plastic. Copland, Carolyn Book review 281
Learn the Language of Digital Tech (De:Code). Humphrey, Bev Children's review 136
Life on Mars. Bradnock, Marianne Children's review 258
Little Badman and the Invasion of the Killer Aunties. Newman, John Book review 231
Lost for Words. Axford, Martin Book review 257
M is for Movement. Axford, Wendy Book review 257
Migrations: Open Hearts Open Borders. Styles, Morag Book review 294
Modern Flights: Where Next? (The Curious Science Quest). Loewenstein, Rudolf Book review 324
Moonstruck! Poems about our Moon. Clarke, Rachel Children's review 325
Mr Scruff. Smiley, Sophie Book review 218
Mrs Lodge's Library: Online shelving game. Hutchinson, Elizabeth Website overview 263
Mutant Zombies Cursed My School Trip. Hart, Tracy Book review 135
My Babysitter is a Robot. Rayner, Andrea Book review 246
Near or Far? (Location Words). Keaveny, Kate Book review 109
Ninjas: Japan's Stealthy Secret Agents (Graphic History: Warriors). Jennings, Tanja Book review 246
Once Upon a Rhythm. Carpendale, Emma Children's review 210
One Fox: A Counting Book Thriller. Williams, Mandy Book review 150
Patina (Run). McKay, Amy Book review 211
Patron Saints of Nothing. McKay, Amy Book review 243
Pay Attention, Carter Jones. Hollindale, Peter Book review 300
Pet. Newman, John Book review 216
Picture Book Professor: Christmas Activities. Khoshnevisan, Janine Website overview 418
Postcards of Kindness: Facebook group. Corbally, Sharon 722
Powerful Forces (Extreme Science). Hall, Godfrey Book review 202
Quill Soup (One Story, Many Voices). Harding, Anne Book review 234
Rebel Dogs: Heroic Tales of Trusty Hounds. Kindregan, Emily Book review 188
Ronan Boyle and the Bridge of Riddles. Jennings, Tanja Book review 287
Running a Creative Writing Club: Team Writing to Produce a Novel. Robinson, Helen 1439
Sami's Silver Lining (Lost and Found). Morpurgo, Clare Book review 305
Scars Like Wings. Boon, Sammie Young adult review 119
Shadow of the Fox. Polchow, Sue Book review 518
Shadow. Marcuccilli, Emily Book review 274
Shadows, Secret and Stolen Treasure (The Sherlock Holmes Children's Collection). Loewenstein, Rudolf Book review 238
Skin (My Body, Your Body). Harding, Anne Book review 288
Skip. Jennings, Tanja Book review 316
Small in the City. Goodwin, Prue Book review 282
Snowflake, AZ. Finlayson, Elizabeth Book review 257
So You Want to be a Viking? Chambers, Lucy Book review 218
Some Places More than Others. Hurst, Alison Book review 251
Sonny and Me. Guyon, Agnes Book review 245
Starting University (The Essential Student Guide). Smith, Lin Book review 257
Stop that Monkey! He Stole Ruby's Ice Lolly! Newman, John Book review 206
Suzy Orbit, Astronaut. Swinyard, Helen Children's review 148
Swarm of Bees. Sims, Janet Book review 285
Teach It English. Band, Barbara Website overview 257
Ten Minutes With... Sue Bastone: Q&A with the SLA's Vice Chair. Band, Barbara Interview 1585
That Asian Kid. McKay, Amy Book review 262
The Baby Beast. Thompson, Helen Children's review 269
The Black Flamingo. Heathcote, Brenda Book review 189
The Board Game Family. Kindregan, Emily Book review 197
The Boxer. Hinton, Nigel Book review 220
The Boy & Girl Who Broke the World. Smiley, Sophie Book review 219
The Culture and Recipes of India (Let's Cook!). Copland, Carolyn Book review 125
The Curse of the School Rabbit. Goodwin, Prue Book review 217
The Dangerous Lives of the Jacobites (Fact-tastic Stories from Scotland's History). Hurst, Alison Book review 176
The Extraordinary Life of Katherine Johnson (Extraordinary Lives). Clarke, Rachel Book review 312
The Extremely Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Mettlestone. Spencer, Ingrid Book review 383
The Ghouls of Howlfair. Harding, Anne Children's review 264
The Girl with Space in her Heart. Clarke, Rachel Book review 265
The Great Raspberry Mix Up (Freddie's Amazing Bakery). Toffoli, Oceane Book review 141
The Hormone Diaries: The Bloody Truth About Our Periods. McKay, Amy Book review 216
The House on the Mountain. Spencer, Ingrid Book review 349
The House Without Windows. Medlicott, Mary Book review 228
The Hurting. Adams, Tricia Book review 213
The Incredible Smog (Planet Protectors). Ellis-Barrett, Louise Book review 273
The International Yeti Collective. Copland, Carolyn Book review 233
The Last Spell Breather. Thompson, Helen Book review 231
The Liars. Warren, Claire Book review 389
The Magic Hour. Everall, Annie Book review 249
The Naughtiest Unicorn. Hughes, June Children's review 389
The Places I've Cried in Public. Brumwell, Alison Book review 343
The Power Book: What is it, Who Has it and Why? Hurst, Alison Book review 172
The Rabbit Listened. Hughes, June Book review 276
The Race to Space. Marcuccilli, Emily Book review 212
The Run-Aways. Lathey, Gillian Book review 217
The Sea House. Hughes, June Book review 302
The Space We're in. Hollindale, Peter Book review 329
The Spacesuit. Humphrey, Bev Book review 136
The Time of Green Magic. Williams, Mandy Book review 266
The Truth About Dinosaurs. Lathey, Gillian Book review 160
The Tzar's Curious Runaways. Heathcote, Brenda Book review 262
The Velvet Fox. Hollindale, Peter Book review 293
The Wild Book. Bradnock, Marianne Book review 240
The Wind in the Wall. Jennings, Tanja Book review 250
There Was a Black Hole that Swallowed the Universe. Toffoli, Oceane Book review 132
There's a Rang-tan in My Bedroom. Roe, Sue Book review 247
This is a Dog. Thompson, Helen Book review 186
Top Ten Fictional Twitters. Band, Barbara 161
Umbrella. Polchow, Sue Book review 217
Under a Dancing Star. Woodman, Rosemary Book review 253
Voyages in the Underworld of Orpheus Black. Styles, Morag Book review 355
Walker: The Boy Who Can Talk to Dogs. Hinton, Nigel Book review 162
Way of the Waves (A Viking Mystery). Nelson, Rachel Ayers Book review 142
We Are Artists. Axford, Wendy Book review 189
Werble app. Humphrey, Bev Website overview 256
What is the Moon? (Lift-the-Flap Very First Questions & Answers). Gould, Jayne Book review 170
What She Found in the Woods. Warren, Claire Book review 351
When We Became Humans. Gould, Jayne Book review 144
When We Walked on the Moon. Warren, Claire Book review 229
Where Once We Stood. McKay, Amy Book review 212
Who Put This Song On? Newman, John Book review 213
Who's Hiding in the Woods? (National Trust). Carpendale, Emma Book review 187
You Can't Cuddle a Crocodile. Sims, Janet Book review 241
You Won't Believe This. Hinton, Nigel Book review 208
Zoe and the Very Grumpy Witch. Keaveny, Kate Book review 143

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