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Articles from School Librarian (June 22, 2015)

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Ainsworth, Eve: 7 Days. Carlton-Walker, Lucy Book review 200
Altes, Marta: The King Cat. Graham, Lynda Book review 169
Amato, Mary: Get Happy. Roe, Sue Book review 278
Antony, Steve: Please Mr Panda. Court, Joy Book review 229
Avery, Tom. Not As We Know It. Axford, Martin Book review 301
Backshall, Steve: Deadly Pole To Pole Diaries. Mason, Deborah Book review 250
Barman, Adrienne: Creaturepedia: Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth. Mallett, Margaret Book review 271
Barnett, Mac and John, Jory: The Terrible Two. Rayner, Andrea Book review 226
Barr, Catherine and Williams, Steve: The Story of Life: A First Book About Evolution. Hall, Godfrey Book review 244
Barr, Martyn: The Lost Generation: The Young Person's Guide to World War I. Harvey, Charles Book review 254
Bee, William: Stanley the Farmer. Breslin, Hannah Book review 226
Bell, Alex: Frozen Charlotte. Humphrey, Bev Book review 236
Bell, Davina and Colpoys, Allison: The Underwater Fancy Dress Parade. Warren, Claire Book review 287
Bell, Jennifer and Bracken, Beth: Too Shy for Show and Tell. Copland, Carolyn Book review 208
Bently, Peter: Rotten Luck! (Knightmare). Telford, Doris Book review 164
Benwell, Sarah: The Last Leaves Falling. Smiley, Sophie Book review 250
Berry, Julie: The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place. Hollindale, Peter Book review 238
Bird, Benjamin and Perez, Carmen: A Cat is Chasing Me Through This Book! (Tom & Jerry). Keaveny, Kate Book review 153
Blackman, Malorie: Robot Girl. Harding, Anne Book review 229
Blake, Quentin: Tell Me a Picture: Adventures in Looking at Art. Hughes, June Book review 262
Boroughs, Allan: Bloodstone (Legend of Ironheart). Hird, Steve Book review 215
Bradman, Tony: Anzac Boys. Mason, Deborah Book review 254
Brashares, Ann: The Here and Now. Charlish, Rosamund Book review 267
Brasher, Cecil and Medway, Jim: Turvytops: A Really Wild Island. Loewenstein, Rudolf Book review 137
Brooks, Kevin: The Devil's Angel. Newman, John Book review 218
Browne, Anthony and Bartholini, Hanne: Frida and Bear. Doonan, Jane 234
Butchart, Pamela and Boutavant, Marc: Never Tickle a Tiger. Boyd, Carolyn Book review 185
Butler, Steve: Bash Street Bandit! (The Diary of Dennis the Menace). Ellis, Paul Book review 228
Byrne, Michael: Lottery Boy. Newman, John Book review 218
Caldecott, Elen: Diamonds and Daggers (The Marsh Road Mysteries). Thompson, Helen Book review 261
Camden School for Girls and Flynn, Simon (ed): Sciku: The Wonder of Science in Haiku. Charlish, Rosamund Book review 241
Cannon, Katy: Secrets, Schemes and Sewing Machines. Everall, Annie Book review 324
Carter, Ally: All Fall Down (Embassy Row). Bradnock, Marianne Book review 238
Cassidy, Cathy: Looking Glass Girl. Everall, Annie Book review 363
Chambers, Aidan: Blindside. Nelson, Rachel Ayers Book review 173
Chandler, Hannah and Merrick, Lauren: I Don't Like Cheese. Ellis-Barrett, Louise Book review 249
Chase, Lil: Abby's Shadow (The Boys School Girls). Smiley, Sophie Book review 231
Clarke, Jane: Dr KittyCat is Ready to Rescue: Posy the Puppy. Gould, Jayne Book review 259
Clayton, Emma: The Whisper. Humphrey, Bev Book review 226
Coats, Lucy: Beast Keeper (Beasts of Olympus). Boyd, Carolyn Brief article 249
Cottrell Boyce, Frank: The Astounding Broccoli Boy. Hollindale, Peter Book review 268
Cross, Gillian: Shadow Cat. Hinton, Nigel Brief article 208
Curtis, Vanesa: The Earth is Singing. Hurst, Alison Book review 255
Daines, Ellie: Shine Izzy Shine. Telford, Doris Book review 170
Davies, Nicola: The Whale Who Saved Us (Heroes of the Wild). Loewenstein, Rudolf Book review 253
De la Bedoyere, Camilla: Animals. Hall, Godfrey Book review 213
De la Bedoyere, Camilla: My Little Book of Sharks. Hughes, June Children's review 198
Deacon, Alexis and Schwarz, Viviane: I Am Henry Finch. Breslin, Hannah Book review 191
DePrince, Michaela and Deprince, Elaine: Hope in a Ballet Shoe. Newman, John Book review 228
Developing a love of reading in children: the Lovereading4schools way. Grange, Jo 1890
Docherty, Helen and Docherty, Thomas: Abracazebra. Copland, Carolyn Book review 214
Doherty, Berlie: Far From Home: The Sisters of Street Child. Campbell, Celine Book review 218
Donbavand, Tommy: Home (Teen Reads). Smiley, Sophie Book review 218
Earle, Phil: Demolition Dad. Bradnock, Marianne Book review 245
Editorial. Hird, Steve Editorial 420
Editorial. Court, Joy Editorial 765
Eldridge, Jim and Garton, Michael: 1066 (I Was There). Loewenstein, Rudolf Book review 145
Emmett, Jonathan and Cabban, Vanesa: A Spot of Bother. Axford, Martin Book review 199
Everson, Katie: Drop. McKay, Amy Book review 254
Feeney, Tatiana: Small Elephant's Bathtime. Carlton-Walker, Lucy Brief article 232
Find hidden library treasure: read your stock! Quick, Anna Book review 2014
Fitzsimmons, Jim: The Snowbirds. Ellis, Paul Book review 236
Fowley-Doyle, Moira: The Accident Season. Hollindale, Peter Book review 326
Fox, Christyan and Fox, Diane: Dinosaur Poo! Gould, Jayne Book review 150
Freedman, Claire and Hindley, Kate: Oliver and Patch. Sims, Janet Book review 244
Fulton, Julie and Ellis, Elina: Daniel O'Dowd Was Ever So Loud (Ever So). Polchow, Sue Book review 193
Gaiman, Neil and Mattotti, Lorenzo: Hansel and Gretel. Roe, Sue Book review 338
Gardner, Sally: The Door That Led to Where. Woodman, Rosemary Brief article 308
Gemeinhart, Dan: The Honest Truth. Hollindale, Peter Book review 269
Global Climate Change. Holgate, Becky Website overview 690
Google Forms: build free surveys. Dutton, Lenny Product/service evaluation 831
Grainger, A. J.: Captive. Copland, Carolyn Book review 253
Gray, Kes and Field, Jim: How Many Legs? Bradnock, Marianne Children's review 224
Green, Ruth: Stanley's Plan. Thompson, Helen Children's review 182
Grey, Melissa: The Girl at Midnight. Sanchez-Gonzalez, Susana; Zoya, Anwar Book review 243
Greygoose, David: Brunt Boggart: A Tapestry of Tales. Medlicott, Mary Book review 272
Griffin, Matt: A Cage of Rotos. Guyon, Agnes Book review 381
Griffiths, Andy: The 13-Storey Treehouse. Ellis-Barrett, Louise Book review 251
Griffiths, Neil and Louden, Janette: The Jolly Dodgers! Pirates Who Pretended. Keaveny, Kate Book review 133
Grossnickle, Mary and Relyea-Parr, Alison: A Place in my Heart. Jawed, Sasha Book review 256
Gunaratnam, Tracy and Costa, Marta: Preposterous Rhinoceros. Goodwin, Prue Book review 369
Hahn, Daniel (ed): The Oxford Companion to Children's Literature (second edition). Court, Joy Book review 420
Hall, Algy Craig and Pye, Ali: The Deep Dark Wood. Graham, Lynda Book review 290
Hardinge, Frances: The Lie Tree. Jacques, Sioned Book review 232
Harris, M. G.: Black Horizon (Gerry Anderson's Gemini Force 1). Lindsay, Kathy Book review 274
Head, Honor: The Dog Lover's Guide. Telford, Doris Book review 164
Healey, Tim: Dino Danger (Mortimer Keene). Goodwin, Prue Book review 220
Heffernan, John: Naveed: Through My Eyes. Campbell, Celine Book review 194
Henn, Sophy: Pom Pom Gets the Grumps. Goodwin, Prue Book review 167
Hicks, Zehra: All Mine! Woodman, Rosemary Book review 219
Hinton, Nigel: Daredevil. Clarke, Janet Book review 190
Hirst, Daisy: The Girl with the Parrot on her Head. Goodwin, Prue Book review 339
Holden, Wendy: Haatchi and Little B (Junior Edition). Tyson, Kathryn Book review 152
Hopkins, Cathy: A Home for Shimmer. Everall, Annie Book review 232
Hounam, Donald: Gifted. Harding, Anne Book review 273
Humphrey, Kris: A Whisper of Wolves (Guardians of the Wild). Thompson, Helen Book review 266
Ismail, Yasmeen: Specs for Rex. Okonkwo, Adamma Book review 206
James, Kathryn: Gypsy Girl. Smith, Lin Book review 315
Jennings, Garth: The Deadly 7. Hinton, Nigel Book review 342
Jones, Gareth P.: The Leaky Battery Sets Sail (Adventures of the Steampunk Pirates). Woodman, Rosemary Book review 234
Jones, Rob: Bernard. McKay, Amy Book review 171
Kane, Kim and Acton, Sara: Esther's Rainbow. Boyd, Carolyn Book review 242
Kelsey, Marie: Cataloging for School Librarians. Smith, Lin Book review 217
Kick, Russ (ed): The Graphic Canon of Children's Literature. Doonan, Jane Book review 288
Kim, Patti and Sanchez, Sonia: Here I Am. Oliveira, Isadora Cal Book review 230
Lake, Nick: There Will Be Lies. Jacques, Sioned Book review 224
Landsberry, Belinda: Anzac Ted. Everall, Annie Book review 287
Levenson, Eleanor and Jagucki, Marek: The Election. Mallett, Margaret Book review 183
Lewis, Wwyneth: Quantum Poetics: Newcastle/ Bloodaxe Poetry Lectures. Finlayson, Elizabeth Book review 256
Mackenzie, Emily: Wanted! Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burglar. Axford, Martin Book review 297
MacPhail, Catherine: Stars Shall Be Bright. Humphrey, Bev Book review 218
MacPhail, Cathy: Devil You Know. Jacques, Sioned Book review 217
Maguire, Kay and Kroll, Danielle: Nature's Day: Discover the World of Wonder on your Doorstep. Gould, Jayne Book review 206
Manning, Mick and Granstrom, Brita: The Story of Britain. Hurst, Alison Book review 148
Manning, Mick and Granstrom, Brita: Wild Adventures. Hall, Godfrey Book review 233
Mantle, Ben: The Best Birthday Present Ever! Harding, Anne Book review 243
Mapping library spaces: measuring the effectiveness of school libraries using a sociospatial approach. Ee, Loh Chin Case study 2050
Marsh Award for Children's Literature in Translation 2015: transcript of the presentation speech. Speech 1845
Martin, Claudia: My Little Book of Volcanoes and Earthquakes. Hall, Godfrey Book review 208
Matharu, Taran: The Novice (Summoner). Hird, Steve Book review 301
McCartney, Tania and Snerling, Tina: An Aussie Year: Twelve Months in the Life of Australian Kids. Breslin, Hannah Book review 198
McGough, Roger and Rosen, Michael: You Tell Me. Axford, Martin Book review 299
McLachlan, Jenny: Love Bomb. Downie, Caroline Book review 230
McLaughlin, Tom: The Accidental Prime Minister. Tyson, Kathyrn Book review 199
Merrill, Jean: The Pushcart War. Hinton, Nigel Book review 259
Meyer, Ralph and Dorison, Xavier: XIII Mystery: The Mongoose. Jennings, Tanja Book review 295
Morris, Fauche, Xavier and Leturgie, Jean: The Daltons' Amnesia (A Lucky Luke Adventure). Jacobs, Lara Book review 196
Muller, Gerda: The Town Musicians of Bremen. Medlicott, Mary Book review 244
Myers, Benjamin. J.: The Grindle Witch. Rayner, Andrea Book review 212
Myers, Walter Dean: An African Princess. Nelson, Rachel Ayers Book review 237
Nelson, Jandy: I'll Give you the Sun. Roe, Sue Book review 276
Nicholls, Sally: An Island of Our Own,. Campbell, Celine Book review 203
Nicholson, Simon: The Magician's Fire (Young Houdini). Smiley, Sophie Book review 217
Nielsen, Susin: We Are All Made of Molecules. Court, Joy Book review 258
Norriss, Andrew: Jessica's Ghost. Roe, Sue Book review 399
Northfield, Gary: Julius Zebra Rumble with the Romans. McKay, Amy Book review 242
Notes from the President: raising the roof. Crossley-Holland, Kevin 979
Owen, David: Panther. Hird, Steve Book review 321
Paperless reads. Humphrey, Bev E-book review 260
PatrickGeorge: Animal Rescue. Mallett, Margaret Book review 279
Peet, Mal: The Murdstone Trilogy. Court, Joy Book review 323
Personal perspectives from a book pusher. Harrison, Annie Essay 2035
Plichota, Anne and Wolf, Cendrine: The Last Hope (Oksa Pollock). Lathey, Gillian Book review 265
Pounder, Sibeal: Witch Wars. Telford, Doris Book review 201
PowToon. Chandler, Pat Website overview 363
Prins, Marcel and Steenhuis, Peter Henk: Hidden. Axford, Martin Book review 368
Reading blogs: rounding up the best. Ellis-Barrett, Louise 1414
Revell, Mike: Stonebird. Nelson, Rachel Ayers Book review 277
Rhatigan, Joe, Nurnberg, Charles and Puybaret, Eric: Alice in Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole. Hughes, June Book review 182
Riddle, Tohby: Unforgotten. Woodman, Rosemary Book review 254
Robinson, Tony and Cobb, Jessica: Pets (Sir Tony Robinson's Weird World of Wonders). Keaveny, Kate Book review 164
Robson, Jenny: Balaclava Boy. Martin Axford 342
Rosen, Michael and Tyler, Gillian: The Bus if For Us! Boyd, Carolyn Book review 168
Rotherham, Lee: The Discerning Gentleman's Guidebook to Britain's American Colonies. Nelson, Rachel Ayers Book review 219
Sage, Angie: Pathfinder: The Magykal World of Tod Hunter Moon. Carlton-Walker, Lucy Book review 208
Salisbury, Melinda: The Sin Eater's Daughter. Polchow, Sue Book review 250
Schroeder, Binette: The Wizardling. Lathey, Gillian Book review 172
Schulz, Heidi: Hook's Daughter. Rayner, Andrea Book review 217
Scieszka, Jon and Barnett Mac: Battle Bunny. McKay, Amy Book review 206
Scieszka, Jon: Frank Einstein and the Electro-Finger. Barrett, Louise Ellis Book review 256
Smith Dan: Big Game. Hinton, Nigel Book review 189
St John, Lauren: The Glory. Hurst, Alison Book review 161
Stevens, Rob: Would the Real Stanley Carrot Please Stand Up? Hurst, Alison Book review 181
Stevens, Robin: Arsenic for Tea (A Wells & Wong Mystery). Sims, Janet Book review 241
Stratford, Jordan: The Case of the Missing Moonstone (The Wollstonecraft Detective Agency). Ellis-Barrett, Louise Book review 236
Stratton, Allan: The Dogs. Newman, John Book review 215
Sutton, Sally and Lovelock, Brian: Construction. Boyd, Carolyn Book review 211
Syme, Janet: Speaker's Corner at Simon Balle School (SLA Voices). Smi, Lin Book review 233
Talley, Robin: Lies We Tell Ourselves. Court, Joy Book review 401
Taylor, Sean and Jullien, Jean: Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise. Bradnock, Marianne Book review 227
Tech clinic. Humphrey, Bev Column 609
Terry, Teri: Mind Games. Warren, Claire Book review 300
Thank you Elspeth! Dubber, Geoff 704
The life and times of William Shakespeare: from Curriculumbits. Holgate, Becky Website overview 272
The Literacy Shed. Khalil, B. Website overview 938
Toten, Teresa: The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B. Graham, Lynda Book review 217
Van Allsburg, Chris: The Misadventures of Sweetie Pie. Bradnock, Marianne Children's review 250
Various (authors and translators): My Village: Rhymes from Around the World. Lathey, Gillian Book review 106
Veys, Pierre and Puerta, Carlos: The Machine Gunner's Ball (The Red Baron 1). Jennings, Tanja Book review 344
Vincent, John: LGBT People and the UK Cultural Sector: The Response of Libraries, Museums, Archives and Heritage since 1950. Downie, Caroline Book review 357
Watts, Bernadette: Peter's Tree. Loewenstein, Rudolph Book review 173
Waudby, Jeannie: One of Us. Thompson, Helen Book review 226
Wells, Stanley (ed): The Shakespeare Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained. Elkin, Susan Book review 318
Wheatle, Alex: Liccle Bit. Copland, Carolyn Book review 260
Wild, Margaret and Niland, Deborah: This Little Piggy Went Dancing. Mall, Margaret Book review 293
Wilkinson, Sheena: Still Falling. Hollindale, Peter Book review 260
Williams, Michael: Diamond Boy. Graham, Lynda Book review 277
Williams, Paul: Mind-Bending Puzzles and Fascinating Facts. King, Stephen Book review 248
Zusak, Markus: I Am the Messenger. Finlayson, Elizabeth Book review 213

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