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Articles from School Librarian (June 22, 2014)

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A Rose by any other name: the use of pseudonyms in literature. Hope, Sarah Lee Essay 2163
A Vision of Britain Through Time. Chandler, Pat Website overview 576
Alakija, Polly: Counting Chickens. Cox, Beth Book review 129
Alborozo, Gabriel: Let's Paint! Ellis-Barrett, Louise Book review 300
Although most teachers and children know David McKee for Elmer or Not Now Bernard, I am a big fan of some of his quirkier titles and consequently am delighted to see a new edition of a book that was very popular in our house when my son was learning the violin. Book review 118
Amato, Mary: Guitar Notes. Hird, Steve Book review 173
Babies and bathwater: and failing to use our memory bank in the teaching of information literacy. Shenton, Andrew K. Essay 1749
Backshall, Steve: Deadly Detectives: Top Tips to Track Wildlife. Mason, Deborah Book review 262
Bailey, Diane: The Future of Warfare (What's Next?). Clarke, Janet Book review 236
Baillie, Marilyn; Baillie, Jonathan and Butcher, Ellen: Very Wonderful, Very Rare: Saving the Most Endangered Wildlife on Earth. Hall, Godfrey Book review 220
Baldacci, David: The Finisher. Keaveny, Kate Young adult review 221
Barroux (illustrated by): Line of Fire: Diary of an Unknown Soldier. Harvey, Charles Book review 311
Bee, Sarah and Kitamura, Satoshi: The Yes. Cox, Beth Book review 194
Benjamin, A. H. and Lycett-Smith, J.: The Big Splash! Roe, Sue Book review 173
Blundell, Sally: The No-Nonsense Guide to Fair Trade. Newman, John Book review 217
Bond, Henrietta: Remote Control. Carlton-Walker, Lucy Book review 208
Booth, Anne: Girl with a White Dog. Morpurgo, Clare Book review 258
Boroughs, Allan: Ironheart. Tyson, Kathryn Book review 151
Bowden, Sandra and Bowden, Timothy: I Just Get So ... Angry! Dealing with Anger and Other Strong Emotions for Teenagers. Jennings, Tanja Book review 521
Brilliant book award schools' extravaganza. Stevenson, Elaine Column 949
British Library World War One. Brief article 226
Britt, Fanny and Arsenault, Isabelle: Jane, the Fox and Me. Lathey, Gillian Book review 165
Brooks, Kevin: The Ultimate Truth. Hird, Steve Book review 217
Butler, Heather: Us Minus Mum. Court, Joy Children's review 282
Butler, Steven: The Diary of Dennis the Menace. Carlton-Walker, Lucy Book review 205
Carle, Eric and Friends: What's Your Favourite Animal? Doonan, Jane Book review 205
Casey, Jane: Bet Your Life. Guyon, Agnes Book review 254
Cheshire, Simon: Airlock. Carlton-Walker, Lucy Book review 197
Cole, Steve and Ingman, Bruce: Go to Sleep or I Let Loose the Leopard. Copland, Carolyn Book review 137
Colson, Mary: Sport Poems (Experiencing Poetry). Axford, Martin Book review 234
Colson, Rob: Lizard (The Pet to Get). Hart, Tracy Book review 116
Conaghan, Brian: When Mr Dog Bites. Martin, Lesley Book review 318
Copus, Julia and Seo, Eunyoung: Hog in the Fog (A Harry and Lil Story). Gould, Jayne Book review 226
Cotterill, Jo: Looking at the Stars. Newman, John Book review 221
Cowley, Joy: Dunger. Copland, Carolyn Book review 203
Creech, Sharon: The Boy on the Porch. Copland, Carolyn Book review 246
Crow, Matthew: In Bloom. Hollindale, Peter Book review 290
Curley, Marianne: Broken. Smiley, Sophie Book review 208
Cusick, John M.: Cherry Money Baby. Woodman, Rosemary Book review 223
Das, Amrita: Hope is a Girl Selling Fruit. Lathey, Gillian Book review 167
Davey, Owen: Laika the Astronaut. Graham, Lynda Book review 182
David, Keren: Salvage. Charlish, Rosamund Book review 334
Davis, Graeme: Thor: Viking God of Thunder (Myths and Legends). Medlicott, Mary Book review 452
Dawson, James: Cruel Summer. Smiley, Sophie Book review 222
Delacre, Lulu: How Far Do You Love Me? Loewenstein, Rudolf Book review 207
Delaney, Joseph: The Spook's Revenge. Winterbottom, Gill Book review 400
Derib and Job: Yakari & Nanabozho, Vol.11. Jennings, Tanya Book review 221
Dittmer, Lori: The Future of Architecture (What's Next?). Spencer, Ingrid Brief article 188
Dockrill, Laura: Hi So Much (Darcy Burdock). Graham, Lynda Book review 175
Dougherty, John: Stinkbomb and Ketchup-Face and the Badness of Badgers. Lindsay, Kathy Book review 172
Dragt, Tonke: The Letter for the King. Lathey, Gillian Book review 197
Dufaux, Jean: Siobhan (Lament of the Lost Moors, Book 1). Jennings, Tanja Book review 441
Dunbar, Joyce, and Massey, Jane: Do Dare Duck. Graham, Lynda Book review 128
Echeverri, Catalina: There's a Dinosaur in my Bathtub. Mallett, Margaret Book review 310
Editorial. Hird, Steve Editorial 682
Editorial. Court, Joy Editorial 505
Eldridge, Jim: Alan Turing (Real Lives). Clarke, Janet Book review 191
Eliot, T. S.: Macavity the Mystery Cat. Bradnock, Marianne Book review 221
Ellis, Deborah: My Name is Parvana. Carlton-Walker, Lucy Book review 218
Elson, Jane: A Room Full of Chocolate. Nelson, Rachel Ayers Book review 293
Erskine, Kathryn: Seeing Red. Guyon, Agnes Book review 233
Eve, Helen: Stella. Tyson, Kathryn Book review 268
Finch, Mary and Slater, Kate: The Little Red Hen. Medlicott, Mary Audiobook review 241
Fine, Anne: The Haunting of Uncle Ron. Heathcote, Brenda Book review 241
First World War 100: The National Archives. Website overview 178
Foreman, Michael: I Love You, Too! Boyd, Carolyn Book review 147
Foreman, Michael: The Amazing Tale of Ali Pasha. Harvey, Charles Book review 173
Fowke, Robert: What They Don't Tell You About ... World War I. Harvey, Charles Book review 217
Foxlee, Karen: Ophelia and the Marvellous Boy. Bradnock, Marianne Book review 260
Gale, Emily: Eliza Boom's Diary: My Explosive Adventure. Goodwin, Prue Book review 168
Gavin, Rohan: Knightley & Son. Gould, Jayne Children's review 188
Gemin, G. R.: Cowgirl. Sims, Janet Book review 188
Gerstein, Mordicai: The Mountains of Tibet. Loewenstein, Rudolf Book review 224
Gifford, Clive: World War I (True Stories). Harvey, Charles Brief article 185
Gifford, Griselda: The Cuckoo's Daughter. Woodman, Rosemary Book review 222
Godwin, Adelaide: Landing On My Feet: The Adventures of Poohka the Cat. Rayner, Andrea Book review 162
Gomdori, Co: Survive! Inside The Human Body. Jennings, Tanja Book review 438
Grant, R. G.: Why Did Hiroshima Happen? (Moments in History). Charlish, Rosamund Book review 253
Gravett, Emily: Bear and Hare Go Fishing. Roe, Sue Book review 199
Green, Sally: Half Bad. Lindsay, Kathy Book review 212
Grey, Mini: Hermelin the Detective Mouse. Woodman, Rosemary Book review 218
Griffiths, Mark: The Impossible Boy. Tyson, Kathryn Book review 123
Guillain, Charlotte and Beacon, Dawn: Rumplesnakeskin (Animal Fairy Tales). Loewenstein, Rudolf Book review 227
Guillain, Charlotte: Get Writing! (Dream It, Do It!). Axford, Martin Book review 274
Halberstam, Gaby: Noor Inayat Khan (Real Lives). Spencer, Ingrid Book review 205
Hamilton, Peter: The Queen of Dreams. Polchow, Sue Book review 221
Hardstaff, Jane: The Executioner's Daughter. Nelson, Rachel Ayers Book review 227
Hartman, Eve and Meshbesher, Wendy: Animal Classification: Do Cats have Family Trees? (Show Me Science). Powell, Isobel Book review 271
Haughton, Chris: Shh! We Have a Plan. Mallett, Margaret Book review 224
Herrndorf, Wolfgang: Why We Took the Car. Lathey, Gillian Book review 213
Hofmeyr, Dianne and Ray, Jane: Zeraffa Giraffa. Guyon, Agnes Book review 237
Howes, M. J.: Feed. Lindsay, Kathy Book review 221
Hoyle, Tom: Thirteen. Nelson, Rachel Ayers Book review 227
James, Rebecca: Sweet Damage. Spencer, Ingrid Book review 157
Jarman, Julia: New Friend, Old Friends. Boyd, Carolyn Book review 214
Jones, Pip and Okstad, Ella: Squishy McFluff: The Invisible Cat. Goodwin, Prue Book review 228
Judge, Lita: Red Sledge. Goodwin, Prue Book review 390
Kazerooni, Abbas: On Two Feet and Wings. Bradnock, Marianne Book review 300
Korda, Lerryn: So Cosy. Boyd, Carolyn Book review 122
Kwaymullina, Ambelin: The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf (The Tribe). Carlton-Walker, Lucy Book review 204
Labrecque, Ellen: Jungle Worlds (Earth's Last Frontiers). Sims, Janet Book review 182
Laguna, Sofie and Smith, Craig: Where Are You, Banana? Cox, Beth Book review 148
Landstrom, Lena and Olof: Pom and Pim. Goodwin, Prue Book review 230
Lange, Erin: Dead Ends. Graham, Lynda Brief article 239
Leonard, Niall: Incinerator. Guyon, Agnes Book review 217
Librarian steers the way: Oslo in April 2014. Smith, Lin Essay 2343
Library perceptions of a new year seven student. Dubber, Geoff Diary entry 2012
Lighting the touchpaper: it's time to have your say on the big issues. Lancaster, Adam Column 1390
Limburg, Joanne: Bookside Down. Finlayson, Elizabeth Book review 215
Lloyd, Jennifer: Murilla Gorilla and the Lost Parasol. Goodwin, Prue Book review 249
Lycett-Smith, Jon: MOO! ... Said Morris. Morpurgo, Clare Book review 186
Maas, Sarah J.: The Assassin's Blade. Woodman, Rosemary Book review 221
Macdonald, Fiona: Amazing Archaeologists: True Stories of Astounding Archaeological Discoveries. Axford, Wendy Brief article 188
Manning, Mick: The Beatles. Axford, Martin Book review 299
Manning, Sarra: The Worst Girlfriend in the World. Lindsay, Kathy Book review 242
Martin, Steve, Gifford, Clive and Taylor, Marianne: Numberland: The World in Over 2000 Figures and Facts. Copland, Carolyn Book review 126
Mason, Simon: Running Girl: A Garvie Smith Mystery. Clarke, Janet Book review 230
McAllister, Angela and Baker-Smith, Grahame: Winter's Child. Doonan, Jane Book review 217
McCall, Alex: Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens. Rayner, Andrea Book review 260
McCallum, Mary: Dappled Annie and the Tigrish. Ellis-Barrett, Louise Book review 275
McLaughlin, Tom: The Story Machine. Boyd, Carolyn Book review 130
McLay, John: The Dragon's Dentist. Harding, Anne Book review 262
McLellan, Mairi: Joe the Fisherman Papa the Stockfarmer (What do the grown-ups do?). Keaveny, Kate Book review 196
McNeal, Tom: Far, Far Away. Finlayson, Elizabeth Young adult review 219
McNish, Cliff: Going Home. Heathcote, Brenda Book review 196
Miranda, Megan: Vengeance. Polchow, Sue Book review 215
Mizielinska, Aleksandra and Mizielinski, Daniel: Maps. Gould, Jayne Book review 267
Moroni, Lisa: Watch Out for the Crocodile. Ellis-Barrett, Louise Book review 201
Moses, Brian and Stevens, Roger: What Are We Fighting For? New Poems About War. Mallett, Margaret Book review 399
Muchamore, Robert: Rock War. Hird, Steve Book review 249
Muir, Nicola and Hayward, Annie: Baba Didi and the Godwits Fly. Cox, Beth Book review 186
Murray, Kirsty: The Four Seasons of Lucy McKenzie. Rayner, Andrea Book review 238
Naughton, Sarah: The Blood List. Hollindale, Peter Book review 239
Newbery, Linda: Tilly's Promise. Charlish, Rosamund Brief article 303
One of the welcome bonuses of Laureateship must be the increased attention to your backlist and so it is no surprise to see new Tamarind editions of Malorie Blackman's 'Girl Wonder' series. Book review 101
Operation War Diary. Brief article 221
Parker, Vic: Breakfast (Healthy Choices). Keaveny, Kate Book review 105
Parr, Maria: Waffle Hearts: Lena and Me in Mathildewick Cove. Smiley, Sophie Brief article 219
Powell, Jillian: Ancient Greeks: 12 Projects to Make and Do (Craft Box). Axford, Wendy Book review 165
Prasadam-Halls, Smriti: Monkey Business. Rayner, Andrea Book review 223
Pratt, Non: Trouble. Roe, Sue Book review 199
Pupil librarians: an insider's view. Kearney, James Column 1336
Rai, Bali: Old Dog New Tricks. Bradnock, Marianne Book review 244
Reynolds, Toby and Calver, Paul: Animals (Start to Learn). Gould, Jayne Book review 161
Ridley, Sarah: Dear Jelly: Family Letters from the First World War. Harvey, Charles Book review 175
Rivard, Emile: Really and Truly: A Story About Dementia. Mallett, Margaret Children's review 315
Robson, Pam: The First World War 1914-1918. Harvey, Charles Book review 192
Rockett, Paul: 30 Million Different Insects in the Rainforest (Big Countdown). Hall, Godfrey Book review 243
Roger, Marie-Sabine: What Are You Playing At? A Lift-the-Flap Book. Mallett, Margaret Book review 216
Rosen, Michael: Choosing Crumble. Goodwin, Prue Book review 203
Rosen, Michael: Send for a Superhero! Ellis-Barrett, Louise Book review 190
Rowe, Jeannette: Dinosauritis: A Flip-the-Flap Dinosaur Tale. Keveaney, Kate Book review 140
Rowell, Rainbow: Fangirl. Walker, Lucy Carlton Brief article 203
Royston, Angela: Animals That Climb (Adapted to Survive). Rayner, Andrea Book review 186
Royston, Angela: Oceans (Research on the Edge). Hall, Godfrey Book review 221
Rubbino, Salvatore: A Walk in Paris. Axford, Martin Children's review 192
Sandu, Anca: The Astonishing Case of the Stolen Stories. Cox, Beth Book review 235
Scott, Victoria: Fire and Flood. Medlicott, Mary Book review 289
Second Wave Feminism. Bradnock, Marianne Website overview 228
Sharpe, Tess: Far From You. Lindsay, Kathy Young adult review 228
Sheehan, Nikki: Who Framed Klaris Cliff? Axford, Martin Book review 287
Shevah, Emma: Dream on Amber. Telford, Doris Book review 216
Sisterhood and After: An Oral History of the Women's Liberation Movement. Website overview 540
Smallwood, Carol; Kuhl, Jason; Fraser, Lisa (editors): Time and Project Management Strategies for Librarians. Scott, Elspeth S. Book review 255
Smith, Alex T.: Hector and the Big Bad Knight. Sims, Janet Book review 219
Snowy. Book review 102
Somper, Justin: Allies and Assassins. King, Stephen Book review 259
Spilsbury, Richard and Spilsbury, Louise: Sparks, Shocks and Secrets: Explore Electricity and Use Science to Survive. Hall, Godfrey Book review 204
St John, Lauren: Fire Storm. Morpurgo, Clare Book review 280
Stirling, Joss: Storm and Stone. Copland, Carolyn Book review 224
Suffragettes. Brief article 117
Sun-Mi, Hwang: The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly. Lathey, Gillian Book review 163
Sutcliffe, William: Circus of Thieves and the Raffle of Doom. Bradnock, Marianne Book review 268
Symons, Mitchell: Happily Never After ... Modern Cautionary Verse. Charlish, Rosamund Book review 186
Symons, Ruth: There's a Diplodocus at the Door (What if a Dinosaur?). Graham, Lynda Book review 154
Tan, Shaun: Rules of Summer. Doonan, Jane Book review 268
Terry, Teri: Shattered. Sawyer, Andy Book review 342
The Daily Telegraph. Brief article 175
The LEAD Project: Super Scratch Programming Adventure! (Covers Version 2): Learn to Program by Making Cool Games. Polchow, Sue Book review 224
The school library at Carterton community college: a personal perspective. McWilliams, Niall Column 1056
Thomas, Isabel: Fox (Read and Learn: City Safari). Keveaney, Kate Book review 127
Trussell, Tracey and Price, Neil: So What! Keveaney, Kate Book review 191
Tuck, Pamela M.: As Fast as Words Could Fly. Newman, John Book review 229
Turnbull, Stephanie: Spring (Seasons). Mallett, Margaret Book review 162
Umansky, Kaye: The 13th Fairy. Everall, Annie Book review 189
Unsworth, Tania: The One Safe Place. Gladstone, Cherie Book review 269
Valentine, Rachel and Eaves, Ed: Marmaduke the Very Different Dragon. Loewenstein, Rudolph Book review 198
Walsh, Aoife: Look After Me. Newman, John Book review 216
Walton, Leslye: The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender. Hollindale, Peter Book review 271
Warren, Celia: Don't Poke a Worm Till it Wriggles. Sims, Janet Book review 207
Weatherly L. A.: Soul Mates. Nelson, Rachel Ayers Book review 128
Westcott, Rebecca: Dandelion Clocks. Woodman, Rosemary Book review 232
Weston, Robert Paul: The Creature Department. Tyson, Kathryn Book review 204
Wiesner, David: Mr. Wuffles! Doonan, Jane Book review 221
Wilde, Oscar: Stories for Children. Telford, Doris Book review 138
Williams, Marcia: Lizzy Bennet's Diary. Hollindale, Peter Book review 228
Williamson, Lara: A Boy Called Hope. Ellis-Barrett, Louise Book review 276
Willis, Jeanne and Ross, Tony: Boa's Bad Birthday. Gould, Jayne Book review 191
Wilson, Sean Michael and Dickson, Benjamin: Fight the Power: A Visual History of Protest Amongst the English- Speaking Peoples. Spencer, Ingrid Book review 228
With the anniversary of World War 1 beginning in 2014 it is perhaps not surprising that Red Fox have reissued the Capt W. E. Johns Biggles stories. Book review 102
World War One Centenary: Continuations and Beginnings: University of Oxford and JISC. Website overview 252

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