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Articles from School Librarian (September 22, 2010)

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Title Author Type Words
12-16 new editions. Book review 913
8-12 new editions. Bibliography 856
A history of the world in 100 objects: from wireless to website. Scott, Elspeth S. 668
Adcock, Fleur: Dragon Talk. Startup, Frank Book review 277
Also received. 606
Ardagh, Philip: Knights and Castles. Southcombe, Dianne Book review 173
Asso, Bernard and Bergere, Francis: Battle of Britain. Churchill, David Book review 160
Augarde, Steve: X Isle. Martin, Lesley Book review 333
Barker, Dominic: Adam and the Arkonauts. Andrews, Peter Book review 325
Barker, Dominic: Sharp Returns (Mickey Sharp). Jones, Eirys Morley Book review 195
Barlow, Steve and Skidmore, Steve: Return to the Lost World. McSourley, Gerry Book review 139
Barraclough, Sue: Be An Eco Hero At Home. Crawford, Mary Book review 156
Beardsley, Martyn: Black Death. Martin, Lesley Book review 286
Beattie, Juli and Warner, Arabella: The Art Room. Pemberton, Margaret Book review 244
Bell, Alex: Lex Trent Versus The Gods. Finlayson, Elizabeth Book review 237
Bergman, Mara, and Thomas, Cassia: Lively Elizabeth! Doonan, Jane Book review 208
Binch, Caroline: Road Horse. Pemberton, Margaret Book review 240
Bingham, Jane: Henry VIII (Extraordinary Lives). Sims, Janet Book review 128
Black, Holly: White Cat. Pemberton, Margaret Book review 305
Book trailers: coming soon to a school library near you! Hopson, Ingrid 766
Boothroyd, Jennifer: What is Taste? Barnett, Delvene A. Book review 101
Brashares, Ann: The Summer that Changed Everything. Worley, Wendy Book review 216
Braun, Sebastien: The Ugly Duckling. Woodman, Rosemary Book review 161
Brown, Kate: The Spider Moon--Book 1. Brown, Chris Book review 250
Browne, Anthony: Me and You. Doonan, Jane Book review 199
Bush, Penelope: Alice in Time. Bennett, Sandra Book review 257
Carrington, Jim: Inside My Head. Baker, Audrey Book review 277
Chinn, Steve: Addressing the Unproductive Classroom Behaviours of Students with Special Needs. Crawford, Mary Book review 226
Conway, David and Angaramo, Roberta: Errol and his Extraordinary Nose. Boyd, Carolyn Book review 209
Cotterill, Jo: Star Crossed. Brown, Chris Book review 772
Crisis point: (ict@sla). Bradnock, Marianne Product/service evaluation 497
Crossley, Sheena: Bats about Wales. Chappell, Rebecca Book review 227
Danes, Christopher; Danes, Simon; Lakhani, Seeta: Philosophy of Religion for Today: For GCSE Religious Studies. Tarter, Anne-Marie Book review 174
Dashner, James: The Maze Runner. Bennett, Sandra Book review 324
Davies, Corinne: Ralph is (not) a Superhero. Crawford, Mary Children's review 187
De Goldi, Kate: The 10pm Question. Bowler, Rachel Book review 314
Deary, Terry: Put Out the Light. Chappell, Rebecca Book review 145
Deas, Stephen: The Thief-Taker's Apprentice. Woodman, Rosemary Book review 202
Downs, Jonathan: The Industrial Revolution. Hunt, Nick Book review 219
Doyle, Malachy: The Lambton Curse. Band, Barbara Book review 246
Duncan, Charlie: Gastronimus and the Legend of Mr Grrrrumblebum. Crawford, Mary Children's review 189
Editorial. Hird, Steve Editorial 479
Editorial. Brown, Chris Editorial 621
Effective school libraries: evidence of impact on student achievement. Barrett, Lynn Report 3431
Elliott, Rebecca: Just Because. Doonan, Jane Book review 180
Faundez, Anne and Littlewood, Karin: The Day the Rains Fell. Band, Barbara 183
Fisher, Catherine: Crown of Acorns. Currie, Marzena Book review 237
Forward, Toby: Dragonborn (The Flaxfield Quartet). Pemberton, Margaret Book review 277
Fromental, Jean-Luc and Jolivet, Joelle: Oops! Currie, Marzena Children's book review 249
Fuge, Charles and Conway, David: Bedtime Hullabaloo! Redfern, Angela Book review 198
Gifford, Clive: The Who's Who of ... The Cold War. Sims, Janet Brief article 154
Gleitzman, Morris: Now. Currie, Marzena Book review 266
Gourlay, Candy: Tall Story. Ellis-Barrett, Louise Children's Review 221
Grant, Helen: The Glass Demon. Jones, Eirys Morley Book review 170
Green, Jen: Cities (The Geography Detective Investigates). Andrews, Peter Book review 276
Green, John: Paper Towns. Bennett, Sandra Book review 300
Grisham, John: Theodore Boone: Young Lawyer. Elkin, Susan Book review 354
Guarnaccia, Steven: The Three Little Pigs: An Architectural Tale. Redfern, Angela Book review 236
Hadithi, Mwenye and Kennaway, Adrienne: Bumping Buffalo. Redfern, Angela Book review 197
Han, Jenny: The Summer I Turned Pretty. Jones, Eirys Morley Book review 175
Hanbury-Murphy, Trudy: Solving the Mysteries of Ancient Rome. Van lint, Alisa Book review 113
Harland, Richard: Worldshaker. Sinclair, Frances Book review 402
Harris, Joseph: Space Exploration (The Impact of Science and Technology). Jones, Anthony Hamilton Book review 119
Harrison, Cora: The Montgomery Murder. Southcombe, Dianne Book review 211
Helmore, Jim and Wall, Karen: Hold on Tight, Stripy Horse! Worley, Wendy Book review 209
Hodgkinson, Jo: The Talent Show. Doonan, Jane Book review 202
Hodgson, Karen and Collins, Ross: Hugh's Blue Day. Brown, Chris Book review 432
Hoffman, Mary and Asquith, Ros: The Great Big Book of Families. McSourley, Gerry Book review 142
Hooper, Mary: Fallen Grace. Martin, Lesley Book review 244
Horsfield, Karen: Making Ends Meet: Planning and Managing the Primary School Library Budget. Ellis-Barrett, Louise Book review 240
Hudson, Cheryl Willis and Velasquez, Eric: My Friend Maya Loves To Dance. Pemberton, Margaret Book review 253
Hughes, Shirley: Don't Want To Go! Breslin, Frances 171
Ibbotson, Eva: The Ogre of Oglefort. Holloway, Michael Book review 378
Ignatow, Amy: The Popularity Papers: Research for the Social Improvement and General Betterment of Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang. Woodman, Rosemary Book review 210
ipl2--'information you can trust'. Chandler, Pat 694
Jago, Lucy: Montacute House. Baskeyfield, Elizabeth Book review 171
Jeffrey, Gary and Riley, Terry: Autopsies: Pathologist at Work (Graphic Forensic Science). Jones, Anthony Hamilton Book review 155
Jennings, Terry: Earthquakes and Tsunamis (Amazing Planet Earth). Churrchili, David Book review 136
Johnson, Pete: The Vampire Blog. Baker, Audrey Book review 207
Jones, Becky and Lewis, Clare: London Adventure Walks for Families. Churchill, David Book review 237
Jones, Lis and Coplestone, Jim: A Walk in the Wild Woods. Carter, Rebecca Book review 121
Kemp, Anna and Ogilvie, Sara: Dogs Don't Do Ballet. Hunt, Nick Book review 170
King, Caro: Shadow Spell. Barlow, Robin Book review 142
Kramer, Ann: Secret War (Taking Part in the Second World War). Andrews, Peter Book review 327
Krebs, Laurie and Wilson, Anne: We're Roaming in the Rainforest. Redfern, Angela Book review 209
Lanagan, Margo: White Time. Band, Barbara Book review 239
Landman, Tanya: The Scent of Blood. Andrews, Peter Book review 316
Lane, Andrew: Young Sherlock Holmes: Death Cloud. Barlow, Robin Book review 230
Levete, Sarah: Talk about Family Break-Ups. Elkin, Susan Book review 307
Lewin, Ted and Betsy: Balarama: A Royal Elephant. Doonan, Jane Book review 238
Lo, Malinda: Ash. Woodman, Rosemary Book review 232
Lord, Gabrielle: Conspiracy 365--Book 6--June. Brown, Chris Book review 277
Lynch Williams, Carol: The Chosen One. Bowler, Rachel Book review 421
Lyndon, Dan: Africa and the Slave Trade (Black History). Martin, Lesley Book review 248
MacDonald, Alan: Oi, Caveboy! (Iggy the Urk). Smiley, Sophie Book review 225
Mackintosh, Samantha: Kisses for Lula. Baker, Audrey Book review 217
Madavan, Vijay: Cooking the Indian Way. Martin, Lesley Book review 206
Malley, Gemma: The Returners. Good, Rosemary Book review 209
Manham, Allan and Dann, Penny: The Giant Carrot. Jacob, Luanda Book review 248
Manning, Mick, and Brita Granstom: My Uncle's Dunkirk. Andrews, Peter Book review 417
Martin, Andrew: Building Classroom Successes. Carter, Rebecca Book review 177
McAllister, Angela and Smith, Alex T.: My Mum Has X-ray Vision. Barnes, Diana Book review 241
McKee, David: Denver. Carter, Rebecca Book review 176
McKirdy, Alan and Moira: Scottish Rocks and Fossils. Jones, Joan Hamilton Book review 193
Merchant, Ed and Fuller, Rachel: Dad David, Baba Chris and ME. Ellis-Barrett, Louise Book review 282
Mitton, Tony, and Warburton, Sarah: Sir Laughalot. Andrews, Peter Book review 291
Montanari, Eva: The Alphabet Family. Loewenstein, Rudolf Book review 167
Morpurgo, Michael: An Elephant in the Garden. King, Stephen Book review 218
Mosley, Jenny: Quality Circle Time in the Secondary School. Worley, Wendy Video recording review 189
Murphy, Glenn: Evolution, Nature and Stuff. Barnett, Delvene A. Book review 210
Murray, Alison: Apple Pie ABC. Southcombe, Dianne Book review 119
Myron, Vicki and Witter, Bret with James, Steve: Dewey: There's a Cat in the Library! Woodman, Rosemary Book review 218
Naidoo, Beverley and Das, Prodeepta: S is for South Africa. Chappell, Rebecca Brief article 158
National education network: Bradnock, Marianne 669
Nelson, S. D.: Black Elk's Vision: A Lakota Story. Barlow, Robin Children's book review 307
Ness, Patrick: Monsters of Men. Bradnock, Marianne Brief article 216
New edition. Book review 142
New Editions. Bibliography 798
Newton, Jill: Crash Bang Donkey! Dickinson, Trevor Book review 117
Nichols, Grace: I Have Crossed an Ocean: Selected Poems. Startup, Frank Book review 257
Nicholson, William: Rich and Mad. Breslin, Frances Book review 250
Oxlade, Chris: The Top Ten Inventions That Changed the World. Barnett, Delvene A. Brief article 166
Parker, Steve: Planet Earth. Baskeyfield, Elizabeth Book review 200
Pennac, Daniel: School Blues. Elkin, Susan Book review 391
Rayner, Catherine: Norris: The Bear Who Shared. Holloway, Michael Book review 243
Read Kiddo Read. Ellis-Barrett, Louise Brief article 124
Read Write Think. Ellis-Barrett, Louise Brief article 125
Rees, Celia: The Fool's Girl. Bennett, Sandra Book review 237
Reporting on reading: a survey into the reading attitudes and personal reading habits of year 2 children. Austin, Michelle; Casselden, Biddy Survey 2740
Rickards, Lynne and Wildish, Lee: Jacob O'Reilly Wants a Pet. Redfern, Angela Book review 218
Riordan, Rick: The Red Pyramid (The Kane Chronicles). Tarter, Anne-Marie Book review 194
Rogers, Gregory: The Hero of Little Street. Doonan, Jane Book review 271
Rooney, Anne: Off The Rails. Sims, Janet Book review 142
Ryan, Carrie: The Dead-Tossed Waves. McSourley, Gerry Book review 206
Sachar, Louis: The Cardturner. Currie, Marzena Book review 345
Sedgwick, Marcus: White Crow. Bowler, Rachel Brief article 286
Shaw, Tucker: Anxious Hearts. Baker, Audrey Book review 223
Shone, Rob: Ancient Treasures (Graphic Discoveries). Martin, Lesley Book review 247
Simpson, Louis: Voices in the Distance: Selected Poems. Startup, Frank Book review 264
Singleton, Sarah: The Island. Elkin, Susan Brief article 258
SLA Survival Guide: Making It Through Your First Few Years as a School Librarian. Book review 132
Smiley, Jane: Nobody's Horse. Chappell, Rebecca Book review 124
Smories. Ellis-Barrett, Louise Brief article 120
Solway, Andrew: Climate Change (World at Risk). Barnett, Delvene A. Book review 110
Sonneborn, Liz: The Egyptians: Life in Ancient Egypt. Monteath, Maggie Book review 224
Souhami, Jessica: The Sticky Doll Trap. Smiley, Sophie Book review 142
Sparkes, Ali: Wishful Thinking. Worley, Wendy Book review 236
St John, Lauren: Dead Man's Cove. Breslin, Frances Book review 219
Stanley, Malaika Rose and Wilson-Max, Ken: Baby Ruby Bawled. Redfern, Angela Book review 192
Start With the Youngest: The Library for Nursery and Infant Children. Book review 140
Steele, Philip: Campaigners (20th Century Lives). Hunt, Nick Book review 203
Stewart, Joel: Dexter Bexley and the Big Blue Beastie on the Road. Ellis-Barrett, Louise Book review 262
Suzuma, Tabitha: Forbidden. Martin, Lesley Book review 378
Taplin, Sam: The Usborne Official Pharaoh's Handbook. Monteath, Maggie Book review 227
The curriculum for excellence: knowledge, engagement and contribution by Scottish school librarians. Irving, Christine 2289
The magic threshold: step into new worlds: report from the SLA weekend course 2010. Hird, Steve Conference news 1231
Thielbar, Melinda and Helmer, Der-Shing: The Kung Fu Puzzle. Smiley, Sophie Book review 181
Thomas, Jeremy and Lewington, Richard: The Butterflies of Britain and Ireland. Brown, Chris Book review 366
Vaughan, Jenny: Causes and Campaigns. Carter, Rebecca Book review 179
Vaughan, William: Gold Hunter. Sims, Janet Book review 167
Walton, Ruth: Let's Bake a Cake (Let's Find Out). Hunt, Nick Book review 182
Welsh, C. E. L. and Singh, Lalit Kumar: Harry Houdini. Crawford, Mary Book review 206
Welsh, Melanie: Mistress of the Storm. Holloway, Michael Book review 305
What's in a name: National Non-Fiction Day. Lancaster, Adam Essay 1834
Wilson, Jacqueline: Little Darlings. Good, Rosemary Book review 232
Wired for books. Ellis-Barrett, Louise Brief article 247
Wood, Douglas and Pham, LeUyen: Aunt Mary's Rose. Baskeyfield, Elizabeth Book review 215
Woodward, John: The Deep, Deep Ocean. Jones, Joan Hamilton Book review 134

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