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Articles from School Librarian (December 22, 2010)

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12-16 new editions. Recommended readings 626
8-12 new editions. Editorial 579
8-12 new editions. Recommended readings 678
Adlington, L. J.: Burning Mountain. Perera, Anna Brief article 243
Aguiar, Nadia: Secrets of Tamarind. Newman, John Brief article 217
Allan, Annemarie: Ushig. Palka, Judith Book review 225
Almond, David: My Name is Mina. Hollindale, Peter Book review 410
Also received. Recommended readings 522
Ambrosio, Gabriella: Before We Say Goodbye. Bradnock, Marianne Book review 217
Andrews, David: Business Without Borders: Globalization. Hall, Godfrey Brief article 204
Ashley, Bernard: Ronnie's War. Harding, Anne Brief article 255
Ashworth, Sherry: Revolution. Dunbar, Robert Book review 242
Bailey, Jacqui: What's the Point of Being Green? Barton, Heidi Book review 216
Bakewell, Lucy: Off the Shelf: How to Run a Successful Primary School Library and Promote Reading. Mallett, Margaret Book review 614
Beccaloni, George: Big Bugs Life-Size. Feltwell, John Book review 218
Bloom, Steve: My Favourite Animal Families. Banner, Linda Book review 112
Books for keeps: Coppendale, Lynne Website overview 717
Boyne, John: Noah Barleywater Runs Away. Newman, John Children's review 227
Brainsmart: Petrie, Hilary Website overview 813
Brett, Cathy: Scarlett Dedd. Dunbar, Robert Book review 269
Brown, Alan James: The Tolpuddle Boy. Oates, Jackie Book review 321
Brown, Tameka Fryer and Riley-Webb, Charlotte: Around Our Way On Neighbor's Day. Loewenstein, Rudolf Book review 167
Browne, Anthony and Friends: Bear's Magic Pencil. Axford, Martin Book review 244
Burgan, Michael: Barack Obama (Front Page Lives). Jennings, Tanja Book review 337
Burgis, Stephanie: A Most Improper Magick: The Unladylike Adventures of Kat Stephenson. Sumner, Janet Book review 178
Burne, Cristy: Takeshita Demons. Ciftci, Laura Children's book review 212
Burnie, David: Tree: From Seed to Mighty Forest. Book review 253
Burningham, John and Oxenbury, Helen: There's Going to be a Baby. Doonan, Jane Book review 287
Buxton, J. P.: I Am The Blade. Hurst, Alison Book review 161
Calcutt, David: The Map of Marvels. Gladstone, Cheri Book review 242
Caldecott, Elen: How Ali Ferguson Saved Houdini. Tyson, Kathryn Book review 221
Cassidy, Cathy: Cherry Crush (The Chocolate Box Girls). Sumner, Janet Book review 211
Chen, Chih-Yuan: Guji-Guji. Barnes, Diana Book review 280
Cleary, Brian P.: Quirky, Jerky, Extra Perky: More About Adjectives. Lomas, Derek Book review 195
Collins, Ross: Dear Vampa. Goodwin, Prue Book review 197
Collins, Terry: Getting to the Bottom of Global Warming: An Isabel Soto Investigation. Lomas, Derek Book review 221
Collinson, Clare: By the River (Nature Walks). Hall, Godfrey Book review 171
Constable, Kate: Cicada Summer. Gladstone, Cherie Book review 208
Cookson, Paul (ed.): The World at our Feet: Football Poems. Babsky, Irene Book review 225
Cooper, Catherine: The Golden Acorn. Nelson, Rachel Ayers Book review 179
Corby, Caroline: Lady Jane Grey: Queen For Sale. Telford, D. Book review 227
Cory-Wright, Harry: Think About It ... Journeys. Ciftci, Laura Book review 242
Creating and using a subject index. Masters, Sarah 973
Curtis, Vanessa: Zelah Green: One More Little Problem. Telford, D. Book review 217
Dalton, Annie: Ways to Trap a Yeti. Imerson, Marie Book review 257
Danks, Fiona and Schofield, Jo: Make It Wild! 101 Things to Make and Do Outdoors. Babsky, Irene Book review 357
David, Keren: Almost True. Gladstone, Cherie Book review 227
Davies, Nicola and Hickmott, Simon: Grow Your Own Monsters. Axford, Martin Book review 236
de la Bedoyere, Camilla: Horses and Ponies (Farmyard Friends). Boyd, Carolyn Book review 158
Dicker, Katie: Measuring. Mallett, Margaret Book review 121
Dillon, Patrick and Lynch, P. J.: The Story of Britain. Hurst, Alison Book review 250
Dogar, Sharon: Annexed. Charlish, Rosamund Book review 409
Donaldson, Julia and Gravett, Emily: Cave Baby. Brown, Chris Book review 188
Donnelly, Jennifer: Revolution. Charlish, Rosamund Book review 335
Donnelly, Joe: Jack Flint and the Dark Ways. Maxwell-Cox, Alison A. Book review 303
Dowswell, Paul: The Cabinet of Curiosities. Hollindale, Peter Book review 314
Editorial. Hird, Steve Editorial 344
Elliott, Rebecca: Just Because. Jacob, Lucinda Book review 247
Fardell, John: Jeremiah Jellyfish Flies High! Barton, Heidi Book review 202
Fine, Anne: Under a Silver Moon. Banner, Linda Book review 189
Ford, Michael: The Poisoned House. Finlayson, Elizabeth Book review 235
Foreman, Michael: Fortunately, Unfortunately. Harding, Anne Book review 263
Freeman, Hilary: Lifted. Hollindale, Peter Book review 257
Gaiman, Neil: Instructions. Mallett, Margaret Book review 469
Gersie, Alida Storytelling, Stories and Place. Hollindale, Peter Book review 193
Gibbons, Alan: Witch Breed. King, Karen Book review 218
Gittins, Chrissie: The Humpback's Wall. Ciftci, Laura Book review 231
Glass, Eleri and Spires, Ashley: The Red Shoes. Dickinson, Trevor Book review 149
Green, Jen: Nature Trail: Park. Loewenstein, Rudolf Book review 158
Grey, Mini: Three by the Sea. Axford, Martin Book review 309
Griffiths, Neil and Collins, Peggy Fatou, Fetch the Water. Barnes, Diana Book review 238
Haggarty, Ben and Brockbank, Adam: Mezolith. Jennings, Tanja Book review 388
Haig, Matt: The Radleys. Dunbar, Robert Book review 239
Hale, Shannon: Forest Born. Harding, Anne Book review 255
Hart, Caryl and Horne, Sarah: Rhino? What Rhino? Loewenstein, Rudolf Brief article 178
Hassall, Angela and Ewen, Caroline: Ella Moves House. Lockwood, Michael Brief article 210
Hawkins, Sarah: Bailey's Story. Boyd, Carolyn Book review 196
Hayes, Rosemary: The Blue-Eyed Aborigine. Tyson, Kathryn Book review 222
Heart of the school: Scott, Elspeth S. Website overview 171
Hirsch, Odo: Amelia Dee and the Peacock Lamp. Barton, Heidi Book review 137
Hodgkinson, Leigh: Scrummy! Mallett, Margaret Book review 201
Hollyer, Belinda and Damon, Emma: Lulu and the Birthday Party. Babsky, Irene Book review 200
Horowitz, Anthony: Beasts and Monsters. Perkins, Janette Book review 263
Horowitz, Anthony: More Bloody Horowitz. Jennings, Tanja Book review 282
Hosie, Bronwen Robert: Burns: Bard of Scotland. Finlayson, Elizabeth Book review 270
Howard, Ken: The Young Chieftain. Hird, Steve Book review 312
Howarth, L. P.: Swarf. Banner, Linda Book review 234
Hudson, Ella: Hudson Hates School. Goodwin, Prue Book review 354
Imagine: Woods, Dawn Website overview 677
Jarvie, Frances and Gordon: Greyfriars Bobby: A Tale of Victorian Edinburgh. Gould, Jayne Book review 189
Jarvie, Frances and Gordon: Robert Burns in Time and Place. Lockwood, Michael Book review 196
Jeffrey, Gary and Lacey, Mike: Hurricanes (Graphic Natural Disasters). Hall, Godfrey Book review 158
Jennings, Terry: My Day at the Zoo: Mammal Kingdom. Imeson, Marie Book review 200
Jitta, Ceseli Josephus Lola and the Rent-a-Cat. Dickinson, Trevor Book review 146
Johnson, Christine: Claire de Lune. Finlayson, Elizabeth Book review 230
Jones, Allan Frewin and Chalk, Gary: Sundered Lands, Book One: Trundle's Quest. Rayner, Andrea Book review 263
Kimura, Ken and Murakami, Yasunari: 999 Tadpoles Find a New Home. Goodwin, Prue Book review 303
Kingfisher, Rupert: Madame Pamplemousse and the Enchanted Sweet Shop. Rayner, Andrea Book review 298
Kojo, K. P. The Parade: A Stampede of Stories about Ananse, the Trickster Spider. Dowling, Janet Book review 187
Landy, Derek: Dark Days. King, Karen Book review 215
Lee, Y. S.: The Body At The Tower (A Mary Quinn Mystery). Telford, D. Book review 193
Levete, Sarah: Water for Everyone (Headline Issues). Hall, Godfrey Brief article 201
Llewellyn, Sam: Dark Solstice. Palka, Judith Book review 239
Long, John: The Big Picture Book of Human Civilisation. Nelson, Rachel Ayers Book review 214
Lyall, Kiran and Sudra, Venisha: Have Fun with Panjabi. Newman, John Book review 162
Mahy, Margaret: Organ Music. Hollindale, Peter Book review 167
Malley, Gemma: The Legacy. Dunbar, Robert Book review 261
Martins, Isabel Minhos and Matoso, Madalena: When I Was Born. Dickinson, Trevor Book review 137
Mayhew, James: Katie and the Waterlily Pond. Sumner, Janet Book review 177
McCaughrean, Geraldine: Pull Out All the Stops. Banner, Linda Book review 181
McKain, Kelly: Half a Sister. Telford, D. Book review 203
McKenzie, Sophie: Time Train to the Blitz. Ciftci, Laura Book review 235
Moore, Genevieve and Littlewood, Karin: Catherine's Story. Lomas, Derek Book review 220
Morpurgo, Michael: Not Bad for a Bad Lad. Babsky, Irene Book review 244
Mortimer, Rachael and Pichon, Liz: The Three Billy Goats Fluff. Dickinson, Trevor Book review 105
Mulligan, Andy: Trash. Gladstone, Cherie Book review 211
Murray, Martine and Rippin, Sally: Mannie and the Long Brave Day. Dickinson, Trevor Book review 129
Neill, Chloe: Firespell. Maxwell-Cox, Alison A. Book review 281
New editions. Recommended readings 570
New editions. Book review 203
Novesky, Amy and Diaz, David: Me, Frida. Mathias, Beverley Book review 256
Patten, Brian and Moore, Mary: Jumping Mouse. Goodwin, Prue Book review 244
Pearce, Robert: 1930s Britain. Hurst, Alison Book review 170
Penrose, Antony: The Boy Who Bit Picasso. Doonan, Jane Book review 225
Pfeffer, Susan: This World We Live In. Charlish, Rosamund Young adult review 296
Pirotta, Saviour and Hyde, Catherine: Firebird. Barnes, Diana Book review 357
Plummer, Deborah M.: Helping Children to Cope with Change, Stress and Anxiety. Babsky, Irene Book review 398
Powell, Jillian: The Gruesome Truth About The Victorians. Sumner, Janet Book review 255
Prendergast, Peter: Dancing in the Dark. Bradnock, Marianne Book review 224
Price, Charlie: Hear the Dead Cry. Jennings, Tanja Book review 241
Priestley, Chris: The Dead of Winter. Nelson, Rachel Ayers Book review 257
Prineas, Sarah: The Magic Thief: Found. Tyson, Kathryn Book review 191
Pupil librarians: the pros and cons of volunteer students in school libraries. O'Neill, Claire 1595
Rayner, Catherine: Iris and Isaac. Jacob, Lucinda Book review 216
Reeve, Philip: A Web of Air (Mortal Engines). King, Karen Book review 223
Reflections ... of a retiring South African school librarian. Berrington, Marilynn 2428
Rhenius, Valerie: Inside a Beehive. Brown, Chris Book review 232
Robert, Na'ima B.: Boy vs Girl. Barton, Heidi Book review 205
Robinson, Anthony and Allan, June: Meltem's Journey: A Refugee Diary. Hall, Godfrey Book review 223
Rock, Lois and Rowland, Andrew Journey into the Bible. Loewenstein, Rudolf Book review 239
Rogers, Vanessa: Cyberbullying: Activities to Help Children and Teens to Stay Safe in a Texting, Twittering, Social Networking World. Bradnock, Marianne Book review 205
School Librarian of the Year: setting the scene for the 2010 award. Doyle, Ginette; Hird, Steve 674
Shan, Darren: Birth of a Killer (Book One in the Saga of Larten Crepsley). King, Stephen Book review 231
Sleuth! Investigating detective fiction for children. Billyeald, Penny 1406
SLYA 2010: honour list citations. Doyle, Ginette Awards list 4475
Smallman, Steve and Elliott, Rebecca: The Wishing Stone. Lomas, Derek Book review 161
Smelcer, John: Edge of Nowhere. Morpurgo, Clare Book review 372
Soundar, Chitra: A Dollop of Ghee and a Pot of Wisdom. Palka, Judith Book review 202
Sperring, Mark and Latimer, Miriam: The Sunflower Sword. Perkins, Janette Book review 214
Spilsbury, Louise: The Changing Role of Women Since 1900 (Research It). Bradnock, Marianne Book review 222
Stanley, Malaika Rose and Smith, Jan: Miss Bubble's Troubles. Jacob, Lucinda Book review 232
Stewart, Paul and Riddell, Chris: Wyrmeweald: Returner's Wealth. Lockwood, Michael Book review 282
Stirling, Joss: Finding Sky. Charlish, Rosamund Book review 308
Strong, Jeremy: Doctor Bonkers! Gould, Jayne Book review 229
Stroud, Jonathan: Bartimaeus: The Ring of Solomon. Mears, Sarah Book review 208
Tarter, Anne-Marie and Dubber, Geoff (eds): SLA Survival Guide: Making It Through Your First Few Years as a School Librarian. Mears, Sarah Book review 316
Taylor, Sean and Brown, Jo: Tickling Tigers. Loewenstein, Rudolf Book review 119
Thomas, Valerie and Paul, Korky: Winnie in Space. Boyd, Carolyn Book review 223
Thompson, Kate: Wanted! Axford, Martin Book review 236
Thomson, James: Corvus: Oath of Vengeance. Finlayson, Elizabeth Book review 223
Thornhill, Jan: I Found a Dead Bird: A Guide to the Cycle of Life and Death. Harding, Anne Book review 245
Torres, Laura: Rock Your Room. Rayner, Andrea Book review 176
Valentine, Jenny: The Double Life of Cassiel Roadnight. Newman, John Book review 220
Various: Oxfam Around the World: At School. Jacob, Lucinda Book review 357
Verne, Jules adapted by Helfand, Lewis with Kumar, Vinod: A Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Maxwell-Cox, Alison A. Book review 132
Weatherly, L. A.: Angel. Brown, Chris Book review 543
Webster, Sheryl and Fearnley, Jan: Tinysaurus. Tyson, Kathryn Book review 196
West, Jane A. C.: Pip of Pengersick: My Part in Napoleon's Downfall. Hurst, Alison Book review 171
Wilkinson, Lili: Company of Angels. Nelson, Rachel Ayers Book review 369
Willis, Jeanne and Reynolds, Adrian: That's Not Funny! Barnes, Diana Book review 188
Wolf, Gita and Chitrakar, Swarna: Monkey Photo. Dowling, Janet Book review 168
Wolfe, Gillian: Look! Really Smart Art. Imeson, Marie Book review 214
Wooding, Chris: Black Lung Captain. Newman, John Book review 223
Wooding, Chris: Havoc. Jennings, Tanja Book review 302
World timelines: Bradnock, Marianne Website overview 704
World War II anniversaries: a view from the archives. Bradnock, Marianne 835
Wyatt, Isabel and Rudel, Joan: Norse Hero Tales. Dowling, Janet Book review 209
Yates, Louise: Dog Loves Books. Mears, Sarah Book review 242

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