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Scholler sales up nearly 10% to DM 962-M getting on track for 1992 united Europe.

Scholler Sales Up Nearly 10% to DM 962-M, Getting on Track for 1992 United Europe

The Scholler Group was able to boast a respectable bottom line during a recent press conference at headquarters in Nurnberg. Total sales for 1988 climbed to DM 962.2-million, representing an increase of DM 85.9-million, or 9.8% over the previous year. Investments, which reached DM 63.5-million last year, have been increased to DM 72.9 million. The funds will be used primarily for construction and machinery purchases.

Following is a breakdown of the packer's 1988 West Germany sales in millions of marks: consumer ice cream, 706.1; frozen foods, 73.1; baked goods, 69.1; other, 8.9.

Cumulative sales in Austria and Belgium amounted to 60.2 and 44.8, respectively.

Looking Ahead

Meanwhile, Scholler has been spending a good deal of time preparing for post-1992 and the imminent internal European market which promises free trade among EEC member nations.

The watchword these days is "internationalization" as food companies move to attain the broadest possible product acceptance throughout the Continent. The Nurnberg company hopes to lead the way with ice cream products like Maple Walnuts, Chocolate Chips and Cassis Sorbet -- names which are understood universally despite language differences. Hence, they are readily marketed across national borders.

A further step in the direction of a single European trading zone is a differentiation of the individual product lines, as packers attempt to make them conform to currently existing local flavor preferences.

Taking into consideration the various legal requirements for consumer food items in the Common Market, Scholler has positioned its premium category products above presently established standards, hoping to win advantages in both quality and competition.

Competing Europe-wide also demands an appropriately designed corporate structure. Thus a central marketing department has been organized to coordinate Scholler product groups in all the EEC countries. Under it are marketing sections for individual nations that can handle regional and local problems.

Gearing up for aggressive marketing, Scholler Lebensmittel GmbH & Co. has introduced 19 new ice cream products. Here is a lineup of the specialty items:

* Blackberry yogurt ice cream, previously available only in restaurants, can now be found in grocery stores.

* One-liter bombs selling for DM 10 feature three flavors--ice cream with maple syrup and caramel-covered walnuts; chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips; vanilla ice cream.

* The first premium ice cream on a stick is coming out under the name Movenpick Vanilla Chocolate.

* The Manhattan line has been expanded with the addition of a Banana Nut variety. Best-selling Peanut Choc has been joined by a fruity new item -- Peach Melba with Yogurt.

* The Esprit line has added a variety -- Vanilla/Nut.

According to Alfred Reiss, Scholler marketing director, the multipack segment is going to be "revolutionized" with the new "Pic-Vier" concept. The offering includes Oranchito (an orange fruit ice), Gaucho (vanilla ice cream with candy coating and chopped nuts), and Maribu (a chocolate ice cream).

Four more ice cream bars for the impulse buyer are coming onto the market:

* Trapper (vanilla ice cream with candy coating, chocolate syrup filling, and chocolate rice crispies).

* Togo (vanilla ice cream with white candy coating, chocolate syrup and chocolate chips).

* Mont Blanc (a white bar made of almond ice cream with an almond-honey paste, almonds, and covered with white candy coating).

* Flash (made of crunchy rice crispies, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and a candy coating.)

Now available in small, 150-m tubs is "Gartenliebe" (Garden Love), a Pear-Mirabelle flavored quark (curd cheese) product.

Koala was named after the cuddly marsupial bear to appeal to younger ice cream eaters. For the very small, Scholler offers "Milchknilch und Wuff," a chocolate ice cream in packaging that features a jolly cartoon character on the front.

PHOTO : Scholler offers the restaurant trade a wide variety of new products to choose from.

Alfred Reiss, Managing Director, Scholler Group
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