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Nic Bishop's colorful chameleon photos lend in Joy Cowley's captivating CHAMELEON, CHAMELEON (0439666538 $16.95), a fine picturebook survey of a cautious chameleon who searches for a new home. The two chameleons photographed for the book are panther chameleons from Madagascar: the 'plot' may read like fiction but the very simple coverage is all factual - and appealing with its colorful close-ups. Saxton Freymann and oost Elffers' FOOD FOR THOUGHT (0439110181, $14.95) uses garden veggies to emphasize five major concepts kids need to learn: shapes, colors, numbers, letters and opposites. Fun vegetable and fruit art accompany very simple one-page concept coverages, lending to an intriguing learning experience. Montgomery Alabama, Birmingham: these served as early fronts testing newly established civil rights laws, and Diane McWhorter has written A DREAM OF FREEDOM (0439576784 $19.95), which focuses on the movements of these battlegrounds, using the movements themselves--SNCC, SCLC--as a foundation for a logical analysis of civil rights issues, events, and historic rallies. Add vintage black and white photos of people and places and you have an unforgettable documentary for grades 4-7. Also unforgettable is Walter Dean Myers' ANTARCTICA: JOURNEYS TO THE SOUTH POLE (0439220017, $18.95), charting the journeys of early explorers who risked their lives to cross the Antarctic Circle. Primary source material--letters and journals--details the words and experiences of the explorers themselves.
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Author:Donovan, Diane C.
Publication:MBR Bookwatch
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Date:Jun 1, 2005
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