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Scholastic Press.

Scholastic Press

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Five new titles provide kids in grades 3-5 with excellent picturebook accounts and lasting educational opportunities. Scholastic Atlas Of Weather (0439419026, $17.95) contains almost a hundred pages answering questions about weather, exploring what causes weather to run wind, and how Earth's location in space affects weather and climate. Fact boxes with trivia blend with weather statistics, photos, and charts to make for excellent detail. Charles Smith's I Am America (0439431-794, $14.95) uses photos of children and simple rhyming text to outline the different visions of American culture; from country western and soul kids to religious and ethnic faces. Kids in grades 2-4 will find it enlightening. Greg Tang's Math Appeal (0439210461, $16.95) receives Harry Briggs' whimsical drawings as it encourages kids to count and think. Nic Bishop's Backyard Detective: Critters Up Close (0439174783, $16.95) encourages youngsters to consider the nature in their own back yards. From spiders and butterflies to bees, this provides field notes of facts and encourages kids to develop their own backyard investigative projects. Stephen Tomecek's What A Great Idea! (0439681443, $18.95) surveys inventions which changed the world; from the clock and the hand ax to lasers. 112 pages will reach kids in grades 4-6 with exciting historical facts.
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Title Annotation:Reviewer's Choice
Publication:Children's Bookwatch
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Date:Aug 1, 2004
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