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Schneider Electric unveils new Smart UPS.

Energy management supplier Schneider Electric is launching its newest UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) device. The new 5-10kVA APC is the latest addition to its Smart-UPS On-Line UPS range of products.

The release of the new UPS model coincides with the summer season when energy bills go sky high and devices malfunction due to the intense heat. The new Smart-UPS On-Line is prepared to provide an all-encompassing solution to the problems that arise around protecting your sensitive data and IT infrastructure from excess power consumption and rotating brownouts.

Claude Mazallon, country president of Schneider Electric, said: "With the rising cost of energy and concerns over efficiency, IT and facility professionals are keen to minimize waste by ensuring a better fit between infrastructure and load requirements. Our unity power factor UPS help reduce waste as well as complexity when it comes to power protection."

The new Smart-UPS On-Line offers efficient power quality and performance in a compact footprint. Its flexible design allows the units to be configured for rack-mounted or free-standing applications, making it easy to install, operate and service in almost any environment.

Smart-UPS On-Line can also be operated in a high efficiency operating "green" mode. In a steady state, the device can enable up to 97% UPS efficiency and automatically drop back into on-line mode if it senses that the utility supply quality drops outside of configurable ranges. Not only does this reduce power use and cost, but also minimizes the cooling required as units create fewer heat losses. Lower heat also leads to longer life of key components such as batteries.


APC Schneider Electric Smart-UPS 5-10kVA tower

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Date:May 13, 2015
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