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WELL SPENT: Strategies for sipping boldly without breaking the bank. Apr 1, 2018 533
SORTING OUT SAUVIGNON: Is this our next go-to white? A little sleuthing reveals a sweet spot for every palate and pocketbook. Mar 1, 2018 483
OUTSIDE THE BUBBLE: Some of the world's great sparklers come from just beyond the sources we know best. Reboot Valentine's with bubbles from a new place. Feb 1, 2018 961
SWEET TALK: Decadent dessert wines to top off your meal. Dec 1, 2017 818
FUEL FOR THE BIG FEAST: Our top bottles for your Thanksgiving table. Nov 1, 2017 1005
Baja on fire. Sep 29, 2017 2282
The best wines of the year. Sep 29, 2017 1430
Lodi leads: if your impression of Lodi wine involves the bottom supermarket shelf, look again--the region is burgeoning with top-notch bottles and surprising varieties. Sep 1, 2017 829
Bang for your buck. Aug 1, 2017 512
Return of the king. Jul 1, 2017 888
Summer whites. Jun 1, 2017 595
Everyday rose: these pinks are easy going down--and easy on the wallet. May 1, 2017 468
A shop of your own: why it pays to become a regular at your local indie wine merchant. Apr 1, 2017 1064
The new aperitif: shake up the way you sip before dinner with the West's fresh batch of artisanal vermouths. Feb 1, 2017 575
So you want to be a winemaker? Take it from one scientist turned vintner: you can make it happen through a local community college. Jan 1, 2017 481
Super bottles. Dec 1, 2016 576
Brown liquor Fridays: make over your weekend cocktails with the west's newest and tastiest craft whiskeys. Nov 1, 2016 729
Bottoms up: a California wine writer's world is turned upside down when she tastes the next-gen wines from New Zealand. Oct 1, 2016 2797
The wine to buy this year: no matter where your wine taste trends in the next 12 months, we've vetted the best bottles to put in your shopping cart. Sep 28, 2016 1702
Celebrate every day. Sep 1, 2016 570
Rose's big year: dry, crisp, and very food-friendly, pink wine has come a long, long way. Jul 1, 2016 958
Family and wine. Brief article Jun 1, 2016 198
New Zealand's new style. Jun 1, 2016 522
Chardonnay for breakfast. May 1, 2016 371
Secret history: DNA testing is revealing the delicious heritage of some of California's best wines. Apr 1, 2016 531
A fine romance. Feb 1, 2016 534
Holiday game night: how to make your party sparkle: follow our plan for playing "guess the bubbly.". Dec 1, 2015 746
The right reds. Nov 1, 2015 740
Superior judgments: when the best wine tasters in the West evaluate nearly 3,000 bottles, fascinating trends emerge--to say nothing of an extraordinary shopping list. Oct 1, 2015 678
Less water, better wine? A growing number of West Coast vintners are trying dry-farming--and discovering it's no compromise. Sep 1, 2015 647
A perfect day in Malibu: Southern California's playground of millionaires and surfers has a new lure--great local wine. Aug 1, 2015 668
Gold rush spirit: Pisco--our forty-niner forebears' drink of choice--is making a tasty comeback. Jul 1, 2015 804
Our best new white: Grenache Blanc comes alive in the West. Jun 1, 2015 538
How to store & poor: relax and keep it simple--you don't need a fancy wine cellar or multiple gadgets to drink well. Apr 1, 2015 817
"Green wine" grows up: Portugal's Vinho Verde is claiming more space on wine shelves here, but it's not all the spritzy sipper of legend. Product/service evaluation Mar 1, 2015 450
Wines with soul. Product/service evaluation Feb 1, 2015 405
Nature VS. nurture. Jan 1, 2015 895
Christmas red: perfect every year: beef rib roast matched with a newly discovered Bordeaux-bred red wine. Dec 1, 2014 555
And the verdict is: they sipped, they spit, they argued. more than 50 judges winnowed nearly 3,000 wines down to the very best. the result: a list you can count on. Oct 1, 2014 314
Pink is the new white: the summer wine of choice in the south of france, dry rose has finally taken root in the west. by sara schneider. Jul 1, 2014 325
Food-truck pours: when dinner is a drive-by grab from your favorite rolling restaurant, what wine should be waiting at home? Jun 1, 2014 437
Wine-list confidential: a new kind of sommelier takes the pressure out of navigating a restaurant's wine collection. May 1, 2014 1079
A perfect day in Lake County, CA: a flight of young tasting rooms makes this unsung lake region the next great Northern California wine destination. Apr 1, 2014 640
Small in name only: make no mistake: Petite Sirah is a powerhouse red. By Sara Schneider. Recipe Mar 1, 2014 865
Craft beer gets craftier: adding wine to the brew gives it a whole new dimension. And it's great with food. Feb 1, 2014 420
Sparkling PARTY: plenty of bubbly wine, five amazing appetizers, and a houseful of hungry guests--that's all you need for a ... Dec 1, 2013 2059
Dare to break the seafood rule: how to make red wine fish's best friend. Nov 1, 2013 993
Rise vine: in one generation, a Mexican American family has gone from picking grapes to feasting in their own vineyard--and pouring their own delicious California wines. Oct 1, 2013 2911
Wine-aisle rescue: how to pick a great bottle at a great price? 10 lessons from the 2013 Sunset International Wine Competition. Oct 1, 2013 1933
Decoding Syrah: this versatile red can be earthy and lean, rich and fruity--or just plain blah. Here's how to find the best bottles. Sep 1, 2013 352
Bright, whites: today's Chenin Blancs are complex, refreshing--and, so much better than before. Aug 1, 2013 476
Beer or wine? What to pour to match summer's big-flavor foods. Buyers guide Jul 1, 2013 744
Gin with spirit: a new breed of western distillers is breaking with tradition, piling botanicals on the juniper. Jun 1, 2013 369
Wine to go: in boxes, cartons, canisters--wine's ready to hit the road. We trolled for good tastes inside. Brief article May 1, 2013 314
Moscato for grown-ups: know what your kids are drinking? We finally gave this shockingly popular wine an open-minded taste. Apr 1, 2013 539
Best with Mex: skip the corona. When it's Mexican for dinner, a glass of wine is even more fun than a beer. Mar 1, 2013 560
The great white: Chardonnay is the most popular wine in the country. So why are some Western winemakers changing everything about it--and saying its finally good? Feb 1, 2013 1780
Well-crafted cabs: for a special bottle to give or drink, California's classic winemakers deliver elegance and balance. Dec 1, 2012 476
The world's best bottles: we brought the west's most respected wine pros together to judge which bottles are your smartest buys of the year. Nov 1, 2012 1408
This is Pinot Noir? Be the first to try the west's newest--and possibly most startling--white wine. Sep 1, 2012 449
Vacation in a glass: Skip France this summer and drink pink here instead. The West's best roses are channeling the great styles of Provence. Aug 1, 2012 969
Paso's time: today, a weekend in Paso Robles dishes all the indulgence of trip to provence. Jun 1, 2012 893
Standout blend: you say you drink only reds? Think again--there's a new white in the west that even red drinkers will love. Jun 1, 2012 770
New bargains: top labels are producing less expensive, "second" wines--same winemaking talent and, sometimes, even the same vineyards. Apr 1, 2012 905
A red for right now: this new Cab--a great friend to food--is perfect for spring. Mar 1, 2012 776
Napa Valley day trip Yountville. Feb 1, 2012 474
Instant expert sparkling wine: the civilized way to pop a cork is so gently it barely sighs. But we say let the cork fly. There's no need to be stuffy with bubbly. It's time sparkling wine moved beyond the special occasion--it's one of the most versatile food wines, after all. So here's all you need to know to choose, taste, and share the right sparkling wine tonight. Feb 1, 2012 1604
A lighter touch. Jan 1, 2012 211
Malbec of our own: when it comes to the latest red-wine craze, our advice? Go West. Jan 1, 2012 789
Home ports: this Old World powerhouse is surging out West. Our port-style wines might pack old-fashioned sugar levels; but they're not just for dessert anymore. Dec 1, 2011 866
The west's best bottles: our judges tasted 500 wines to bring you the most-extraordinary. Plus this years top wine bars, tasting rooms, and wine pros. Product/service evaluation Nov 1, 2011 1989
Cool Syrah: look to cold climates for the best bottles--dark-fruited, wild, and wonderful. Oct 1, 2011 843
Wine in the West. Product/service evaluation Sep 1, 2011 814
A wine for every elevation; the scenery and the weather: toast your visit to a national wonder with a wine that matches. Aug 1, 2011 427
The wine lover's fish: we netted 5 favorite pairings for wild salmon, plus a simple recipe you can use to test our findings at home. Jul 1, 2011 762
Meet the blancs: three white wines flying under the radar will rock your happy hours this summer, and we've got apps for them all. Jun 1, 2011 979
Silicon Valley's little wine secret. May 1, 2011 168
Wine tripping: where to go and what to drink once you get there, based on your tastes. List May 1, 2011 696
Secret deals: how to get a-list wines for bargain prices. Apr 1, 2011 416
Crazy blends: winemakers are mixing grapes in ways never seen before--with great results. Recipe Mar 1, 2011 904
The party wine of 2011: sparkling rose usually gets only a cameo role at parties--appearing just for the toast and, maybe, the apps. But it should be the star. Jan 1, 2011 336
Wine tasting worth a detour ... Dec 1, 2010 108
Gru-V: the next big word in wine. Dec 1, 2010 600
250+ bottles 9 judges 8 hours: after this year's grand taste-off, 40 bottles rose to the top. Plus we found the people and places that are changing what we're drinking. Product/service evaluation Nov 1, 2010 2177
The Pinot scandal: If the Pinot Noir you're drinking is deep red and very fruity, you might be drinking a fake. Oct 1, 2010 555
Guess where we're drinking wine ... Sep 1, 2010 196
Great sushi matches: pairing with sushi can be tricky--wasabi and ginger?--but fragrant whites are the secret. Sep 1, 2010 311
A wine fiesta: the west's hot new grapes are Spanish and just right for sipping now. Aug 1, 2010 555
7 great grilling wines: no need to stick to your go-to house red for grilling all-stars. Shake it up with these varieties for tastier matches. Jul 1, 2010 506
Drink Italian: Barbera--beloved red in the boot--is storming the West. Find an impressive cache in California's Sierra Foothills. Buyers guide May 1, 2010 772
Fast-food wine: forget the beer. With the right toppings, burgers and pizza pair even better with these wines. Apr 1, 2010 676
Extreme pairing: the popular new meats (the fine and the faux) are a pairing challenge. Follow our guide to picking the perfect wine companion. Mar 1, 2010 365
The next big wine country ... Southern Oregon. Jan 1, 2010 144
Merlot, the comeback kid: once a darling, then condemned--the grape we love to hate deserves another taste. Jan 1, 2010 142
Sunset wine awards: if you thought the Oscar race was competitive, check out the western wine scene. Here's your indispensable guide to the true stars. Buyers guide Nov 1, 2009 1889
Red, white, or ... green? How to help the Earth and drink good wine. Hint: avoid thick glass bottles. Oct 1, 2009 430
3 ways to get in on the crush. Sep 1, 2009 234
Drink with the fishes: don't settle for the house white at your favorite seafood shack--these matches will really make waves. Sep 1, 2009 685
The best wine pairing on the coast. Aug 1, 2009 87
Your questions answered: this month, we're talking about what's on your mind--and in your glass. Jul 1, 2009 1003

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