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Schlessinger Media.

Schlessinger Media

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Schlessinger Media has produced two outstanding DVD instructional series on the subject of energy. Energy For Children is a five volume set designed for children grades K-4, while Energy In Action is a seven volume set intended for students in grades 5-8. The Energy For Children Series includes What Is Energy? (1417105-763),All About The Uses Of Energy (1417105755), All About Heat (1417105-720), All About The Conservation Of Energy (1417105739), and All About The Transfer Of Energy (1417105747). The Energy In Action Series consists of Electromagnetic Energy (141710564X0, Mechanical Energy (1417105682), Energy Resources: Use And Conservation (14171-05658), The Transfer Of Energy (141710-5704), Nuclear Energy (1417105690), Energy: Potential And Kinetic (1417105-666); and Heat and Chemical Energy (1417105674). Each DVD volume in both series as a 23-minute running time and features English and Spanish language tacks, discussions questions and activities, an investigation data sheet, as well as chapter select and close-captioning. Both the Energy For Children Series and the Energy In Action Series are very strongly recommended for all grade school science teachers and homeschooling parents (a Teacher's Guide" is included and is also available on line, as is the Investigation Data Sheet). Indeed, no elementary school library should be without each of these superbly produced and thoroughly "kid friendly" series as a Science Class curriculum supplement resource.
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Title Annotation:Energy for Children, 5 vols.; Energy in Action, 7 vols.
Publication:Children's Bookwatch
Article Type:Audiovisual review
Date:Jun 1, 2006
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