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Schaefer enters 1993 with new carton.

Schaefer and Schaefer Light rang in the new year with the introduction of a new outerwrap design.

The new graphics are being rolled out just one month after Stroh Brewery Co. introduced its specially-designed, 150th anniversary Schaefer can nationwide.

From mid- to late-January, Schaefer will phase in 12- and 24-packs in the new cartons. The updated graphics feature a "live" pour shot and a Schaefer can on the two main panels.

According to Ed Kopecky, Schaefer brand director, the "live art offers an appealing look at a refreshing beverage."

"The new outer graphics, using a product pour image, should increase in-store brand awareness and improve impulse sales," Kopecky commented. "The depiction of actual product has appetite appeal."
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Title Annotation:Stroh Brewery Co.'s new packaging
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 25, 1993
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