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Schadenfreudean slip.


* The many progressive critics of Wal-Mart "enjoyed a bit of schadenfreude" [Liza Featherstone, "Down and Out in Discount America," Jan. 3] and the TV series Desperate Housewives "showcases...outright schadenfreude" [Richard Goldstein, "Red Sluts, Blue Sluts," Jan. 3]. I ran, faster than an editor I think, to my Sylvia Brownrigg: "Often the people Pi met in Mendocino wanted to hear these terrible stories, the personal disasters, or they quoted them back to her from what they'd read, with a certain glitter in their eyes--giving Pi the chance to wonder again as she once had in a Wittgenstein seminar why there wasn't a word in English for schadenfreude." Do the critics of Wal-Mart and the salacious women of Desperate Housewives wallow together in that very human pleasure taken in other people's misery?

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Title Annotation:Letters
Author:Marko, Jim
Publication:The Nation
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Jan 31, 2005
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