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Moon in motion: how to use a ping-pong perspective to understand lunar phases. Jan 1, 2016 1791
The planets in 2015: season by season the worlds of the solar system parade in and out of view, differently every year. Jan 1, 2015 969
Winter's three-star signpost: use the three stars of Orion's Belt to point you to other celestial wonders. Jan 1, 2006 716
A Sirius matter: there's plenty to see when the Dog Star lights the sky. Jan 1, 2006 724
Gemini at its best: the not-quite twin stars Castor and Pollux stand high overhead as spring stars arrive in the east. Jan 1, 2006 693
The Lion and the Dipper: two landmark star patterns mark spring's arrival. Jan 1, 2006 668
Two stars of spring: Arcturus and Spica stand in the southern sky after dusk in May. Jan 1, 2006 647
June sights bright and dim: a crown, a strongman, and a set of scales can be found in the late-spring sky. Jan 1, 2006 741
Digging up wonders in Scorpius: the many marvels of the Scorpion are now at their highest in the south. Jan 1, 2006 670
The lyre and the archer: Nebulae and star clusters abound in the rich Milky Way these August nights. Jan 1, 2006 742
Summer Triangle at summer's end: the northern Milky Way crosses the zenith as summer turns to autumn. Jan 1, 2006 613
Constellations large and small: the Summer Triangle remains high in the west, while big, dim fall constellations take over the south. Jan 1, 2006 634
Navigating the Great Celestial Sea: finding this month's faint, "fishy" constellations can be a challenge, especially for city observers. Jan 1, 2006 590
Stars of the Andromeda Legend: high in the south some heroic constellations hold remarkable sights. Jan 1, 2006 715

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