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Rains of Fire: Meteor showers elicit wonder in one and all. Dec 1, 2018 714
Conjunction Couplet: As we head into the darkest time of the year, the planets keep us busy with their nightly capers. Dec 1, 2018 1018
Doubles and More in Capricornus: We continue our exploration of the celestial Sea Goat--you might stumble upon some unexpected finds. Column Nov 1, 2018 685
Brilliance at Dawn: Venus blazes as the "Morning Star" this month. Nov 1, 2018 999
The Sea Goat in the Skies: The ancient constellation Capricornus bears an interesting history. Oct 1, 2018 650
Enter the Ice Giants: The brighter planets begin to give way as Uranus and Neptune jostle for our attention this month. Oct 1, 2018 898
Harvesting the Autumn Skies: Be prepared to gaze in wonder upon September's diaphanous delights. Sep 1, 2018 680
Autumn Arrives: As summer gives way to fall, lengthening nights offer planet-spotting from dusk to dawn. Sep 1, 2018 1010
All My Mars at Once--Part 2: Join the author as he continues down Martian Memory Lane. Aug 1, 2018 724
And Then There Were Five: Four bright planets grace the skies, and tiny Mercury appears at the end of the month. Aug 1, 2018 1030
All My Mars at Once: The author shares a lifetime of encounters with the Red Planet. Jul 1, 2018 646
Mars and Its Supporting Cast: July is all about Mars, but the other planets put on a pretty good show, too. Jul 1, 2018 1031
Leap With A Gazelle: This asterism is all about pairs of stars, and pairs within pairs. Column Jun 1, 2018 699
Planets Aplenty: The planets are out in full force this month, and they are joined by an asteroid. Jun 1, 2018 1013
Springtime Skies: Spring ushers in special sights of stars, planets, and more. Apr 1, 2018 690
Mars, Saturn, and the Teapot: Early in the month, the two planets congregate by the Teapot; by the end of the month, Mars slips away from Saturn. Mar 18, 2018 1016
Colors and Clusters: You don't have to wait for summer nights to see a pleasingly colored double star. Column Mar 1, 2018 672
The Return of the Planets: March ushers in all five bright planets, and if you're lucky, you might be able to spot Uranus at the end of the month. Mar 1, 2018 1009
The Great Overdog: Sirius isn't the only star that shines brightly in Canis Major. Jan 10, 2018 653
Before Dawn: Stay up late or rise early to watch Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn glide across the sky. Jan 10, 2018 1028
Across the Zenith: Now is the time to honor your astronomical resolutions. Dec 29, 2017 688
Planetary Pairings: Be prepared to get up early this month to see the dance of the planets. Dec 29, 2017 1006
A Cornucopia of Celestial Curiosities: The year's end prompts reminiscences of stellar things past. Nov 22, 2017 689
December Delights: The Moon occults Aldebaran, and Mars and Jupiter dance with a star. Nov 22, 2017 899
A thrilling trio: these three variable stars will hold your attention for nights on end. Nov 1, 2017 627
At the edge of the day: all the bright planets congregate at either dusk or dawn this month. Nov 1, 2017 1163
Stellar Splendour: a deepest, darkest sky offers an extraordinary encounter with the stars. Sep 29, 2017 645
A pretty pair: Venus and Mars dance at dawn. Saturn sets early in the evening. Sep 29, 2017 1047
Diamond of three rings: a total solar eclipse offers the most spectacular of jewels. Aug 17, 2017 627
Morning marvels: look to the pre-dawn sky for a series of close planetary pairings this month. Aug 17, 2017 985
Shadow from beyond our world: how can we describe the wonder and awe we experience during a total solar eclipse? Column Aug 1, 2017 637
Eclipse, at last: the "Great American" total solar eclipse is this month's star attraction. Aug 1, 2017 1057
Enter the summer citadel: the sights and scents of the season encourage a visit to an old friend. Jul 1, 2017 637
Four out of five: whether you're a night owl or an early riser, you can observe a bright planet this month. Jul 1, 2017 941
Night train: summer memories are shaped by the rhythm arid the motion of the sky. Jun 1, 2017 647
Aim high: Jupiter and Saturn offer good telescopic views for late-night summer observing. Jun 1, 2017 1038
Virgo's flames: the stars of this outsize constellation burn brighter than expected. May 1, 2017 627
Jove owns the night: Jupiter puts on an overnight show, but Saturn soon approaches the stage. May 1, 2017 1039
Winter departs: watch this month as the winter sky transitions into spring. Apr 1, 2017 641
Mercury maxes out: the tiny planet climbs to its highest altitude of the year in April, while Jupiter reaches opposition. Apr 1, 2017 972
Mythical Beast: take a moment--or more--to meander through Monoceros, the Unicorn, this month. Mar 1, 2017 626
An evening-morning star: vivid Venus shines in evening twilight--and then again at dawn. Mar 1, 2017 1071
Between the dogs: Canis Major and Canis Minor frame a dim but intriguing patch of sky. Feb 1, 2017 636
Brilliant Venus owns the evening sky: Mars accompanies the bright planet early; Jupiter shows up a bit later. Feb 1, 2017 925
Wonders of the year-start sky: now is the time to seek new sights by night--and by day. Jan 1, 2017 691
The evening star reigns supreme: Venus lights the southwest in twilight, while Mars and Neptune rendezvous nearby. Jan 1, 2017 892
Through a high window: peer into the awesome majesty of the starry skies. Dec 1, 2016 639
Diamond anniversary: Mark the occasion with an exploration of royal riches. Nov 1, 2016 646
A study in Cepheus: a meditation on a small section of the celestial globe. Oct 1, 2016 662
Tower of light: Saturn, Venus, and Antares fall into line near the end of October. Oct 1, 2016 932
Shoreless seas, stars uncounted: this month we finish our fantastical float down the Milky Way. Sep 1, 2016 672
Summertide sailing: search for treasure as you navigate the Milky Way river. Aug 1, 2016 642
August's double convergences: observe a series of planetary get-togethers this month. Aug 1, 2016 893
Sailing a starry river: take a journey down the summer Milky Way. Column Jul 1, 2016 644
Full house: every planet in the solar system makes an appearance this month. Jul 1, 2016 793
The seal of the sky: the patterns we draw in the sky capture our hopes and ancient dreams. Jun 1, 2016 641
Three planet night: Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars shine in the dark, Mercury peeks up at dawn. Jun 1, 2016 875
The tale of all tails: from comets to constellations, May is the month for celestial tails. May 1, 2016 664
Mars comes close: Mars gives us our closest look in a decade, while Mercury puts on a show. May 1, 2016 936
Planetary Almanac. Table Apr 1, 2016 644
A secret flame: find an individual hidden among the thousands. Apr 1, 2016 624
Four fine planets: April spreads a variety of sights along the ecliptic. Apr 1, 2016 876
The power of two: stellar pairings offer a beauty of their own. Mar 1, 2016 661
A thousand stars: count the possibilities in the night skies of winter. Feb 1, 2016 637
Jupiter blazes in the night: look to the morning for the other bright planets. Feb 1, 2016 851
Many bright beginnings: the sky offers a number of choices for marking the start of your year. Jan 1, 2016 632
New Year's celebration: Venus and Saturn come together for a close conjunction early in January. Jan 1, 2016 873
The zero hour: the Greek hero Perseus leads us to his secret stellar stash. Dec 1, 2015 645
The before breakfast club: you'll need to be up and out early to catch December's planetary happenings. Dec 1, 2015 948
In praise of Pisces: a dim zodiac constellation offers some surprising attractions. Nov 1, 2015 711
The morning show: early risers will enjoy the best views of November's solar system happenings. Nov 1, 2015 944
Legends in three directions: the stars of the October sky spell out a trio of ancient tales. Oct 1, 2015 628
A climax of conjunctions: three bright planets converge in grand groupings at dawn. Oct 1, 2015 887
Stars for a moonlit night: a total lunar eclipse brings out a sky full of stars. Column Sep 1, 2015 635
Getting to know "The Kneeler": Hercules holds a number of unfamiliar yet wondrous objects. Aug 1, 2015 649
Saturn flies solo: evening belongs to the ringed planet, early morning to Mars. Aug 1, 2015 956
Storm clouds and star clouds: make the sky part of your annual summer vacation. Travel narrative Jul 1, 2015 644
The magical midnight hour: stay up late to see the summer skies at their best. Jun 1, 2015 623
They meet at last: Jupiter and Venus come together in an epic conjunction. Jun 1, 2015 946
The Spica hour: three bright stars and a celestial arch mark the month of May. Column May 1, 2015 653
Good things come in threes: Venus, Mercury, and Saturn dazzle in the month of May. May 1, 2015 933
The pilgrim's way: Venus and Jupiter lead us on a journey through spring skies. Apr 1, 2015 636
Encounter at Aldebaran: Venus takes us on a grand tour of Taurus. Apr 1, 2015 937
A swarm of stars: the beehive brightens a dim stretch of the night sky. Mar 1, 2015 624
Venus rises, mars lowers: Venus and Jupiter move higher as Mars sinks from view. Mar 1, 2015 1020
The dog nights of winter: Sirius is mighty in winter--and summer, too. Feb 1, 2015 659
Another close one: Venus and Mars come together for a study in contrasts. Feb 1, 2015 910
The Winter Hunter: Orion's splendor exceeds that of all other constellations. Jan 1, 2015 615
Far As "Eye" can see: test your long-distance vision in December's skies. Dec 1, 2014 625
Jupiter comes into its own: the king of planets rises high before midnight in late December. Dec 1, 2014 866
The harvest of the autumn sky: November nights offer several succulent star patterns. Poem Nov 1, 2014 601
A three-planet month: Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter are in good view this November. Nov 1, 2014 943
Doubling up in Cygnus: the celestial Swan boasts some of the sky's best double stars. Oct 1, 2014 628
A busy October for the Moon: the Moon experiences one eclipse, causes another, and hides Saturn. Oct 1, 2014 964
The bird of the starry way: Cygnus is a source of endlessly varied delight. Sep 1, 2014 622
August: Milky Way County: visit the magical land where the Milky Way reigns supreme. Aug 1, 2014 598
Venus meets Jupiter at dawn: the two brightest planets have a remarkably close conjunction in August. Aug 1, 2014 928
The fabulous five: the globular clusters of summer are amazing to view. Jul 1, 2014 654
Two close conjunctions: the Moon passes very close to Mars and Saturn in July's evening sky. Jul 1, 2014 888
Between spring & summer: the stars in and north of Libra are faint but fascinating. Jun 1, 2014 618

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