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Scents help find Mr. or Ms. Right. (Your Life).

Singles will have a much better chance of meeting the man or woman of their choice with perfumes and colognes containing human pheromones, maintains Gary Havel, president of Intimate Research Inc., a Worth, Ill., company that specializes in mixing human sex pheromones with fragrances. "Experiments have proven that pheromones can attract the opposite sex and lead to better sex lives for people who apply a few drops of pheromone fragrance each day. Of course, single people will always continue to meet new people, but pheromone fragrances give people a distinct advantage in attracting more people, which translates into more opportunities to meet `Mr. or Ms. Right.'"

One of nature's many pressing concerns is reproduction of the human species, he points out. As a result, humans rely upon all of their senses in making crucial decisions about mating. Sight, smell, and subconscious instincts all play a part in this decisionmaking process, as humans make their choices of potential mates. The most-overlooked part of this equation is the human sex pheromone, which, when emitted in sufficient quantities, sends subconscious signals about strong health and physical well-being to potential partners of the opposite sex.

Pheromones work best if applied to the upper body and the back of the hand. The latter is crucial because people tend to gesture with their hands when talking, which will help to emit the pheromones more effectively. Beyond that advice, Havel reminds singles seeking mates to incorporate all of the other elements that make one attractive to the opposite sex, including a nice smile, eye contact, and positive body language.
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Publication:USA Today (Magazine)
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Date:Mar 1, 2003
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