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Scents, calls, lures & decoys.

Super Charged

Designed to destroy game spooking odors at the molecular level is the new Super Charged Scent Killer from Wildlife Research Center. Not only will the Super Charged Scent Killer work wet or dry, it continues to work days after drying to keep giving hunters an advantage over a big buck's best defense--his nose.

Contact: Wildlife Research Center, Dept PB, (763) 427-3350;


Suckerin' Song Dogs

Coyotes are notorious for staying just out of range. The new Kojo Coyote from Montana Decoys will draw these wary predators a little closer. The Kojo Coyote opens to a life-sized 21-by-22 inches, but collapses into a 10-by-l0-by-2-inch bundle, making it extremely portable. It weighs just a pound.

Contact: Montana Decoy, Dept. PB, (406) 748-3092;


Heat It Up

Tink's Hot Bomb #69 Doe-In-Rut contains a pre-loaded scent pad that disperses scent into the air after being warmed by an air-activated heat pouch. The scent pad is loaded with Tink's popular #69 Doe-In-Rut lure and lasts up to four hours, even in freezing temperatures. Each package contains two Hot Bombs--one for the morning hunt and one for the afternoon hunt.

Contact: Tink's, Dept. PB, (800) 624-5988;


Versatile Call

Looking to expand on their popular Bowgrunter Plus call, A-Way Hunting Products has produced the new Dual Grunter. The Dual Grunter produces the same authentic sounds of the Bowgrunter and can be used hands free or by simply attaching a newly-designed mouth piece and lanyard as a conventional call. Four settings allow hunters to produce fawn, doe, buck and dominant buck calls.

Contact: A-Way Hunting Products, Dept. PB, (989) 435-3879;


Stretchy Scent Wick

A unique stretchy "elasimar" ring at the top of Code Blue's new Elastiwick allows archers to hang them just about anywhere. Made with a super-absorbent material that holds and won't alter scent, the Elastiwick also can be used as an easy-to-see yardage marker thanks to its fluorescent orange ring.

Contact: Code Blue Scents, Dept. PB, (251) 368-4089;


Bye-Bye Bad Odors

Doc's new Evade AG Silver Scent Elimination Spray uses nanoparticulate silver to kill odor-causing bacteria. Evade Silver will not fade hunting clothes or corrode rubber or plastic. In addition to killing game-spooking odors, Evade Silver has antiseptic qualities, so it can even be used to prevent infection in minor cuts, burns and scrapes.

Contact: Doc's Deer Scents, Dept. PB, (330) 539-9572;


Bust Those Odors

Designed for use on skin or clothing, the new Odor Buster from CommonScents uses anti-bacterial enzyme technology to prevent and kill a broad spectrum of odor molecules. A 360-degree nozzle allows the Odor Buster to be sprayed upside down and on it's side to ensure easy usage in the field.

Contact: CommenScents, Dept. PB, (866) 326;


Lay A Trail

The Arro-Drag from Ol' Drop Tyne gives archery hunters the option of laying a scent trail with one of their arrows instead of dragging the scent directly behind them. The Arro-Drag's cord, which attaches directly to the arrow, is made of FX-3 material that won't absorbodors, is knot resistant and won't crack or break down over time.

Contact: Ol' Drop Tyne, Dept, PB, (866) 526-8801;


Clean Your Clothes

Designed for use in all washing machines (even high-efficiency units), the new C-104 Odor Eliminating Laundry Detergent from Cover Up Hunting Products is non-fading and non-sudsing. No chemical subsiding agent is added to the Odor Eliminating Laundry Detergent, so it leaves no soap smell on your hunting duds.

Contact: Cover Up Hunting Products, Dept. PB, (417) 336-4930;


In The Field Protection

Dead Down Wind Prevents odor through the use of bio-engineered enzymes, and their new e3 Scent Prevent Field Wash Cloths are perfect for hunters on the go. The cloths are 100 percent biodegradable and come in 20-count packs that work equally well for a trip to a local woodlot or a foray into more exotic territory.

Contact: Dead Down Wind, Dept. PB, (888) 486-8339;


Clean Scent Dispersal

Big Buck Ballz from Innovative Hunting Solutions are equipped with a wicking material that conserves scent without sacrificing effectiveness. Big Buck Ballz are leak proof, airtight available in hunter orange or black and are intended to be thrown from a hunter's stand location--eliminating the potential to leave game-spooking human scent around the Big Buck Ballz location.

Contact: Innovative Hunting Solutions, Dept. PB, (248) 926-4500;


Prepare Your Decoy The Right Way

A decoy will only work well if it is devoid of game-spooking odors, which is why Hunter's Specialties has introduced the Scent-A-Way Deer Decoy Kit. The Kit contains Antibacterial Body Soap and Shampoo, Advanced Formula Spray, six pairs of latex gloves for in-the-field decoy handling and three Prime Time deer scents, including Dominant Buck Urine, Premium Doe Estrus and Tom Miranda Tarsal Supreme. The Kit also comes with instructional DVD and scent-safe bag.

Contact: Hunter's Specialties, Dept. PB, (319) 395-0321;


Hot Elk Talk

Primos' Baby Hoochie--a smaller version of the popular Hoochie Mama--is smaller than its big brother but produces the same authentic sliding notes cows and calves produce. The Baby Hoochie was designed to mimic the sound of a young elk and a mature cow simultaneously calling back and forth to one another. Use this call in conjunction with the Hoochie Mama for the ultimate in herd talk.

Contact: Primos Hunting Calls, Dept. PB, (601) 879-9323;


Tricking Bucks

Add realism to your decoy with Real Scent's Pro Series Decoy Packs. Available in two models, the Doe Decoy and Buck Decoy packs, both include two ounces of scent, two felt-lined canisters with velcro backs and a 14-inch Velcro strap. Just warp the strap around the leg and attach one of the canisters after you have applied scent to it. This keeps your decoy smiling better during transport and storage and is a great method to lure in deer.

Contact: Real Scent, Dept. PB, (660) 665-1515;


Scent Bomb

Tink's and Buck Bomb have teamed up for 2009, and they're bringing to life the new Tink's Buck Bomb. The new bomb holds Tink's #69 Doe-In-Rut Buck Lure, which is 100 percent natural urine collected from live whitetail does during their estrus cycle. Once you're located and area to use Buck Bomb, simply press the valve tab softly to release short bursts of scent or lock it down and place the bomb on the ground for a continuous spray until the bottle is empty.

Contact: Tink's, Dept. PB, (800) 624-5988;


Simple Squeeze

Flextone joined the Bone Collector team to develop the new Buck Collector Deer Call. With a soft, flexible design that mimics that soft tissue if an animal's neck, mouth and tongue, the all-in-one call can produce all vocalizations by simply squeezing the labeled buttons on the call while you blow. You can instantly change from a fawn bleat to a distress bawl or from a doe bleat to a snort-wheeze. No matter what deer vocalizations you need, the Buck Collector will produce it.


Contact: Flextone Game Calls, Dept. PB, (866) 995-4263;
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