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Scent Marketing - the ROI is in.

Toronto, Canada, June 20, 2014 --( Nose Knows Design's Scent Canister Campaign has demonstrated how the incorporation of scent within a retail space can drive sales. The goal of the campaign was to increase candle sales in partner stores by adding a feature aroma, pure peony blush, in the area of the merchandise. The results saw a 173.98% increase in specific candle sales and a 153.42% increase in overall home fragrance sales.

Objectives of the Scent Canister Campaign were as follows:

Create soft aroma that is pleasing to staff and not overpowering

Increase candle sales by incorporating the aroma within a target area

Test logistics were as follows:

Four scented vs. unscented stores were compared over three weeks

Scent was dispersed from a battery-operated unit that created a silent scent trail

Fragrance machines were enclosed in custom canisters

Canisters were placed on tabletops with displays supporting merchandise for Mothers Day

The environment created by the addition of the fragrance encouraged longer engagement within the space and with the merchandise, with customers and staff alike reporting positive experiences.

Nose Knows Design founder and Scent Designer, Tracy Pepe comments:

Nose Knows Design helps to generate a powerful sensory experience that makes a memorable impression. The scented dimension supports the space's overall aesthetics and emotional impact, helping to establish a stronger brand. For over twenty years Nose Knows Design has been scenting spaces and celebrating the positive use of scent.

Scent Designer - Tracy Pepe is a pioneer in Scent Design and was the first to scent a commercial space in Canada. Tracy has garnered multiple distinctions and accolades within the fragrance industry throughout her career and in 2000, she wrote and published her first book, So, What's all the Sniff About?

Tracy owns a patent pending for Dry Diffused Scented Banner Application Process an original Canadian Invention.

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Tracy Pepe


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Date:Jun 20, 2014
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