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Scary surgeons.

The Question: Do children prefer physicians that wear surgical masks or clear plastic face shields?

The Study: Eighty children four to ten years old and their guardians were shown two pictures of male and female physicians. In one picture the doctor was wearing a clear plastic face shield; in the other the doctor wore the traditional surgical face mask that covers the doctor's nose and mouth. The parents were asked which doctor (wearing face shield or surgical mask) their children would prefer to treat them. The children were asked the same question.

The Results: Fifty-one percent of the parents preferred the face shield photo, and 62% thought their children would prefer the doctors that wore the face shield. They reasoned their children could see the doctor's full face with the face shield and this would be less frightening. The kids didn't really care--59% reported either mask was fine and neither mask was frightening.

Comment: Sometimes parents have a misconception about what may frighten their children.

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Date:Sep 1, 2009
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