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Scarily tasty tipples to try...

The Brain Haemorrhage cocktail IF YOU'RE planning a Halloween party, why not get creative on the drinks front and impress your guests with something different? The theatrical mixing skills of Chris Cable and David Cook at The Cocktail Project have been described as a cross between Heston Blumenthal and Brian Cox and here they share some of their dastardly ideas.

BOO HOO PUNCH WITH GHOSTLY ICE HAND (SERVES 8) TO MAKE your punch, mix 125ml Vodka (five shots), 125ml Peach Schnapps (five shots) and one litre of pomegranate juice. For the hand, fill a rubber glove three-quarters full with water or any consumable liquid, tie a knot in the opening and wrap with an elastic band. Add a touch of grenadine or lime cordial to the water and your severed hand will have gangrene!

For best results hang from the elastic band in the freezer as this keeps the shape. Cut it open and put into a large mixing bowl or cauldron with your Boo Hoo Punch. You could also place the bowl into a hollowed out pumpkin filled with ice and water, which acts as a cooler.

BRAIN HAEMORRHAGE CHRIS says: "We've channelled our know-how about the density of different drinks for this clever cocktail, which always creates a 'wow'."

It's two-thirds Archers, one third Baileys and a drop of pomegranate Grenadine.

The sugary peach schnapps stays at the bottom while the Irish cream floats on top. As the Grenadine is heavier it sinks through the Baileys intact, dragging it down like a brain stem. Very Frankenstein's lab.

EYEBALLS (above) A TINNED lychee stuffed with a red grape or cherry looks like an eyeball floating in your drink.

It's much more fun bobbing for eyeballs than apples! If you have a spherical ice cube tray you can make eyeball ice cubes too. Start by freezing a drop of blackcurrant cordial in each compartment, then top up with chilled water which leaves a little red pupil. Alternatively use raisins or red edible ball bearings for the pupil.

KIDS VANILLA VAMPIRE MILKSHAKE YOU don't need to spend a fortune on exotic ingredients so here's a great budget idea for the kids. Blend three scoops of vanilla ice cream, 50ml of milk and a handful of crushed ice to create the milkshake.

Then trickle the Grenadine you bought for the Brain Haemorrhage down the inside of the glass to create the effect of 'blood' dripping down.

The Cocktail Project is based at Fat Buddha, 55 Degrees North, Pilgrim St, Newcastle, NE1 6BL. For details go to @cocktailclasses on Twitter.


David and Chris at The Cocktail Project based in Fat Buddha
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