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Scared singer.


I have a really good singing voice, but whenever I have to sing in front of someone, I get scared, talked to my mom, but she told me to just take a deep breath and close my eyes. That was no help.

Dear Scared Singer,

Sounds like you have a gift, so why not share it? Everyone feels shy at times, and nervousness is natural. But work to find your courage so you can start belting out songs rather than keeping quiet about your voice. Can you take voice lessons? can you sing for an easy audience, such as a kind aunt or grandmom? Think about the singers who are your role models, then picture yourself taking the stage and wowing the crowd as they do. Start by just singing in the shower, then slowly and surely give yourself permission to shine. Hey, if you have a good singing voice, the rest of us want to have the pleasure of hearing it.
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Author:Weston, Carol
Publication:Girls' Life
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Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Aug 1, 2008
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