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Scantek, Inc.

Scantek offers accredited calibration of sound and vibration instruments and transducers. They are the only laboratory in the USA that is NIST NVLAP accredited for ISO 17025. Their laboratory can perform automatic or semi-automatic calibrations on just about all sound level meters, acoustical calibrators, microphones, intensity probes, preamplifiers, accelerometers, analyzers, tapping machines, and windscreens.

Because calibration requirements in the USA are somewhat lax compared to European industry and government, Scantek tends to pick up previous customers, those wanting an accredited test, and those needing a calibration for an urgent calibrated test. The industries exporting to Europe and Asia seem to be most in need of high quality calibrations. Scantek, Inc.

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Author:Peppin, Richard J.
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Date:Oct 1, 2004
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