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Scanning system delivers high-speed text recognition and image capture.

Scanning System Delivers High-Speed Text Recognition and Image Capture

Xerox Imaging Systems (XIS) has announced Scan WorX, a new scanning system which allows users to achieve high-speed text recognition and image capture on the Sun platform.

ScanWorX runs under the UNIX operating system with Sun's Sun View Graphical User Interface on the Sun 3X, 4, SLC, and Sparc workstations. XIS also plans to offer ScanWorX under Sun's Open Look Graphical User Interface.

ScanWorX is the only bundled text and graphics scanning solution available in the Sun environment. The system includes a high resolution 400 dpi scanner, an automatic document feeder and XIS' ICR software. The system is optimized to meet the needs of Sun users who require a full range of scanning applications.

ScanWorX is designed for users with text-intensive applications that run on workstations, such as those found in corporate publishing, office automation and database-inclusive environments.

Developed specifically to increase user productivity, ScanWorX is ideal for the management of projects which include the major re-keying of documentation. Documents can include manuscripts, user manuals, technical documentation, books, etc.

ScanWorX offers users the ability to scan documents into Sun workstations with the highest degree of accuracy and speed. The product scans at a rate of three to four seconds per page, dependent upon page size.

ScanWorX includes XIS' proprietary software, which incorporates a highly advanced version of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) known as Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR).

The ICR software's omnifont technology allows ScanWorX to recognize virtually any typeface and point size, including those that are underscored, italicized or bolded. This, combined with the software's ability to "learn" as it recognizes, allows ScanWorX to provide users with the highest degree of accuracy during the recognition process.

ScanWorX offers users a variety of features designed to optimize application performance.

Interactive Character Verifier allows the user to optionally interact with the system to provide the highest degree of accuracy on degraded documents. The system learns from this interaction and applies the knowledge to subsequent pages and even future documents. This feature allows ScanWorX to process poor quality documents.

Manual Page Segmentation allows the user to manually segment pages to be scanned. This process allows text and graphics to be identified on the same page in a single pass or allows for selected areas of the page to be captured. Once scanned, these zones form a template which can be applied to similar pages throughout the rest of the document or to other documents. Pages can also be previewed, allowing the user to view document quality on screen following scanning.

Tiff Queue allows the user to scan hundreds of pages quickly and continously, while delaying recognition. The user is then able to customize templates that allow the documents to be processed during off-peak times, such as overnight, without user intervention.

Style-Based Conversion allows documents containing text and graphics to be scanned and output in standard publishing industry formats such as Interleaf and FrameMaker. Documents containing only text can be output in ASCII or in specialized files, such as KDOC, the standard interface between XIS' ICR products and Valanche Development Company's intelligent visual recognition and document mark-up technology.

Language Recognition recognizes 10 languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Finnish, Swedish, and Norwegian.

The product, which has been in beta test at numerous sites in major U.S. corporations since January is available now.

ScanWorX is priced at $17,950. There will be a cost of $2,500 for each additional workstation needing software access.
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Publication:Information Today
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Date:Apr 1, 1991
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