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Scan a form...Get a Website; ExperTelligence demonstrates how to convert scanned forms into complete Websites.

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 14, 1997--ExperTelligence Inc. (OTC:EXGP), a leading-edge Internet software publisher, will demonstrate WebBase with new product add-on ExperForms in conjunction with Caere's OmniForm Internet Publisher, which, along with other products, enable users to build fully functional, dynamic Websites and databases from a scanned paper form.

WebBase with ExperForms, which also includes Webber/Active, E-Merge and WebWizard, will be sold at an introductory price of 40 percent below retail during the week of Spring Internet World.

WebBase is a dynamic Web server that connects ODBC databases to the Web, providing for automatic Web page generation by ExperForms, a new, revolutionary product add-on to WebBase. With ExperForms, there is no need for CGI scripting, programming or APIs. Simply "scan and click" with OmniForm Internet Publisher and watch ExperForms do its magic. Change a paper forms-based process to an interactive Web-based process -- quickly and easily.

OmniForm Internet Publisher, created by Caere Corp., is the easiest and most cost-effective way to move paper forms onto an intranet or the World Wide Web. By scanning existing paper forms into OmniForm Internet Publisher, they can be turned into Web-ready documents with the exact look and layout of the originals. In a matter of minutes, WebBase and ExperForms build a complete, functioning Website from one or more scanned forms created by OmniForm Internet Publisher. All the HTML files and codes connecting the files to the database are created automatically. Within seconds, all the Web pages for adding, updating, searching and displaying records are up and running.

"Together, WebBase and OmniForm Internet Publisher offer a whole new dimension to electronic forms on the Web," said Denison Bollay, chief executive officer of ExperTelligence. "Never before has anyone been able to create a Website and database from a scanned form and store that information on the fly to a database. This powerful solution will cause executives to stop and re-think how they utilize the Web to help their companies grow and compete."

Webber/Active's tag editing model, based on the highly acclaimed Webber HTML editor, gives complete access to tags while helping to ensure documents are correct. Project-based editing provides single file access to all files on a Website, allowing users to group together all files pertaining to the project.

"Perhaps the most impressive feature of Webber/Active is how it integrates the editing task with project management tools and a built-in preview of the page," added Bollay. "This cohesive environment provides a dramatic increase in productivity."

E-Merge is a product add-on to WebBase, designed to allow users to conveniently send email directly from a WebBase from.

The WebBase WebWizard is a collection of wizards designed to aid in the rapid development of WebBase-hosted Websites and in the comprehension of the WebBase server development environment. The key advantages of the WebWizard are the increased ease of use and ability to rapidly develop a Website.

For a special discounted price of $1,495, the following products are available from March 10-14 at Internet World: WebBase with ExperForms, Caere's OmniForm Internet Publisher, Webber/Active, E-Merge and WebWizard. Actual retail price for the above products is $2,495. For those wishing to add only ExperForms as a product add-on to WebBase, it is available for $995. Other products sold separately include Webber/Active ($149) ExperLink ($295) and E-Merge ($295).

WebBase, ExperForms and OmniForm Internet Publisher are 32-bit applications running on Windows 95 or Windows NT. The system requires a scanner (optional), ODBC drivers, WebBase, ExperForms, OmniForm Internet Publisher and a browser with Caere's OmniForm Internet Publisher Filler plug-in. The products can be purchased direct from ExperTelligence.

ExperTelligence is a leading-edge Internet software publisher specializing in Internet applications and object-oriented technologies and the inventor of the Web Data Interchange (WDI) concept. ExperTelligence products are used by Fortune 500 companies and in more than 77 countries. At Internet World, ExperTelligence is exhibiting at booth No.4187 in Kentia Hall. For more information, contact David Swan, ExperTelligence Inc., 203 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. Voice: 805/962-2558 Fax: 805/962-5188. Email: Download WebBase directly from ExperTelligence's Website at

CONTACT: ExperTelligence Inc.

Brian Colvin, 805/962-2558


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Date:Mar 14, 1997
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