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Scammers Are Pushing A Fake Nintendo Switch Emulator.

The Nintendo Switch hasn't just been a hit for the company that created it; it's also providing a boon for scammers, who are advertising a fake emulator service that claims to allow gamers to play Nintendo Switch games on their computer, according to a ( report from Motherboard.

Labeled as "Switch Emulator," the software has popped up on YouTube and Github-an open source software repository-purporting to allow gamers to play popular Nintendo Switch titles, including the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild . In actuality, the emulator is a scam set up to generate cash for its creators.

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A ( post on r/emulation -a community for emulators, which allow games from a specific platform to be played on other devices-warned anxious gamers to stay away from Switch emulators, which are starting to sprout up across the internet.

The demand for emulators is understandable; the console has been selling better than expected since its launch, with ( more than 1.5 million of the unique console sold. The Switch has ( sold out in markets around the world, making it harder than expected for gamers to get their hands on it.

In addition, the majority of those console buyers have picked up the latest Zelda title, which has been the darling of the gaming world and has racked up top scores in just about every review. Gamers without the Switch in hand still want to experience the instant classic title, and an emulator would make that possible.

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Unfortunately, the Switch Emulator is too good to be true. Despite its promise, and legitimate-looking website that purports to show screenshots of the emulator in action, there is no emulation tool for Switch games.

Instead, those who are tricked by the allure of the virtual console will be greeted with link after link that send them down the rabbit hole of spam-riddled websites that are likely generating revenue for the creators of the scam.

The Switch isn't the only target of this type of scam. Popular Wii U emulator Cemu-which can legitimately play the Wii U version of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on a PC-has also become the target of scammers.

A warning ( posted to the emulator's subreddit community alerted users of knockoffs that have been laced with viruses. An official version of the emulator is available through the creator's ( Patreon page.

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Date:Mar 15, 2017
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