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Scam Artist Returns and Gets Shot.

WKWB reported out of western New York on November 6 about a home invasion in Genesee County that resulted in a shooting. Police say a masked gunman forced his way into an elderly couple's house and demanded money at gunpoint. The 76-year-old husband heard knocking at the door and opened it, only to have a man wearing a ski mask shove his way into the house.

The armed suspect ordered the elderly couple into the back of the first floor of the residence, and the homeowner complied, knowing that he stored a double-barrel shotgun back there. "I hurried up and went down, he didn't follow me right away. I backed up against the wall, reached up and got the shotgun. 1 put it behind me. He couldn't see it. He turned around, dropped his money and he reached down and I shot from the hip. He went down," the homeowner later told WKBW. The elderly man's wife immediately called 911 and police soon arrived. The injured suspect was airlifted to a nearby medical facility for treatment and was later identified as 36-year-old Charles Cooper.

In an interesting twist, it would later become known that Cooper, along with his brother, had done some paving work at the elderly couple's house two years previously and allegedly tried scamming them out of money. The Batavia Daily News reported on November 6 that the Cooper brothers allegedly had scammed numerous people out of money with a fraudulent paving business. When told that the suspect was the same man and shown his picture, the wife responded to the Batavia Daily News, "Oh my goodness that is him.... He did work here two summers ago and never came back to finish it. I was going to call the Better Business Bureau but I never did." The wife stated that the men kept trying to raise the price on the couple by telling them "that we needed this and that.... The price they gave us was atrocious ... I remember we were on our way to the dentist and it was kind of a last-second decision. They did the work while we were gone." The Batavia Daily News reported that the Cooper brothers, as well as other family members, have a long record of similar scams throughout the area, as well as other states.

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Author:Krey, Patrick
Publication:The New American
Date:Jan 20, 2020
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