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Can Government Print Unlimited CASH? Cover story May 10, 2021 4350
They Call It Infrastructure Spending: To provide cover for the fact that the Biden administration is blowing money on socialist, ill-advised boondoggles, the spending has been dubbed "infrastructure" spending. May 10, 2021 1742
TRIMMING BIG GOVERNMENT. Cover story Mar 23, 2020 4780
The INFLATION TAX. Mar 23, 2020 1912
GERM OF TOTALITARIANISM: Humans' fear of killer germs--this time the Coronavirus--can be used to stir up calls for authoritarian government controls on a populace. Mar 9, 2020 3007
The Left's "ABC" Syndrome: The Left has an "anything but Christianity" attitude because it wants to erase individuality and God-given human rights--both products of Christianity--to empower government. Dec 23, 2019 2747
ACT NOW To Live Poor: The UN's plan for you: The UN's ActNow program goes into detail about the individual sacrifices the UN wants everyday Americans to make--and to pressure legislators to make it happen. Cover story Nov 4, 2019 4891
Socialism Explained: Socialism means different things to different people--from Medicare for All to complete government control of society--so we explain what it is, as well as misconceptions about it. Sep 2, 2019 5576
SOCIALIST REALITIES: The flaws of socialism are somewhat hidden in countries that enacted socialism after they were wealthy, but in countries that instituted it when they were poor, the trends are clear. Travel narrative Sep 2, 2019 2577
TRUMP'S Budget Priorities: If you were hoping that President Trump would seek to balance the budget and cut unconstitutional spending (eliminating socialism as he goes), you'll be disappointed. Apr 22, 2019 2985
China's New on the World Stage. Feb 18, 2019 4557
"FREE TRADE" ISN'T REALLY ABOUT TRADE: "Free trade" sounds great to most business people, but free trade treaties are about giving up a country's powers and people's rights to unaccountable international entities. Aug 20, 2018 2938
MANAGE THE MONEY, MANAGE THE WORLD: Since the 1940s, globalist elites have angled to simultaneously rid the world of national currencies and create a world currency--in a bid to centrally control the planet. Aug 20, 2018 3528
ELECTING CONSTITUTIONALISTS: With President Trump's efforts to "drain the Swamp" in Washington being stymied by both Republican and Democratic liberals, election support for constitutionalists is necessary. Aug 6, 2018 3422
DONE WITH CONSERVATIVE DEMOCRATS: Once upon a time in the Democratic Party, there were conservative Democrats--politicians and voters who cared about the country and its inhabitants as well as about right and wrong. Aug 6, 2018 1256
Why Most Americans WON'T RETIRE WELL: With Americans taking out loans for most of life's big-dollar purchases because prices have inflated along with government printing of money, they don't save enough for old age. Cover story Jul 23, 2018 4138
THEIR PLANS WITH YOUR MONEY: President Trump, Democrats, and Republicans have big plans with your taxes (and your children's future payments) to fund the military, welfare programs, roads, abortions, etc. May 21, 2018 4477
What Happens When Republics Fall? May 7, 2018 986
TRUMP'S TOWERING SPENDING: Though President Donald Trump was elected to rein in government spending and taxing, his budget proposal would boost spending above Obama-era levels, increasing the deficit. Mar 19, 2018 1878
Why Isn't the Largest Monopoly Broken Up? Mar 5, 2018 964
DONALD TRUMP: To the surprise of many of his right-wing critics, after his election, Donald Trump moved right in his policies, unlike Republican presidents from previous decades, who moved left. Feb 19, 2018 4397
What Constitutes a Constitutional Crisis. Jan 22, 2018 1014
Why Not Lower Taxes Through Less Government? Dec 18, 2017 1005
Should a New Constitutional Convention Be Called to Fix the Constitution? Nov 20, 2017 965
Should the Government Make Disrespecting the Flag or the National Anthem Illegal? Nov 6, 2017 970
NATURAL DISASTERS AND GOVERNMENT AID: In the wake of devastation by recent hurricanes, calls are going out for federal aid, but private aid actually does most of the work, is more efficient, and is constitutional. Cover story Oct 23, 2017 4216
Is Gun Control the Answer to Mass Shootings? Oct 23, 2017 1006
What should the government do in times of disaster? Sep 18, 2017 984
Is gold an outmoded currency? Sep 4, 2017 1032
The fruits of socialism: socialism is becoming fashionable around the world usually under the guise of helping those in need--but the universal characteristics of it are poverty, misery, and corruption. Aug 21, 2017 3950
Are minimum-wage laws good policy? Aug 21, 2017 1032
Do free markets lead to concentration of wealth? Aug 7, 2017 958
Should the government help the needy? Jul 24, 2017 993
Don't renegotiate NAFTA: get US out! Cover story Jul 10, 2017 4596
Should one man decide when to take the nation to war? Jun 5, 2017 1021
Trump's first 100 days. May 22, 2017 6727
What is the purpose of the military? Apr 17, 2017 1004
Deep state's relentless attacks on Trump. Apr 17, 2017 776
Should nations enforce national borders? Apr 3, 2017 969
If we had our way: new year's resolutions for the new Congress. Jan 9, 2017 4453
ObamaCare on the brink. Nov 21, 2016 4280
Taking back presidential power. Nov 7, 2016 3279
Does money really need to be controlled by enlightened experts? Oct 10, 2016 991
Could a planned economy ever succeed? Essay Sep 19, 2016 1063
Libertarian Party candidates. Sep 5, 2016 1271
Constitution Party candidates: the Constitution Party bases its positions on morals, the Constitution, and increased opportunities for all Americans. Essay Sep 5, 2016 1312
What's wrong with the redistribution of wealth? Sep 5, 2016 920
Why enumerate powers? Aug 22, 2016 944
Be like me: we've been told for years that the Scandinavians have successful socialism, but they are suffocating their economies and people with taxes, regulations, and social conventions. Book review Aug 22, 2016 2189
Why Wyden? Jul 18, 2016 2775
Is gridlock really a bad thing? Jul 18, 2016 1034
What type of government do we have? Jul 4, 2016 963
Is good government achievable? Jun 20, 2016 974
Ryan the Rino? Jun 6, 2016 3835
What is freedom? Essay May 23, 2016 1012
What is the proper role of government? May 9, 2016 986
Where do rights come from? Apr 18, 2016 1048
Dump Trump, or promote him? Donald Trump showed in the New Hampshire primary that his candidacy has possibilities, but based on his words and actions, should he be the Republicans' man? Cover story Mar 7, 2016 4364
Hello socialism or bye-bye Bernie? Though presently not the preferred choice of leading Democrats, Bernie Sanders appeals to radical leftists--despite simply repackaging typical Democratic dogma. Mar 7, 2016 3078
Benghazi attack retold: the Benghazi attack, the attack that killed a U.S. ambassador to Libya and that the Obama administration blamed on an anti-Muslim film, is depicted, based on eyewitness accounts. Feb 22, 2016 2609
Can some socialism be a good thing? Cover story Feb 8, 2016 5009
The timeless appeal of Star Wars: the new Stars Wars trilogy is off to a promising start, as it revolves around a good storyline, strong differentiation between good and evil, and lots of action. Movie review Feb 8, 2016 2507
Ryan: embracing his new role: in ensuring passage of the omnibus spending bill, Paul Ryan has demonstrated his lack of conservative or constitutional credentials. Cover story Jan 25, 2016 2786
Shedding light on the global green agenda: the story behind why the government caused the demise of the incandescent light bulb is worth knowing, because we're set to see the same scenario repeatedly enacted. Jan 4, 2016 2050
Going global: according to prime ministers, presidents, and dictators around the world, the remedy to climate disruptions is global governance--but why would anyone deem that good? Jan 4, 2016 662
What's behind Bernie's socialism? Cover story Dec 7, 2015 4504
Ryan's rise to speaker: even as House Speaker John Boehner retires because he has lost the confidence of the GOP members whom he leads, Paul Ryan, practically a Boehner clone, will take over. Cover story Nov 23, 2015 2670
Overwhelmed by immigrants: the fall of the Western Roman Empire was precipitated by immigrants--who had fled to Roman protection from the Huns--when the newcomers refused to follow Roman laws. Oct 19, 2015 3005
Greece and what it means to owe: despite yet another bailout and a coming sell-off of the country's assets, Greece is in more financial trouble than before--a lesson Americans should heed immediately. Sep 7, 2015 4240
Turning away from trouble: the United States could learn a lot from the small country of Sri Lanka about terror campaigns and the results of governmental restrictions of personal rights. May 18, 2015 3897
American justice? The Senate Intelligence Committee released a shocking 6,000-page report detailing the systematic abuse of "terror detainees," yet many are defending the practices, up to torture. Feb 2, 2015 3574
Kissingers World Order: at times very clear and readable, and at times vague and opaque, Henry Kissinger's book World Order explains how to finish building world government. Feb 2, 2015 1461
The start of something: though most Americans have likely not heard of Josiah Willard Gibbs, he was an American physicist upon whose works much of science and math revolve. Nov 17, 2014 4123
Land of the free? Cover story Sep 22, 2014 5125
Pleading for a "new world order": prolific author and member of America's elite Robert Kagan pled for America to continue on the path of a U.S.-empowered "new world order"--as we have done for 70 years. Critical essay Jul 28, 2014 2595
Roots of corporatism in America: while beginning as tariffs to raise revenue and protect American businesses, federal intervention in the economy has grown into full-fledged corporatism. Jun 23, 2014 4224
The fading middle class: notwithstanding the very real technological advances that Americans use for their benefit, the standard of living for America's middle class has been declining for decades. Cover story Mar 3, 2014 4715
Liberty's language: Stephen Du Ponceau was a young French linguist who translated for the Continental Army, on his way to becoming an exemplar of liberty's advantages. Biography Feb 17, 2014 4256
Gifts that truly matter: humans are the recipients of extraordinary gifts: a singularly unique, habitable planet, an unmatched ability to use the Earth to our benefit, and a scientifically incomprehensible spirit. Dec 23, 2013 2737
4 lessons from the shoudown: anyone who believed at the beginning of the last government shutdown that Republicans were going to stand on principle to the bitter end hasn't been paying attention. Nov 18, 2013 2110
Rough road to recovery: president Obama has claimed that America is well on its way to economic recovery, but if job figures, incomes, inflation, and debt are any indication, he's wrong. Oct 21, 2013 4224
North American Union: from NAFTA to the NAU: NAFTA was a major step toward an EU-style North American Union; but grassroots pushback has caused elitists to shift strategy to Pacific Rim and European partnerships. Sep 2, 2013 2780
Loan against your life: here's the path to obtaining a financially manageable college degree, since working one's way to the top is not a viable option and the cost of higher education is skyrocketing. Aug 5, 2013 3948
Topping Television Ratings With The Bible: The Bible is a 10-part miniseries retelling stories from the Scriptures, with dazzling visual effects. It adapts the dramatic tales of faith and courage from Genesis through Revelation for a new generation of viewers. May 20, 2013 1491
Private-sector space race: after America landed men on the moon, the space race between Russia and the United States stalled. Now entrepreneurs are enthusiastically investing in space exploration. Apr 22, 2013 4064
Fiscal debt charging ahead: congressional fiscal debates are making headlines, but in reality our representatives are unlikely to substantially cut spending--despite the harsh consequences of failing to do so. Mar 4, 2013 3935
Fiscal cliff repercussions. Feb 4, 2013 806
Rise of Christendom: Christians, despite facing intermittent bouts of slaughter at the hands of Roman leaders, not only grew in numbers over the centuries, they eventually subsumed Rome's Empire. Dec 24, 2012 3651
Political predictions: now that Barack Obama has retained the presidency and Democrats still control the Senate, we can forecast U.S. foreign policy, financial policy, and government growth. Dec 10, 2012 2383
The Assassins: the Assassins refined the murder-for-profit business, cultivating Islamic religious fanaticism among young men to manipulate them to willingly sacrifice their own lives in order to kill. Nov 19, 2012 3495
Concerning China: China has made tremendous strides in the world economy in the last 30 years, and many are predicting this progress to continue. But China has possibly insurmountable problems. Sep 24, 2012 3854
College catastrophe: by encouraging government student loans, and then charging higher tuition, colleges and universities have not only created an economic bubble, they've changed the culture. Aug 20, 2012 3632
Drones over America: even as the U.S. government is showing its willingness to use drones to execute rebellious Americans, the Federal Aviation Administration is issuing permits for drones in the United States. Jun 4, 2012 2112
Knowing every bit about you: supposedly on Americans' behalf the U.S. government is employing new hardware, such as supercomputers, monitoring systems, and laws to literally and figuratively lay us bare at will. May 21, 2012 3335
Paying down U.S. debt before it's too late: the U.S. national debt is not as high as it has ever been as a percentage of GDP, but it's closing fast and is in dangerous territory. We can - and must - pay down the debt. Apr 9, 2012 4244
(South) American killing fields: in 1978, the "reverend" Jim Jones, who actually preached a message of atheistic socialism and heaven on Earth, instigated hundreds of deaths in Jonestown, Guyana. Mar 19, 2012 4216
Is it nuts to let Iran go nuclear? Iran is often characterized as a rogue regime that is on the verge of developing a nuclear weapon. But Iran is likely not close at all to having deployable nuclear bombs. Feb 20, 2012 4070

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