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Sayyari calls Us Navy inept.

The commander of the Iranian Navy has denounced the US Navy for incompetence for allowing a US destroyer to collide with a huge Philippine-flagged container ship, killing seven US sailors.

Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari blasted the Americans for ineptitude. "Sometimes, the Americans call our actions in the Persian Gulf [where the Iranian Navy does not operate, just the Pasdar maritime arm] as unprofessional behavior, but their behavior and collision in a vast sea is unprofessional and indicates their hostile positions against the Islamic Republic."

He said, "The US Navy, which claims to enjoy a high level of technology, is expected not to display such behavior." Sayyari spoke Monday. The US Navy at the time said it was still investigating what happened and did not blame anyone or anything for the collision of the destroyer USS Fitzgerald and the container ship ACX Crystal. The Japanese Coast Guard and the container ship's owner similarly had said nothing about responsibility at the time Sayyari spoke. In fact, everyone was still trying to establish even the time of the collision. No one was injured on the container ship while seven US sailors died.

Sayyari said the collision occurred in the open sea. Actually it occurred in the channel where 400 ships enter and leave Tokyo Bay daily.

Sayyari did not explain the logic of his charge that a US destroyer's collision with a Philippine-flagged container ship showed the US Navy's "hostile positions against the Islamic Republic,"

Caption: SAYYARI ... no condoelences

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Publication:Iran Times International (Washington, DC)
Date:Jun 23, 2017
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