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Say what!?

What he says and what he means are often two different things.

Huh? OK, you thought you heard your crush correctly. But you're not sure exactly what he meant by that. We've heard from so many confused girls who want us to clear up this "crazy guy language." Loads of loyal GL readers sent us word-fur-word statements uttered by real boys, and we are here to translate. Take notes....

What he says "Hey, I'll give you a call."

What he means "You can sit and wait for me to call, but I might not."

Maybe he will; maybe he won't. There's truly nothing more baffling, we know. But you cannot be that girl who stares at your cellie just because he said he'd call. If he does, great! If he doesn't? Maybe he lost your number/got tied up with a history project/lost his phone privileges for exceeding his free minutes. Could be he decided he's not ready to date/got back with his ex/only told you what he thought you wanted to hear. Who cares?

Trying to figure it out will only drive you bananas. Instead of willing your cell to ring, put your finger on it and dial ... anybody but him. Do. Not. Call. Him. If he said he'd call and didn't, leave it at that--your dignity depends on it.

What he says "There's no way you can beat me at basketball."

What he means "I'm insecure, so I wanna come off as bad-to-the-bone."

The Almighty Guy wants you to think he's tough so he acts overly confident, maybe even arrogant. Ya know why? Because he's not all that sure of himself, so he throws up a defensive shield. He's afraid you'll find out he actually has feelings that are fragile. So he builds a barbed-wire fence around his emotions.

He will, however, drop the facade if he's with a girl he feels he can trust. But the prospect of getting hurt is not a risk a guy is often willing to take. So until he knows his heart is safe with you, he'll do his best to beat you at basketball.

What he says "She's hot!"

What he means "No lie, looks are absolutely important to me."

We're not gonna mislead you--guys like eye candy. But one dudes' peppermint patty is another's licorice stick. Whether you're statuesque, petite, dirty-blonde, jet-brunette, curvy or svelte, you are some guys' idea of yummy.

Admit it--cute matters to you too. You like 'em tall and lanky, while your best friend gets all jazzed over athletic types. Everyone has differing opinions on what (or who) they find attractive. But, make no mistake about it, guys are particularly driven by visual images. So if he looks at another girl, well, that's pretty normal. As long as he's just glancing. Staring is rude.

What he says "You're a triple threat--cute, smart and funny."

What he means "Looks matter to me, but so does personality."

While physical appearance is often what first attracts a guy, most do actually care about inner beauty. No matter how foxy he finds you, an initial attraction can fall to pieces fairly quickly if there's no real rapport. You two have got to click!

It's important to connect by sharing interests, matching wits and laughing together. It's what is referred to as "chemistry" and, if it doesn't exist, the whole hookup could explode--even if he thinks you're smokin' hot.

What he says "I don't like you that way. I just, you know, like you."

What he means "I think you're a cool girl who's hangout-worthy."

OK, so he's not so savvy at articulating it, but he's being flat-out honest with you here ... so that's what we're going to do. We're telling you straight-up that he wants to be just friends. He does not like-like you. But he likes you, so don't fight it. Instead, go with it. He might not be ready for a girlfriend, but he wants to hang out.

So, spend time with him--minus all the preconceived notions about what your relationship could be--and see what happens. For the time being, it is what it is. And having a great guy friend on your side is rarely a bad setup.

What he says "My heart and soul can belong to two girls."

What he means "Don't believe a word I say because I'm playing you."

Only a girl with rock-bottom self-esteem would put up with a guy who has you and another girlfriend. Please, know that you deserve a guy who can give you his full attention.

It's one thing if you are both going out with other people, and it's just dating. But if you have truly affectionate feelings wrapped around a guy, you shouldn't have to share him with someone else. It isn't fair to you, and it isn't fair to her. Look, even if the guy is genuinely torn between you and the other girl, he's gonna have to make a decision. Better yet, you can make it for him. Buh-bye, fickle guy!

What he says "Wanna hang at my house? My mom never comes into the living room."

What he means "I have only one thing on my mind."

When a guy says something along these lines, it's up to you to keep a level head. Thing is, teenage guys' physical desires can be turbo-charged. His body sometimes wants to do things his mind isn't emotionally ready for. He really needs you to help steer the situation away from something you'll later regret. (Remember Bridget from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?) A guy shouldn't have to get aggressive to show you he cares. If he really digs you, he'll back off for now.

What he says "Be right back, I have to go drain the lizard,"

What he means "Gotta pee." ... And he has no social graces.
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