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Say no to biotech in our backyard. (Take Action!).

By Pure Food Partners

Biotech foods, genetically engineered foods, genetically modified foods and Frankenfoods are names for the scientifically created foods that we are all eating today. Up to 85% of prepared foods on grocery store shelves have been genetically altered. Common genetically altered foods are soybean, corn, canola and dairy products. Genetically altered rice, wheat and fish are close to getting approval by the Food and Drug Administration. Genetically altered vegetables and fruits are not far behind.

Why are our foods being genetically altered? Biotech corporations have created a candy-coated marketing campaign so consumers can rationalize and accept biotech foods such as feeding the hungry of the world and increasing crop yields. However, the icing on this biotech cake is not so sweet ~ biotech foods is about control and ownership of the seeds of our food. Once a seed is genetically altered it is patented and owned by the corporation who invested in its alteration.

Western North Carolina ~ the next experimental biotech center? Biotechnology is big business with huge profits. And this is why a group of business, educational and government leaders from our community are working hard to bring biotech companies to Western North Carolina. One of the lures that they are using is our diverse plant life. Plants that are now looked at as products to be altered, owned and sold.

What can YOU do?

1. Get involved with local and national groups working on the issues of biotech foods: Asheville: Pure Food Partners, National: Center for Food Safety, and Amberwaves,

2. Contact Jack Cecil: talk to him about the plans to turn WNC into the next biotech lab: Jack Cecil, President Biltmore Farms, Inc. 828-209-2000,

3. Support food markets that sell GE-Free foods. Shop local farmer and organic food markets. Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project:

GE-Free Shopping Guide:

4. Ask grocery store managers to support and supply GE-Free foods. Support local GE-Free supermarket campaigns. Asheville: Food Lion: info at www.purefood and supermarket.cfm
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