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Say it with flowers.

By Kathrina Ysabel Pineda

As we all know, Valentine's Day is that special day where hidden expressions of love, respect and admiration are expressed. On this love day, the most common form of expression is sent through flowers. Roses are the most popular because it symbolizes love and romance. But besides roses, there are other flowers that convey more than just devotion. This year, why not try sending your message in a different, but equally special way. Here are flowers that you can give your loved ones for heart's day:


Lilies, in the Peruvian variety, are long-lasting, which is why they are the designs of the plastic flowers we often see. Lilies, or alstromeria, represent friendship and devotion.


What better way to express your love than to tell someone that they make you feel like they are home. Tulips convey comfort, and warmth. These classic beauties stand for "perfect love".


When you want to send some love to someone you like, peonies are the flowers to go to. They could also imply bashfulness, and it is said to bring prosperity and good luck to whoever receives them. Also, it has an interesting myth behind it --- the Greek God of Sun, Apollo, used to turn nymphs into peonies if Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty and Love, knew he was flirting with them.


If you want to tell someone that their beauty captivates you, give them a bouquet of buttercups. These swirly blooms are also known as ranunculus, and they symbolize attraction.


Daisies, particularly the Gerbera variety, gives joy to whoever receives them. These beauties mean innocence, and purity.


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Date:Feb 14, 2018
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